37 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight…and What You Can Do About It


Fitness is like life; some people succeed, some putter around accomplishing nothing, and others land somewhere in between.  During my time in this business, I’ve seen this wide spectrum and then some. This has of course afforded me the ability to get an insider’s point of view into what makes the successful people so successful, and what makes the putterer’s putter.  If you’ve ever wondered, “why can’t I lose weight?”, or “why can’t I get into better shape?” it’s likely because you’re falling into a trap and doing some of the things I’ve seen smash the fitness dreams of even the most dedicated individual.  Today, we’re going to examine the reasons why you can’t lose weight or continually have trouble reaching your fitness goals.

  1. You lack consistency.  Consider three workouts a week a bare minimum for anything more than beginner weight loss.
  2. You eat white flours.  White flours have been shown to drastically alter your blood sugar values, making it more likely that you’re storing unnecessary fat.
  3. Your workouts are boring.  You do the same workout nearly every day, or cycle through the same few workouts for months on end.
  4. You pay no attention to your flexibility.  Flexibility training has been shown to improve potential for building lean muscle mass, which in turn helps spike your metabolism.
  5. You have fitness ADD.  You bounce from fitness plan to fitness plan, and diet to diet, never allowing anything the time it needs to work.
  6. You expect too much too soon.  And when you don’t get it, you get burned out, pout about it, quit for a couple of months, then hit the restart button.
  7. You get your fitness information from the wrong places.  Fitness magazines use generic, recycled content to sell issues to the masses – just because they’re big, glossy, publications doesn’t mean they’re dishing great advice.
  8. You’re afraid of heavy weights.  You still believe lifting heavy weights is going to get you big and bulky…and ignore the fact it’s going to help you build lean muscle that will spike your metabolism and help you burn more fat.
  9. Your diet is irregular.  You skip meals, load up at dinner to make up for a missed breakfast and lunch, and otherwise have a very out of whack diet.
  10. You spend too much time looking at others.  Which inevitably causes you to burn out because you don’t think you’re as good/able to keep up with/fill in your self-defeating thought of choice.
  11. You don’t eat enough.  Building muscle requires excess calories…which you’re deathly afraid of.  As a result, all of your weight lifting is rendered useless because your body simply doesn’t have the energy required to build new muscle.
  12. You skip on the protein.  You have no desire to have an after workout whey protein drink because of the calories.  You generally go light on the protein, which is unfortunately an absolute necessity for building muscle.
  13. You focus on your beach muscles.  Arms, shoulders, abs, and chest are all you know.  By ignoring major muscle groups and opting for the “show off” muscles, you limit your ability to rev up your metabolism and achieve full body greatness.
  14. You go for long runs. Long, steady-state cardio is a death sentence.  It’s going to prove ineffective over the long-term, by eating away at your muscle mass, and eventually taking your ability to burn to a standstill.
  15. You think walking counts as cardio.  Walking is great…but don’t think a few laps around the block after dinner is all it takes to get into the kind of shape you want to be in.
  16. You have no idea what power lifts are.  …or why they are so vital to your fitness goals.
  17. You have the wrong friends.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry for this one…..you may need some new friends.  Study show you mimic the health/fitness habits of the company you keep.  Might be time to find some newer, healthier buds.
  18. You don’t pre-plan your meals.  Or better yet, you don’t make your meals ahead of time.  Have a plan, set aside a day each week, and make the bulk of your weekly meals so you aren’t left in a pinch later on and end up eating something you shouldn’t be.
  19. You overindulge. You have a problem with portion control and have no idea when to say enough is enough.
  20. Alcohol.  You’re 33 but still trying to relive your Delta Zeta glory days every weekend…..with disastrous results.
  21. Late night munching. Following along with the point above, you love hitting that food joint on the way home from a night out, which happens just a little too often.
  22. You obsess about weight.  And less about the things that matter, like measurements, body fat percentage, and accumulating lean muscle mass.
  23. You have no healthy hobbies.  A few hours a week in the gym may help make minor gains, but a truly transformed body is the result of a lifestyle overhaul.  Finding healthy, active hobbies is the best way turn on that inner fat burning machine and get yourself into shape faster than ever.
  24. Too many of your meals come in a box or can. Processed foods are chock full of junk that will make losing weight difficult – stay far, far away, and opt for more natural, fresh foods.
  25. You look for short cuts. There are some things in life that can still be achieved by taking a short cut….fitness isn’t one of them.  If you can’t lose weight, ask yourself if you’ve been taking short cuts or trying to do things the easy way.
  26. You buy into infomercials.  You see an incredibly fit person using some bogus product and automatically assume it must work.  Skip the crap, save your money, and get yourself on an honest to goodness fitness program that will actually deliver results.
  27. You think more is always better.  And likewise, you’ve probably never understood the concept of over training.  If you aren’t giving your body time to heal itself, you’re simply spinning your wheels, going nowhere fast.
  28. You underestimate your caloric intake. The way around this is to keep a food journal which will help document just how many calories you’re really taking in each day.
  29. Serving sizes are just suggestions.  You routinely go beyond set serving sizes, packing in additional calories, often times without even realizing it.
  30. You’re taking in too much sugar.  Sugar wreaks havoc on your body, making it harder to burn fat, lose weight, or get fit.  And yes, this also includes “natural” sugars found in fruits.
  31. Your fiber intake is low. Fiber helps flush the body of fat and keeps things moving as they should be.  A diet low in fiber is often associated with obesity, as well as other health conditions.
  32. You don’t bump up the intensity. You don’t push yourself to run your sprints faster and you don’t increase the weights you’re using…in other words, you stick to the status quo, never pushing yourself to greater heights. Wonder why you can’t lose weight?  This is why.
  33. You don’t plan your workouts.  Or at least have someone else plan them for you.  You walk into the gym each day without a real plan or focus, doing this and that, and then leaving when you get tired.  This is the fast track to becoming chronically soft and squishy – get a plan and stick to it!
  34. You hate your workout clothes.  Sounds bogus, but it’s true – people who were happy with their workout clothes and felt comfortable in what they were wearing, worked out longer, harder, and more consistently than those who didn’t like what they were wearing to the gym.
  35. Your life is full of excuses. You always have a different reason why you can’t start, maintain, or improve your workout program.
  36. You really don’t want to get in shape.  You’ve falsely convince yourself that you want to get into shape.  You really don’t have a desire to get fit, lose weight, or achieve your “goals”; you only feel like you should.  Until you’ve committed to improving for yourself, your efforts will be for naught.
  37. You aren’t willing to try new exercise formats. If you can’t lose weight, it’s likely because you’ve got your fitness blinders on, only sticking to the format of exercise that is most comfortable.  With things like circuit training, metabolic conditioning, HIIT, supersets, etc. there are more than enough ways to keep your body engaged and the progress a comin’.

These are some of the most common reasons people can’t lose weight or achieve the fitness goals they’ve set for themselves. If you’re feeling a little guilty after reading through these, DON’T!  There is no one who lives a 100% perfectly fit and healthy lifestyle. That said, if you found yourself guilty of more than 6-8 of the above mentioned pitfalls, it may be time to re-evaluate your lifestyle.

The reason you can’t lose weight is often an easy fix – it’s typically just a matter of slightly altering your mindset, which will in turn effect your actions….and results.

Have any questions, comments, or anything at all you’d like to share?  Leave a comment for us below – we’d love to hear from you1


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