Yoga for Kids!

children breathing

children breathing
Children practice their breathing during a Jodi the Yogi episode…

We know that the practice of yoga is rich in benefits for adults, but yoga can also have significant benefits for children! In addition to cultivating strength, flexibility and coordination, yoga for children can also help to reduce stress and anxiety through the teaching of age appropriate breath techniques that promote self-soothing and emotional regulation. Yoga for kids classes have grown in popularity, particularly in urban-centric areas. However, not every child has access to the benefits yoga can provide.

Jodi the Yogi, a new interactive kid’s series, aims to make yoga accessible to young children everywhere! Set in the magical World of Om, Jodi the Yogi and her best friend, Downward the Dog, engage the viewers with catchy songs and inspiring stories that actually get kids moving, breathing, and doing yoga!”
Ellen Brown
Writer, Producer, and Co-Creator

Watch the video below to hear more about their project

Share It Fitness is excited to support Jodi & Ellen by releasing three original Jodi the Yogi songs over the next two weeks, all of which give specific directions that actually get children doing yoga! Stay tuned for our release of “Tadasana,” “Criss Cross Applesauce,” and “Namaste.” We hope you’ll comment below if you plan to share with your children and that you provide feedback on each one!

Jodi the Yogi needs our support in generating funds to pitch their concept to networks and production companies around the world. They won’t be able to make yoga available for kids everywhere without our help! To contribute to this exciting project, please click the image below. Even a little contribution helps! If you DO contribute, comment below and let us know and we’ll send you a code for 10% off one of our FitPlans!

Follow Jodi the Yogi on Twitter (@joditheyogi) and feel free to like them on Facebook


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