The 10 BEST Exercises (You Haven’t Seen) To Speed Up Your Fat Loss!


We all know the basics by now.  Burpees.  Mountain climbers. Planks. Clean and press. The list goes on.  It seems like every blog on earth is building workout programs utilizing these same effective, but completely stale movements in all of their workouts.  Sure these exercises are great for fat loss, as well as helping you build muscle, they’re going to lose their potency over time – that’s just the nature of the beast.  Not only that, how many of you guys get bored easily?  Heading to the gym knowing you’ve got 80 burpees, 125 mountain climbers, and 10 minutes of total planking ahead of you….for the third time this week, is enough to kick anyone’s motivation to the curb.

So in an effort to give you guys some new exercises to throw into the mix, as well as speed up your overall fat loss and muscle gain, I went into the vault and sought out some of the best movements we’ve created for getting that heart rate moving, as well as hitting multiple muscle groups across your body.

The 10 BEST Exercises for Increasing Your Fat Loss

Surrender Squats

Talk about on overall awesome exercise that’s going to target both the muscles in your lower and upper body. Blast those hammies and quads with these killer movement!

Lateral Hop + One-Legged Push Up

You want a little combo strength/cardio movement? This is it. Lateral hops followed by a one-legged push up is the ultimate move for bumping that heart rate, hitting your upper body muscles hard, and placing a serious focus on your core, all at the same time.

Dead Burpees

Okay, so here’s burpees on steroids. You’re performing a dumbbell deadlift then going right into a burpee. This exercise will make regular burpees seem like child’s play.

Super Climbers

Here’s another upgrade to an old staple. By adding a strength element to mountain climbers we’ve essentially turned a worn out exercise into something that is effective in hitting your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and back…all while spiking your caloric burn.

Push Up/Dip Turnovers

One of my all-time favorite exercises, the push up/dip turnover is a great way to superset two different exercises while also getting your calorie burn going if you maintain a nice pace on your “turnovers”.

Renegade Planks

We’re taking a plank, adding three different lifts, and hitting your upper body with one totally awesome exercise. Your shoulders, back, traps, and core are taking a beating in a way they probably have never seen…or in other words, prepare for lean muscle growth!

Criss-Cross Jumps

You want something that’s going to spike your heart rate and also fatigue the muscles across your body? Criss-cross jumps do just that – giving you a great calorie burn while also slowly fatiguing your upper body muscles. For a little extra work, hold a pair of light dumbbells and get those arms moving WIDE!

Cement Mixers

Here’s one for all of you gym-goers – the cement mixer is a great way to take a standard barbell and give it new life. Your muscles are going to be in a world of hurt after this one; just make sure to drop the bar as close to your hip as possible to maximize the effects!

Push Up Jacks

Not quite plank, not quite push up, not quite jumping jack….the push up jack is a weird mixture of all three. This all around amazing movement focuses on isotonic resistance training while also jacking up your heart rate to maximize your total calorie burn!

Burpee + Front Swing

The burpee is given a breath of fresh air in this combination exercise designed to shift your metabolism into high gear. A full front swing, followed by a burpee, repeated X times over, is an amazing way to jack up that heart rate, get your metabolic fire roaring, and change your body with a quickness you’ve yet to experience!

These 10 exercises have all been hand-picked to help you speed up your fat loss, increase your muscle gain, and change your overall body composition faster than ever. If you’ve been struggling to make the progress you want or change yourself in a meaningful way, incorporating these types of exercises could be just what you needed.

That said, if you’re looking for us to help you create your own specific workout program, utilizing these (and other) awesome total body exercises, we’d be more than happy to set you up with your own FitPlan, our customized video fitness program. Check out that link, see what you think, and/or leave us a comment if you’ve got any questions!


One thought on “The 10 BEST Exercises (You Haven’t Seen) To Speed Up Your Fat Loss!”

  1. Friend,

    These are not Burpeees, they are Squat Thrusts. Squat Thrusts only become Burpees when you end with a vertical jump after each repetition.

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