The Surfer Girl Workout: Extreme Circuit for the Ultimate Beach Body

surfer workout for best beach body

Living in San Diego, and spending more than my fair share of time on the beach, I see all kinds of bodies strutting their stuff.  Meatheads, athletes, bodybuilders, couch potatoes a.k.a tourists, distance runners, yogi’s, and surfers make up your typical weekend afternoon on one of the lovely beaches of America’s Finest City.  Of course, my clients see the same thing I do, and one of the most common requests I hear is: “How can I look more like a surfer?”  And really, who can blame them?  Surfer guys and girls have almost unquestionably the best beach bodies around.  They aren’t big, they aren’t bulky, and they aren’t sluggish.  They move with speed, grace, maintain good flexibility, have low levels of body fat, and enjoy a lean and athletic appearance.  From head to toe, surfer’s have the beach body so many people envy.

So rather than leaving you in a chronic state of envy, I put together a super intense surfer workout, designed to help you achieve high-levels of fitness and get you just a little bit closer to that ultimate beach body.  Today’s workout is video format, which means, we’re doing a little pacer training.  If you’re not familiar with pacer training, it simply means you’re following along with the trainer on your screen, matching their intensity, rest breaks, and movements.  Training in this way has been scientifically proven to push you to work harder, make better gains, and maintain better levels of motivation during your workout [1].

For a little help with our workout, I enlisted one of our favorite trainer’s, Casey, to lead you through this reverse pyramid circuit I put together.  Casey keeps a high-intensity throughout, so get ready for a real challenge that’s going to push you to your limits as you inch closer to that ultimate beach body!

The Surfer Girl Workout

So as I mentioned, we’re working in reverse pyramid fashion today.  What that means is, we’re doing a circuit workout consisting of five different exercises.  Exercises are completed one after another until all repetitions have been completed.  You’re starting with 8 repetitions for each exercise.  Once you run through eight reps of all five exercises, you’ll start back at the first exercise and complete seven repetitions.  You’ll follow this sequence until you’re performing one repetition for each exercise.  Once you’ve completed this reverse pyramid circuit, you’ll take a short break, then hit replay and run through the entire circuit for an additional three rounds.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Now, for the five exercises in this circuit, I wanted to really target the muscles that a surfer really needs – after all, how are you going to transform your body into that of a surfer without hitting the muscles they use most?  Exactly…it’s not going to happen.  So in today’s circuit we’re running through the following movements…

  • Dumbbell Squats – Having a strong lower body is an absolute necessity for a surfer.  This move will help build lower body strength while also helping you fill out that bikini just a little bit better.
  • Curl Presses – Strong shoulders and biceps are vital for all of the swimming and pulling motions a surfer must perform.  Want to improve your swimmer’s stroke as well as lean out and build a defined upper body?  Curl presses are the way to go.
  • Bent Over Dumbbell Rows – Perhaps the most important muscle group for a surfer, is their back.  Strengthening the large muscles in your back is absolutely key for helping stabilize the rest of your body, as well as pushing through a pounding surf.  Even if you’re not hitting the waves with your board anytime soon, working on your back muscles will help you build strength, leanness, and get you closer to that ultimate beach body you’re after.
  • Dumbbell Lunges – We’re going back to our legs with the fourth exercise in the circuit.  This time we’re placing more of an emphasis on strengthening and toning your thighs and butt.  Remember, surfer’s often have some of the best buns on the beach – performing movements like this is sure to help you out if you’re lacking in this department.
  • Dumbbell Swings – We close out this circuit with an explosive total body movement.  Dumbbell swings have you performing a squat, then exploding upwards, swinging the dumbbells overhead in a straight line.  The explosive nature of this movement will help deliver power and strength, while building leanness and definition due to its high-intensity nature.

Click for the Surfer Girl Workout Video

Own the Ultimate Beach Body

The five exercises in this surfer’s workout are exactly what you’ll need to transform your own body into one of the best bodies on the beach.  The real kicker in all of this, and what makes it so effective, is the uptempo nature of this circuit.  Not only are you getting a great muscle-building workout, you’re also nailing your cardio for the day and slashing through body fat.  You’re repeating each exercise after the next, with no breaks until all reps are completed, which delivers the added benefit of metabolic conditioning.  For those unaware, metabolic conditioning is a fantastic way to eat away calories, trim that body fat, and boost your metabolism….basically everything you could possibly need if you’re going for that perfect beach body transformation.

Again, this is why you should be using this workout video in pacer training format.  With pacer training, we’re able to better dictate your pace, intensity, and rest intervals, all of which have been carefully calculated for this particular workout.  So try training in a different way for once – instead of going down a laundry list of exercises and repetitions to complete, actively train with your instructor and see how much of a difference it makes.

Of course, if you’re looking for a total fitness program (instead of just this one surfer workout) that will help you achieve the beach body of your dreams, all you need to do is give us a holler.  With FitPlan, I’m able to work with you 1-on-1, assigning you specific video workouts geared specifically for you and your goals.  While mixing-and-matching your own workouts is a great start, there really is no substitute for 1-on-1 coaching and a workout program that has been customized for your own personal needs and goals.  And since all FitPlans come with a two-week FREE trial, what do you have to lose by checking it out?  If you decide it’s not for you, cancel with no questions asked.

Click for the Surfer Girl Workout Video

So give this surfer workout a shot, start building your own killer beach body, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by leaving a comment below! 





One thought on “The Surfer Girl Workout: Extreme Circuit for the Ultimate Beach Body”

  1. hello. I just found this posting and am very interested in trying it. I am a 48 y/o woman, generally in shape and healthy, but wanted to see if I could push myself more and get into even better shape. I have two questions after reading your post: 1) would you give any additional instructions to older women (like myself), who want to try this surfer circuit training – (Don’t want to injure myself)? 2) I don’t see the video available when I click on to the video link. It says something like – “oops, this video is not availble.” Can you provide insights? Thank you!

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