Your Flattest Stomach Ever – The 4 Week Plan to CUT the GUT!

Ready for the best stomach of your life?
Ready for the best stomach of your life?

The other day we put together a post giving you a step-by-step workout designed to help you build your best butt ever. A bit surprisingly, not long after hitting the publish button, I was inundated with wave of questions…

“Best butt ever? What does that even mean?”

“How can you say this is the world’s best butt program?”

“What’s wrong with my butt now?”

So in an effort to avoid a repeat with today’s workout program, let me clarify.  When I say YOUR best butt (or best stomach) ever, I’m talking about helping you maximize your own personal potential.  I’m not promising you the greatest ass this side of the Mississippi.  Nor am I promising you a set of abs that would be suitable for washing laundry.  What I am promising you is, a set of workouts that are designed to hit the targeted muscles in a completely unique and more intense way than you’ve probably ever experienced before.  By following along with these “Your Best ____ Ever” workouts, I’m giving you a super-intense way to get yourself over a plateau and start delivering on those noticeable results that may have alluded you to this point.

The basis behind these Best Ever workouts are simply to get you out of your comfort zone, show you how effective a seriously intense and well-designed program can be, and move you closer to your own PERSONAL best body, whatever that may be for YOU.

With such a reception for the Best Butt Ever workout program, it only made sense to move on to the next area that generates more discussion, problems, and grief among men and women alike – the stomach.  If you did a simple google search on ab workouts, you’d return close to half-a-billion results.  Great, there’s a lot of info out there.  But what works?  What doesn’t?  And more importantly, why does one program work while another does little more than waste your time?

The answer isn’t black and white, but I’m going to attempt to briefly explain the foundations of a successful core workout program before moving into the exact specifics of The Your Flattest Stomach Ever workout program.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Most Effective Ab Workout Program

An effective ab/core workout program is going to incorporate the following concepts:

  • Weighted core exercises designed to pound your core muscles just like you would your back, legs, or shoulders.  Remember, abs are muscles too and if you want them to grow, you need to pound them with weights.
  • Body weight specific exercises performed to high repetitions and low sets.  Think planks, bicycle crunches, etc.
  • Core-focused workouts employing Tabata technique.  In my experience, this has been hands down the fastest way to push those core muscle fibers to their limits.
  • Uptempo cardiovascular training with core elements.  After all, all the core work in the world isn’t going to do much for burning the fat covering that beautiful six-pack.

Your Flattest Stomach Ever Workout Program

With all of the above in mind, I set out to create a four-week plan designed to take your tummy to new levels.  I think it’s entirely possible to drop a couple of pant or dress sizes, along with developing some beginning lines (the basis of your new six-pack!) by the end of this four-week program.  That said, I would strongly encourage you to either continue on with this program, albeit with some alternations to increase difficulty, or stepping up your game and getting on one of our other more intense programs like FitPlan.

Ready to get started?  Click and instantly get the first workout from this killer 4-week program!

The Basics

The Your Flattest Stomach Ever workout program is going to deliver 5 different workouts each week. These 5 different workouts fall into four different categories.  Categories have been effectively paired and balanced to ensure a completely comprehensive approach to hitting your ab and core muscles.  Nothing will be left out.  No muscle will be spared, so expect serious soreness.

The four categories of this abdominal workout program include

  • Power days – weighted abdominal exercises designed to punish your abs and maximize growth
  • Endurance days – body weight only exercises designed to pound those abs with a different stimulus to further supplement growth
  • Combination days – we’re combining intense abdominal exercises set to an uptempo pace to bump your heart rate and slash through fat.
  • Cardio days – these days are almost strictly cardio only workouts that have been specially designed to increase your caloric burn and eliminate stubborn stomach fat.

The Core Workouts

The vast majority of your abdominal workouts are going to come in two varieties.  First, we’ve created a full-length exercise video for the bulk of your workouts.  If you choose to accept the challenge, you’ll follow along with the trainer on your screen…just as you would with an exercise DVD.  If you have any experience with P90X or Insanity workout programs, the format follows that style. If you’re the type who’d rather workout on your own, we provide the text-based version of every workout so you can simply follow along on your own.

Personally, I enjoy working out with an actual person on my screen because it ensures I’m keeping my intensity high and allows me to make sure my form is always on point.  Not only that, studies have shown that working out with another person, even if they’re just on a screen in front of you, helps you workout harder, longer, and ultimately burn more calories and make more progress.

Let’s take a look at a sample of one the workouts in this four week abdominal workout program.

Crazy Core


  • Maximize muscle growth by using endurance-based core work.
  • Increase overall fat burn.
  • Build cardiovascular endurance.

Today we’re taking elements from Tabata training and utilizing it to fully hit our core.  Remember a strong core is essential for optimum health and well-being.  If you’re still not impressed with the way your midsection looks, remember, you’ve got to go hard on the cardio.

Combining complex abdominal exercises with a great cardio routine is the key to stripping away the fat to uncover those beautiful abs and obliques.  That’s why this Tabata routine quickly shifts between muscle-building core exercises and fat-stripping cardio movements.  Maintain the carefully set timed intervals to make the most of your workout today.

•    20 seconds Eagle Sit Ups/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Ground Runners/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Plank Ups/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Up Down Planks/10 seconds rest

Repeat this four exercise sequence 6 times total.

•    20 seconds Bicycle Crunches/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Jump Overs/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Legs Up Crunches/10 seconds rest
•    20 seconds Horizontal Jacks/10 seconds rest

Repeat this four exercise sequence 6 times total.

Now, just a quick caveat – if you were in fact subscribed to The Flattest Stomach Ever Workout Program, you’d also have the full-length video that accompanies this workout.  The video contains all the timers and positive reinforcement from your trainer who’s actively leading you through this workout. But again, if you’re just trying to get a feel for these type of workouts, do this one on your own, keeping your own time on your phone or using a downloaded app.

Your Four-Week Core Program

So your four-week core workout program will work just like this.  You’re going to get your own personalized workout calendar, along with personalized notes from our training staff providing you extra guidance and tips along the way.  To get an idea of what the interface looks like, take a look below…

stomach workout program
This is a sample of what you’ll see when you log in to your personalized workout program each day.

Each day you’ll find a new workout in your personalized workout plan, waiting for you to complete.  Move through, day by day, knocking these workouts out, and you’ll no doubt notice some amazing changes by the end of this four week plan.  Of course, your fitness journey doesn’t stop there.  You’ll absolutely want to move on to something more challenging after this plan runs its course.  Maybe you’ll want to run through this again, but tweak the workouts to make them tougher, or perhaps you’ll want to bump it up and take our FitPlan challenge.  Whatever you decide, rest easy knowing you’re doing more for your body than the vast majority of people out there.  So don’t wait any more…get yourself living the life, and having the body you’ve always wanted AND deserve.  Sign up for The Your Flattest Stomach Ever workout program and get started on building that dream body.



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