The 700 Club: Fastest Ways to Burn 700+ Calories in One Hour or Less

Fastest Ways to Burn Cals

As you might have realized yesterday, I’ve got a new little tool that I’ve been compulsively using lately.  That new little tool is my Polar heart rate monitor, and it’s been letting me get a very accurate look at just how effective some of our workouts actually are. I spent the past couple of weeks running through our OnDemand workout library, trying to find the best and most effective workouts for burning calories FAST.

After all, most of us are impatient creatures.  We want what we want, and we want it now.  I know how frustrating long, slow, and boring workouts can be….I also know how much worse they are when they don’t actually do anything.  You want to burn calories fast?  You want to lose weight consistently and predictably?  Well, then you’ve got to choose workouts that provide a great rate of caloric burn, hit your muscles hard, and deliver what they promise.  Today, we’re going to look at some workouts that fit this criteria and will help you burn calories faster than almost anything else you’ve been doing.

Why 700?

For a workout to make the list, I decided it had to burn at least 700 calories in less than one hour.  Why’d I come up with 700?  Well, for most of you trying to burn fat and lose some excess body weight, the number 3,500 is a very important one.  This is how many calories must be burned to lose ONE pound of body fat.  Considering most of us are working out 5 days a week, it made sense to set the bar at 700 calories burned per workout.  Five days a week, multiplied by 700 calories burned, equals 3,500 calories burned per week.  Disregarding other factors, the following workouts, if performed five times a week, should be enough to help get you to that magic number, and result in about a pound or so of lost body fat, each week.

How to Burn Calories Faster Than Ever

The one thing that separates our workouts from others, is the fact they are designed as “pacer workouts“.  What’s a pacer workout you’re wondering?  A pacer workout is an exercise video that is filmed from start to finish, designed to be completed just as you would a group fitness class or exercise DVD.  We aren’t having our trainers demo some exercises for you then send you on your way – we’re having our trainers lead the entire lesson, dictating the pace, intensity, rest breaks, and anything else you’ll need to get an awesome calorie burning workout.

So with that in mind, make sure you’re doing your best to match the speed, intensity, and rest intervals of the trainer leading the workouts below.  This is what I did, and let me tell you….this is a sure-fire way to make sure that heart rate shoots up, and the calories burn away in a hurry.  Sometimes, I ran through the below workouts more than once, circuit-style, to unlock even greater benefits.  Despite this, there isn’t a single workout that takes more than one hour.  I really wanted to find the fastest calorie burning workouts, which could be completed in less than your average lunch break or gym session.

Fastest Ways to Burn Calories

There are plenty of ways to burn calories, but you want the absolute fastest ways to burn those calories and lose weight, right?  One thing all of the following workouts had in common was they were great total body routines that challenge you from head to toe.  By incorporating both cardiovascular work with strength conditioning, these workouts all managed to meet or exceed the threshold of 700 calories burned.  While I wasn’t able to make it through every workout in our OnDemand library, I did check out enough to get a pretty accurate picture of which are the best workouts for those of you looking for the fastest ways to burn calories.

Of course, calories burned per workout is dependent on a number of factors.  Things like gender, age, weight, height, current body fat percentage, etc. all play a part in determining how many calories a workout will burn.  So take these numbers as a guideline based on MY current stats.  In reality though, any difference for you should be relatively negligible.

So with that, let’s get into some of those workouts and show you the fastest way to burn calories, lose weight, and get into the best shape of your life.

Aerobic Express – Total Calories Burned: 811

This class was designed to maximize caloric burn by keeping your heart rate elevated and muscles engaged for the entire lesson. We’re using a combination of body weight strength movements, with an uptempo pace to make sure things stay intense and actively hit your body from all angles.  This class was set at 30 minutes, so I ran through this workout twice, circuit-style, for one hour of all out intensity.

Cardio Strength BurnoutTotal Calories Burned: 731

Cardio Strength Burnout is another class I repeated back-to-back like a two round circuit.  Doing it like this, I clocked in at 54 minutes of near non-stop exercise, making this a real challenge.  Sharon incorporates a good bit of dumbbell work, along with plyometric cardio combos to make sure your heart rate stays elevated and the fat melts away.  This is a great full body routine that provides a better upper body muscle pump than Aerobic Express.  Combining both of these calorie burning workouts is a great way to slash fat, as well as target both your upper and lower bodies on consecutive days.

Total Body Burn #2 – Total Calories Burned 708

This one takes an even more direct approach to working your muscles, while ensuring your still burning calories quickly and efficiently.  Casey uses a barbell (although dumbbells could work) and a stepper to make this class a little different from what you may be used to.  Following an uptempo pace, Casey leads you through a variety of different exercises, each progressively tougher, and designed to provide great fat blasting benefits.  Run through this workout two times to unlock the full benefits.

The 10/1 Workout – Total Calories Burned 801

The 10/1 Workout is a great deviation from the workouts above.  This workout uses pyramid sequences to really pound your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system.  Starting at 10 reps of exercise A/1 rep of exercise B, Sharon supersets both, dropping reps of the first, while increasing reps of the latter.  This is a great way to hit your muscles in a new way, burning calories fast, and getting you fit and lean.  The theme continues; run through this workout twice for a full 45 minute workout of calorie burning goodness.

Power Cardio Circuits – Total Calories Burned 822

This fat-burning interval workout alternates between 1 minute of strength training movements with 30 seconds of heart-pumping cardio. This training session makes use of a dumbbell, small medicine ball, and your own body weight, making this a very easy routine to complete at home or at the gym.  If you don’t have access to the medicine ball, no worries – just substitute a dumbbell for most of those movements.  This workout clocks in at just a hair of 50 minutes, making it an awesomely efficient way for burning calories fast!

The Best Workouts for YOU

So however lofty your weight loss goals may be, learning how to burn calories fast, and finding workouts that do the trick, are what you should be aiming for.  The above workouts are all fantastic calorie burners, and should help you slim down in record time.  If you’re looking for a general fitness guide, I’d suggest using some of the above workouts, combined with a couple of more intense strength conditioning routines.

If on the other hand, you want something more specific to you and your goals, you’ve got to check out our customized video fitness program, FitPlan.  With access to our premium workouts, an assigned real-life personal trainer, and a plan that has been specifically built for YOU, this is going to be best and fastest way to burn calories and reach your goals.  If you’re interested in a fitness assessment and getting started with FitPlan, sign up for your FREE two week trial.



3 thoughts on “The 700 Club: Fastest Ways to Burn 700+ Calories in One Hour or Less”

  1. Hi Matt – I’ve been looking for a good heart rate monitor for a while now but don’t want to spend a ton. Can you tell me more about the Polar monitor you are using? I”m looking for something pretty basic probably – heart rate, calories burned etc. There are a bunch of different options on the Polar website – is there one in particular you would recommend?

    1. Hey Ali – I actually sent this over to one of our contributing writers, Kelly Turner. She deals with a LOT more fitness products than I do, and would be better suited to answer. She should get back to you by tomorrow.


    2. Hey Ali – sorry for the delay. Kelly got back to me and this was her response:

      If you are looking for just basic heart rate information at a glance during your workout, heart rate totals afterward, and calories burned, I would go with the basic FT4. That way, you aren’t paying for any bells and whistles you won’t use or don’t need.

      Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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