How to Get Fit Faster: Using THIS one Secret Can DOUBLE Your Progress!


More often than not, looking to cut corners and speed up your fitness progress is a recipe for disaster.  A lot of us get impatient waiting for results, and usually lose our motivation, bounce between plans, and generally end up not much better off from where we started.  Well, just because this is often the case, doesn’t mean it’s always the case.  There are actually ways to speed up your progress, and today, we’re going to look at a little secret I’m willing to bet not many of you are aware of.  I’m going to show you how to get fit faster by employing this one little secret, and once you’ve realized what it is and how powerful it can be, it very well may change how you work out for the rest of your life.

get fit faster secret

Before we get into this “how to get fit faster” secret, I want to give a little background.  This tip I’m about to give you is something I’ve always suspected, but it wasn’t until I decided to put together today’s piece, that I realized just how powerful it really is.  I did a bunch of research for today’s article, and found study after study that backs up what I previously thought.  The evidence is simply overwhelming, so rest assured this get fit tip is crazy effective, and backed by scientific evidence.

So I’ve really built this up now, haven’t I?  Okay, let’s cut to the chase – the way you’re going to get fit faster, make more progress, build more muscle, lose more body fat, or accomplish whatever fitness goal you have…is by using a fitness partner.  But wait…this isn’t some lame article where I tell you to work out with a buddy and then send you on your way.  That’s not really practical for a lot of you.  We’re going to go a little outside the box today and show how ANYONE can instantly get their own workout partner and start making more progress, see better results, and get fit faster than every before.

Partner Power

Let’s get all of the scientific stuff out-of-the-way, right off the bat.  As I mentioned above, I did some serious research for today’s post, and what I’ve found has been even more powerful than I imagined.  Check it out…

  • The optimal workout partner is 40% more fit than the other and uses limited verbal commands to motivate – in other words, less is sometimes more.  Someone please tell this to the screaming meatheads by the bench press. [1]
  • Working out with a partner can boost exercise motivation by almost 100% [2]
  • Partners don’t have to be physically present, researchers found no drop off when participants used “virtual” partners. [2]
  • Working out with a partner, whether virtual or real-life, resulted in longer cardio sessions and less feelings of fatigue and/or burn out. [3]

So let’s make sense of this – these studies essentially demonstrate the psychological power an exercise partner has.  Surprisingly though, the psychological benefit of an exercise partner is not limited by the physical presence of your partner.  What this means is, if you’re in an environment where fitness isn’t a priority, or you don’t have a single friend willing to stick it out at the gym with you, there is still hope.  I’m going to show you how to get fit faster by breaking down two out-of-the-box ways you can instantly get that workout partner and start making progress faster than ever before.

The Fitness “Sorority”?

chaarg1There’s a new trend that has been sweeping campuses across America, and its been led by a group called CHAARG.  CHAARG is an on-campus fitness group which traces its roots back to Ohio State University.  CHAARG is designed to give college-aged women access to a non-judgemental, supportive, healthy, and fit network of other like-minded girls.  Supportive , non-judgemental, and healthy?  So yeah, it’s not exactly like a sorority.  But the great thing for CHAARG members is the access to a fitness partner, anytime of day, which as we learned above, is a surefire way to speed up your progress and get fit faster. Not only that, CHAARG partners with local gyms and studios to provide complementary group fitness classes to their members.  CHAARG really embraces the whole “group” and “partner” thing, which is likely why it’s grown so much in just over a year.

Back in my day, circa 2007, there was a serious lack of fitness-centric groups on campus.  The majority of students went to the rec center, worked out on their own, maybe attended a poorly run group fitness class led by some hungover underclassman, and called it a day.  CHAARG is attempting to change this by making sure any girl who wants a supportive network of workout partners, has one.  It’s a pretty amazing concept that’s been catching on at campuses like wildfire.

CHAARG maintains a very dedicated and loyal base of girls who have made their presence felt across social media.  Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, CHAARG members are all too happy to post pictures, encourage each other, and provide the supportive network that is so beneficial to getting fit and changing one’s life.  What really sets CHAARG apart, is the cohesion between different schools.  Yes, girls from Ohio State and Michigan are able to happily co-exist and even..gasp…motivate each other to get fit and change their lives for the better.  In this sense, CHAARG is like a sorority with various chapters, located around the country.

CHAARG is currently located on campus at:

  • Ohio State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Pittsburgh

If you’re currently enrolled at one of the schools CHAARG is located, I’d definitely suggest checking them out.  If you’re not, they’re currently expanding to new campuses, so shoot them an email and see if/when they’re coming to your school.  Fitness is changing, it’s becoming more social, it’s becoming more of a lifestyle thing, so it’s time to embrace that.  I know making it snow at 3 in the morning is fun and all, but if you want to hang with some of the most supportive, fit, and healthy girls on campus, you might want to start looking to groups like CHAARG.

Living in the Real World?

So you’re no longer in college, nor do you have any friends who care about exercise…what do you do?  Well, as I came to find out during my research, your workout partner doesn’t have to be physically present to help you make better results or achieve high levels of fitness faster.  This is where the whole “virtual” partner thing comes in, and it’s something we’ve been working to perfect here at Share It Fitness.

I know it’s hard to find a workout partner – hell, I live in San Diego, one of the fittest cities in the country, a place where nearly everyone is in shape and works out, and it’s STILL hard for me to find a workout partner.  With different schedules, the unexpectedness of life, and a host of other reasons, having someone who is committed to maintaining the same workout schedule as you can be a challenge.

For that reason, we’ve been developing OnDemand fitness videos that replicate the experience of working out with an actual personal trainer.  This “virtual” partner is there to motivate you while they lead you through a full-length workout.  This is the basis for FitPlan, which is our customized video fitness program we launched just last week.  For all of you people living in the “real world”, FitPlan is your way to get that virtual workout partner, reap all the benefits, and never have to worry about “what workout should I do today”, again. To get a better idea what FitPlan is all about, check out this short video clip…


With FitPlan, it really is like having your own personal trainer, or fitness buddy, right there to motivate and guide you through that day’s workout.  We try to leverage the psychological benefits of working out with a partner, in an effort to help you get fit faster than ever before and keep feelings of burn out at bay.  If you’re interested in learning how to get fit faster and understanding how FitPlan can help, click that link and check it out on our site.


Putting it All Together

The next time you ask yourself, “how do I get fit faster”, remember, it’s often a culmination of the little things that makes the big differences.  By using a workout partner, studies showed exercisers were able to work nearly twice as long with a higher and more sustained intensity.  Adding just an extra 15 minutes of (better) exercise a day, can have a huge impact.  Over the course of a year, that comes out to roughly 60 extra hours of work!  Think about that….60 extra hours of exercise translates to about an extra two months of workouts a year!  What if you exercised an extra two months each year…how much more progress would you be making?

To maximize the psychological benefits of a workout partner, remember, it doesn’t matter if your partner is in person or virtual – just be sure to look to your partner for motivation, try to find someone who is just a bit fitter than you, and strive to match their pace and intensity.  Whether you’re looking at an on-campus group like CHAARG, or opting for a virtual trainer with FitPlan, rest assured you’re taking neccessary steps to get fit, improve your health, and transform your body.









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