The Virtual Trainer: Burn Fat FAST with this INTENSE Workout Format

cardio workout

Ever have one of those days when you know what you should be doing, you know why you should be doing it, but you still can’t get yourself to do it?  You’ve been at work all day, you’re tired, you’re hungry, and you’ve got a 45-minute HIIT cardio session just staring you down.  You’ve been down this path before; you know skipping your workout is the wrong move, but you just don’t want to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill today.  The most likely outcome is a half-assed workout, sometimes cut short, that doesn’t do much for your calorie burn, fat loss, or conditioning….basically, all the things you’re working towards.  So in effect, it was just a big time waster.

Well, let’s see if we can change that a bit today.  The next time you’re not feeling the gym, or are considering cutting your workout short because you know the 5 o’clock traffic home from the gym is unbearable, just stop, take a deep breath, and recall this blog post.  We’ve got a little virtual training class called Aerobic Express, and it’s designed specifically to be completed at home, with no equipment, and is perfect for those of you looking to up your calorie burn, cut away the fat, and improve your endurance.  If you’re not sure what virtual training means, keep reading, you might just learn a thing or two today…

Body Fat BE GONE!

This class, led by our instructor Casey, is a serious total body conditioning test.  Casey quickly shifts between a variety of body weight cardiovascular exercises, plyometric movements, and body weight strength holds, creating a perfect ratio of fat-blasting/muscle-building goodness.  Aerobic Express gradually lifts your heart rate through its use of progressively harder exercises, until it peaks and has your heart pumping, sweat dripping, and calories dropping at record speed.

I’m willing to bet you haven’t trained in this style before – does most of your cardio consist of HIIT/treadmill/stationary bike work?  If it does, adding a more functional way of training, which hits your entire body in a way it isn’t used to is going to speed up your results.

You see, even cardio training needs to be varied.  Most of you guys realize the need to switch up your strength exercises every so often to avoid a plateau, but did you know the same is true for your cardio work?  Your body is amazingly efficient, and doing the same type of cardio workout day after day is going to reduce its effectiveness.  Throw something at your body it hasn’t seen before, with the cross-training based Aerobic Express.

Train in Real-Time with Virtual Training

One of the added benefits of using this exercise class, is the fact Casey is leading you through every rep, of every exercise, in real-time.  What this means to you is, instead of following a laundry list of exercises to complete at the gym session you really didn’t want to hit in the first place, you’re now able to follow along with an actual trainer on your screen, leading you through the workout.

By making sure you match Casey’s form and flow, you’re better assured of getting a killer workout.  Casey has carefully designed the pace, intensity, and rest intervals to make sure you’re getting the most from this exercise class.  All you’ve got to do is follow along, try to hang with him, and let the magic happen.

For you gym rats out there, I know this is a hard thing to get used to.  I’m the same way – I love working out in the gym and never considered myself the type to workout in front of my TV or computer monitor.  Honestly though, when I need a good kick in the pants and a little help pushing myself, training with an actual trainer leading me through an entire workout is just the answer.  There really isn’t a (cheap) substitute to having a trainer push you to match their intensity and pace throughout a workout.  Training in this way has really grown on me, and I no longer feel like I can’t get an insane workout from home.

Get Started…

So check out this 30 minute cardio-based fitness class and see why training in this format is growing in popularity.  If you’re feeling extra motivated and have a little spare time, consider running through this class twice, circuit-style.  That’ll give you one full hour of total body cardiovascular conditioning and close to 800 total calories burned.  That’s a huge number people – throwing this class into your routine a few times a week is really going to speed up your fat loss, tighten you up, and get you closer to that ideal body type.

So follow the link below, give this class a shot, and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Take the Aerobic Express Fitness Class



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