6 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day (On the Right Side of The Bed)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I’d like to challenge that notion and take it one step further. While breakfast is most certainly a noteworthy meal, it’s how you start your day (on all accounts) that makes all the difference.

When you really think about it, what you do first thing in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day. It’s up to you whether you’re going to set yourself up for success (or stress).

Follow these simple tips to wake up on the right side of the bed (and keep that positivity flowing all day long):

1. Set Your Intention: Setting intentions shouldn’t be limited to yoga classes and New Year’s resolutions. Each and every day, set an intention for yourself upon waking. Ask, “What do I want to get out of my day?” Is it courage, energy, success, love? Get clear about what it is you truly want.

2. Express Your Gratitude: Write (or say outloud) one thing you are grateful for each day. Expressing gratitude helps you appreciate the little things in your life so you can welcome the day with optimism and positivity. Feel free to keep a gratitude journal to look back on (especially handy when you’re having an off day)!

3. Sip On Lemon Water: Put those lemons to use by making warm lemon water (my ultimate favorite way to start the day). Simply boil 1 c. of water and cool until warm. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon and sip slowly. Not only does this help hydrate, but it also energizes, cleanses and detoxes the body!

4. Do a “Brain Dump”: Most of us wake up and go straight to our to-dos (emails, grueling errands, texts, work stuff, you name it). This sets your day off on a chaotic, overwhelmed note. That’s where the “Brain Dump” comes in! I learned this technique at a women’s wellness conference and have been hooked ever since. Upon waking, simply jot down all your to-dos and thoughts, and then add two things that you want to do for yourself that day. This helps ensure that your self-care is a top priority (which it rightly should be).

5. Have an Energizing Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is a huge no-no! Not only will you have zero energy, but you’ll likely binge on unhealthy snacks (i.e. sugary treats) later on for a “pick me up.” Make sure you eat a satisfying breakfast, packed with protein, veggies and clean ingredients. Some of my favorites include veggie omelets, oatmeal with fresh berries and nut butter, and avocado spread on Ezekiel toast. Even on days when you’re in a rush, do the best you can in the moment.

6. Walk it Out: Many of my clients say they don’t have time for working out, and therefore they avoid it at all costs. I make sure they know that working out doesn’t have to be a marathon event. Even taking a 20-minute walk or doing some at-home yoga can make a difference, providing feel-good, long-lasting energy all day long while reducing stress.

What are your favorite ways to start the day? If you’re looking to make simple, positive changes for your health, check my new program, the 21-Day “Little Black Dress” Summer Shape-Up . Sign up for my FREE newsletter today! 



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