The Newest Approach to Burning Fat and Building Muscle Simultaneously


For anyone who isn’t a stranger to working out, you’ve no doubt experienced your fair share of frustration and disappointments along the way.  It’s just the nature of things, and no one is immune.  Maybe it seems like you just can’t get over that plateau.  Perhaps you simply can’t drop any more weight.  Or your strength gains are stuck and show no signs of moving any time soon.  Any of this sound familiar?  Well, as you probably guessed, you aren’t alone.  These are some of the most common thoughts people of all shapes and sizes experience on their own personal fitness journey.  They key however, is to determining WHY these issues occur, WHAT you can do about it, and how you can AVOID them down the road.  Today, we’re looking at the underlying cause behind these three roadblocks standing between you and the body and health of your dreams.

The Deadly Road to Nowhere

If you’re like most people, you’re actively trying to slim down some of that excess body fat while simultaneously striving to add a little muscle mass to your frame.  After all, adding muscle mass to your body is going to do wonders for your metabolism and overall fat burn, making it a great strategy for cutting weight.  The problem however, is the act of burning fat (or losing weight) and building muscle (or gaining weight) stand in stark contrast to one another.  What you’re essentially trying to do is lose and gain weight at the same time.  You want to trade in your soft, squishy fat cells for firm, lean muscle cells.  Unfortunately, this is no easy undertaking as many of you have probably found out.

A common scenario amongst people trying to lose weight often plays out like this:

  1. Bump up the cardio and cut back calories to lose weight
  2. Lack of calories and amount of cardio work causes loss of muscle mass
  3. Metabolism slows, fat loss screeches to a halt
  4. Overcompensate by doing even more cardio, exacerbating the problem
  5. Muscles lose strength, mass, and overall body composition is worse off than when you started

So to end this road to nowhere, it’s time you took a new look at how you’re working out.  Specifically, it’s time you examined exactly how you plan on adding lean muscle mass AND cutting back on fat at the same time.  Clearly, the status quo just isn’t working, and not only that, it’s actually moving you further from your goals than where you started from.

Today, I’m going to give you a great example of a muscle-building, fat-burning workout from one of our workout programs and show you how you can get yourself on the fast track to the ultimate body you deserve.

What Your Workouts are Lacking

When you’re trying to achieve both goals simultaneously, you’re going to need a very specific and well-designed fitness program to help get you there.  Even still, the goal of building muscle and burning fat simultaneously is a tough proposition to achieve.  Your diet is going to be come especially important when you’re on a muscle build/fat loss plan.  Getting enough healthy calories to build muscle, but not overdoing it and giving your body excess nutrients to store as body fat is going to be key.  Play around and find the ideal level of nutrients for your specific body type.  Once you’ve got that in order, and ONLY once you’ve got that in order, it’ll be time to really focus on your workouts.

A workout that is great at achieving both of your goals, is going to be intense enough to bump that heart rate and cause serious calorie burn, but also focused enough to hit your muscles hard and bring them to fatigue.  And in case you were wondering, no power walking with 2.5 lb dumbbells in your hands is NOT an example of one of these workouts.  You need to really burn your muscles out to achieve growth – doing isometric work, lifting dinky weights is just not going to get it done.

So let’s quickly recap this – uptempo cardio, heavy lifts, and compound movements form the foundation to your muscle-building/fat-burning workout.

Your Muscle Building/Fat Burning Workout Program

So if you’re ready to take your body to the next level, I’d highly suggest a program like the one I’m about to lay out.  These workouts all incorporate the above points in such a way that your body isn’t going to know what hit it.  If you’ve been looking for something to turn your workouts around, this Cardio/Strength plan is sure to do it.

This Six-Week Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge is a super intense way to get your body back on track, move past that plateau, and slowly but steadily accumulate muscle mass while shedding that good-for-nothing fat you’ve got lying around.

Your workouts are going to include:

  • Timed challenges to push you past your limits
  • Crossfit-esque, circuit-style routines utilizing both cardiovascular and strength conditioning movements
  • Uptempo, heavy lift days designed to hit your muscles hard while simultaneously revving up your heart rate
  • A full-length video, led by myself or our training staff, leading you through each workout.
  • Personalized support and contact with your own personal trainer (that’d be me!)

As always, we preach about the importance of intensity during each of these workouts.  That’s why we suggest you workout WITH your trainer, just like you would an exercise DVD.  Use the video that is paired with each workout, let that be your timer, and do your best to match the pace and intensity of the trainer on your screen.  Our users who have fully embraced this method of working out at home have been reporting back amazing things after only a few short weeks.

The Body Ripper Workout

Now, if you’re wondering what workouts are going to look like, take a look at this sample workout designed to maximize your muscle gain AND fat loss…

Aim to complete six to seven rounds total. No rest between exercises, 30-60 second rest after each round. Use a dumbbell that is going to cause you to fatigue on the last rep or two of your final exercises.

10 One-legged deadlift + row
10 Lateral hop with one-legged push up
10 Squat + press
10 Floor flys + tricep press
10 Reverse lunge + hammer curl
10 Alternating snatch

Repeat 6-7 rounds total

As you probably noticed, we’re going for big, compound lifts (snatch, squat press, deadlift/row combo) while adding cardiovascular elements (lateral hops, alternating snatch) to create one supercharged workout designed to help you more efficiently target your goals.

Give this workout a try, either at home or the gym, and when you realize how much it kicks your butt, come right back here and get yourself signed up for the Six-Week Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge.  We’ve currently got spots for 50 people, so check it out, sign up, and get started on the fitness program that’s going to change your outlook on fitness forever.


5 thoughts on “The Newest Approach to Burning Fat and Building Muscle Simultaneously”

  1. I applaud the effort of getting people to use resistance training in order to perform an HIIT type, full body workout. But these movements are extremely technical. Even an experienced weight lifter will do these extremely wrong, thus leading to injury or imbalances over time.

    And how can a one-size-fits all workout be used to get results for the individual. Every one of my clients wants to build muscle and lose fat. But to think that every one of them should be doing the same thing is crazy.

    Additionally, this sample workout presumes and is reliant on the individual to not have any pre-existing issues or range of motion limitations

    1. Hey there Katherine –

      This plan can definitely help as workouts are adjustable to ability level. That said, we do have something on our site called FitPlan. It’s a completely customized video workout program that pairs you with a personal trainer, so workouts are in fact more specific to your exact needs.

      What a lot of people do is give one of our 4-6 week plans a try (like the cardio/strength challenge) then realize they want to continue on to FitPlan.

      Hope that helped answer your question…let me know if I can be of any further assistance!


  2. I’m very interested in giving this a shot, before doing fitplan. What sort of gym equipment/weights would I need to do these workouts at home? Or, do they have to be done in a gym? I’m not sure following a video in the gym is the easiest thing to do and would prefer to do at home, or at least mix it up.

    1. This would be a nice warm up before starting a FitPlan program. You’d just need some dumbbells to make this work at home. If you don’t have those and don’t want to buy them, Get yourself a couple jugs of water (the gallon sized ones they sell in the stores) – they make a great substitute for traditional dumbbells.


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