The 6 Week Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge

6 Week Cardio Strength Challenge

Over the past week, we conducted a little research here.  We sent out 1,000 emails to a selection of our fan base requesting a bit of information about their personal workout preferences, current level of fitness activity, and their #1 fitness goal.  I’m talking the be all, end all, absolute priority number #1.  We asked people to really get specific and let us know what they absolutely wanted to accomplish, be it physically or mentally.  The response was absolutely amazing – we received 896 responses within 72 hours.  Of those who responded, I half expected a complete scatter shot of goal types, but to my surprise, it seems like you guys have a lot of the same goals in common.  The overwhelming majority fell into one of two groups:

    1. “I want to tone up” or some variation of increasing muscle definition.
    2. “I want to run a 5k/half-marathon/etc.” or some variation of increasing cardiovascular endurance.

These two goals (or some variation of these two goals) accounted for a whopping 71.7% of all respondent answers to the question of what is your number one fitness goal?  

I want you to think about yourself for a second – does either of these two goals describe your own personal preferences?  Are you trying to gain muscle definition, build lean muscle mass, develop an athletic physique?  Or are you concerned more so with improving endurance and/or competing in a distance race of some sort…..which on a side note, is an absolutely amazing idea and a great way to give your progress and motivation levels a real kick in the pants.

If our sample of 896 responses is statistically significant enough for me to make a generalization, I’d say you likely fall into one of these two groups…am I right?

So with that in mind, I set out to create a fitness plan that is specifically geared towards these two goals.  This plan is dynamic, diverse, interactive, and absolutely something you are going to love.  It’s hell-bent on driving lean muscle mass gains, improving definition, all the while helping to gradually spike your endurance levels and improve your cardiovascular function.

This plan runs for 6 weeks in total, which we’re delivering to you in a new way to better help you achieve successes.

Sign up for the 6-week Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge brought you by Share It Fitness

Unlike previous plans we’ve posted, every single workout in The 6 Week Strength/Cardio Tone Up Challenge has an associated fitness video.  These videos are exactly the same format as an exercise DVD; fire it up on any mobile device or TV, follow along with your instructor, mirror their movements and pace, and ensure yourself one hell of a workout.  It’s that easy.

Check out a screen video workout each day, progress tracking, and direct support with your own personal trainer.
Check out a screen shot…new video workout each day, progress tracking, and direct support with your own personal trainer.

Each day you’ll be getting a new video workout to follow along with, so just stay on track with your workouts, chart your progress, and you should start seeing some real body transformations happening in only a couple of weeks.



Your Sample Workout…

To give you a little taste of what you’re getting yourself into, check out the first workout in this 6-week series…

Freak Out

Today’s workout is a little different – there’s no timers, no reps to hit, and no set rest periods.  Your mission is to mirror the movements of your trainer, keep pace with their intensity, and do your best to make it through without any additional rest.  As always, if you need a break to catch yourself, feel free to hit pause, then resume when you’re able.  Of course, if you want to do this workout on your own, some suggested time intervals are listed below.

With Freak Out, we’re moving from one exercise to the next with only minor transition periods, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the exercises in today’s workout before jumping right in.  Our goal today is to continue burning away body fat, while using body weight exercises to completely pound your muscles into submission.

Freak Out is just as much of a test of your physical endurance as it is mental.  Stay strong, stay determined, and get ready to rock out with one of the toughest work challenges you’ve seen to date.  Complete 2-3 rounds total.

60 seconds Run in Place + High Knee Bursts
60 seconds Prisoner Squats
60 seconds Speed skaters
45 seconds Side Hops + Ground Touch
45 seconds Spider Planks + Push Up
60 seconds Crab Kicks
60 seconds Hamstring/Hip Raise
60 seconds Bicycle Crunches
45 seconds Plank Bird Dogs
45 seconds Flutter + Scissor Kick Combo
45 seconds In/Out Jumps
60 seconds Run in Place + High Knee Bursts

Things don’t just stop there though. If they did, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we have been in helping thousands of people get into the best shape of their lives.  You see, with every fitness program you sign up for on Share It Fitness, you get direct access to your own personal trainer.  You’ve got someone in your corner at all times, ready to assist, answer your question, provide you motivation, and keep you on track.

If that all sounds great, do yourself a favor and sign up for The 6 Week Cardio/Strength Tone Up Challenge.  For only $9.99 you’ll receive…

  • Six weeks worth of body transforming workouts
  • A new goal-specific workout video every single day of the plan
  • Custom support and access to your own personal trainer
  • Access to a community of other motivation members already on one of our fitness programs

You’ve literally got nothing to lose but a little excess body, so check out the workout above, and get ready to get started on the toning program that is going to change the way you look at workouts forever.



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