Gym Problems

sweaty gym dquipment

sweaty gym dquipment
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It can be hard enough to navigate the gym, find a routine, or even enjoy the experience in general. We try very diligently to establish a routine or schedule that yields optimal results. Gyms everywhere are filled with these avidly determined individuals. Put us all in one room and it makes for quite the mix. The result is a huge clash of adrenaline buzzed sweat seekers.

Gym goers experience it all the time, how there always seems to be too many other people at the gym. We struggle with patience while waiting for the machine when chances are that you are doing something that is equally annoying to those around you. I am sure it is correlated with the oozing amount of hormones and adrenaline that are harvested in a room full of sweaty pumped up people. There is an exercise energy that yields amazing results, but also can make you as irritable as a hormonal bench pressing bear and the feeling can be contagious. I am not saying that I personally walk around the gym looking for a fight or anything, but I absolutely notice a shorter tolerance for those slowing my roll. That is probably why the idea of a workout buddy is so heavily promoted; no one wants to act like a hormonal bear in front of their friend right? When it is just you at the gym chances are you have encountered a few of these occurrences.

You can either exert unnecessary frustration towards that person who decided to take a nap on your machine or deal with these mini obstacles in a productive way. Here are examples of a few gym problems and ways to deal with the fact that your routine has been interrupted.


Body problems: there is nothing more painful or irritating than hair that keeps trying to stick itself inside your eyeball. I loathe the painful bristle jab and the slimy clinging to your face and neck as you work up more of a sweat. Any sort or unruly body issue can really inhibit your focus and enjoyment. When at the gym keep it simple. You poor guys get chafing in places I care not to think about, women are forced to work with so much extra equipment, and not to mention that reckless ponytail. It’s amazing we aren’t walking out with self-sustained injuries. Pull back all the loose ends from your shoe strings to your sweat band. There are enough distractions already you don’t need to add to them.

Sweat and technology: 10 years ago gyms would have been filled with loud speakers and the occasional Walkman. When most of us were transitioning out of tape cassettes and CD players the touch screen era was impending which would alter the world of gym problems as we knew it. As far as gym-selfies go, the only advice I can offer is to resist the urge to drop kick the phone across the room. Now you can walk a lap around your gym and see that person desperately trying to tap next on the iPod, or the frantic elliptical pusher who swipes too much and sends their tablet flying across the floor. The ear shattering sound that any of these devices makes when hitting the ground is enough to give you a heart attack, not to mention the risk of flying aluminum hard drives all over the place. If it’s not strapped to your arm leave it in the locker for everyone’s sake.

Sweaty bodies: It can be tempting to visibly cringe at the site of a left over unidentified body print (UBP) on the mat you are trying to use, and we all wonder how some people can’t grasp the concept of maintaining bodily fluids. The fact of the matter is, you are using a facility that people pay money to drip and fling sweat wherever they want. Try to numb your sense of hygiene and embrace the experience.

Resolving a UBP:

1. Spray down and towel the area as much as you can. We aren’t trying to breed Merca here.

2. The surface will still be a little wet. Grab a towel to make the most of your sweaty situation and utilize the opportunity to practice some static body weight exercises.

3. Swivel around using the friction of your towel against the ground to your heart’s desire. Slide through mountain climbers, and skate into your side lunges. This is a new take exercise that builds lean and tone muscles.

Treadmill hijacking: it will stop you dead in your tracks. Strutting towards the machine to the latest Eminem jam and some bold gym body aces you out of your favorite treadmill. As much as you want to go all Detroit City on this unsuspecting person take the heist as an opportunity to change your routine. Chances are you were only walking to the treadmill to avoid the rower anyways.  The machines that are open more frequently in crowded gyms are likely the most challenging ones. The stair climber needs love too!

The socializer: There will always been someone who is looking to make 10 new friends in the weight room when all you need to do is get in your circuits. While to some sharing fitness life histories can be a nice change of pace, a socializer can feel like a huge distraction. In order to compromise with the new friend you just made, try incorporating this person by alternating sets or switching between machines. Partnering can be extremely effective and a fun take on your routine.

When dealing with gym problems make the most of the culture. There will be the phone talkers, the excessive sweaters, and the machine hoarders. This isn’t your mom’s house so clean up after yourself. By respecting your space and others we can all try to minimize the chaos that exists in the gym.



2 thoughts on “Gym Problems”

  1. I can definitely relate to so many of these experiences- I will go out of my way to reroute the workout I have setup for that day just so I can do it with limited resources at the gym in my apartment building instead of at the overcrowded gym down the street! Sometimes I wonder if waiting patiently for a machine is actually rude? It can be so overwhelming in a crowded gym having a machine and knowing many others are waiting for your sets to be complete! I tend to work my schedule so that I am not working out at busy gym times, since it seems as if I am always waiting for my machines to be ready for me, or others are waiting for me to be finished with my machines.

    1. Definitely don’t consider it rude. Although, I always ask if I can work in with someone else…or let someone else work in with me. People almost never have a problem with that…and the one’s that do, they’re the weirdo’s in the minority 🙂


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