The GAL Workout: The Home Workout for a Perfect Butt, Abs, and Legs

build a nicer butt, legs, abs workout

Looking for a workout that really hits your “glamor” muscles?  You know, the ones you’d like to feel a bit more confident showing off in a bikini this summer?  We put Gabriel, one of our top trainers to work and asked him to develop a workout series specifically designed to help you build and tone lean muscle in all of those sexy spots.  What he created has been nothing short of amazing; it’s called The GAL Workout and it’s going to change the way you’ve been working out.

The “Pacer” Workout Format

GAL stands for glutes, abs, and legs; and (duh!) that’s exactly what we’re targeting in today’s workout.  Gabriel has done an awesome job hitting all three areas with a wide range of exercises and format that you likely haven’t seen in quite a while.  This fitness class was filmed as a pacer workout, meaning, Gabriel leads it from start to finish, just like a group fitness class.  You just keep “pace” with Gabriel, match his intensity and rest breaks, and you’re guaranteed to get a killer workout.

Not only is this a great muscle builder for those key areas of your body, it’s also set to an uptempo pace so you’re definitely burning massive calories and cutting away fat at the same time.  For those that have been living under a rock, this is the absolute best way to experience a noticeable body transformation.  Combining your strength work WITH cardiovascular exercise is a surefire way to spike your metabolism, improve your total caloric burn, and change your body in the most efficient way possible.

How to Use This Workout

Since so many of you are already using our FitPlan training system or one of our other workout plans, I’d encourage you to work The GAL Workout in once a week, at least to start.  It’s a great complement to heavy weighted lower body workouts, plyometric routines, or HIIT sprinting/biking.  The incorporation of balance drills, as well as a heavy reliance on body weight movements are going to further help build your stabilizer muscles, giving you a great sculpt and shape.

If you’re going into this completely fresh, and absolute love what Gabriel has put together, I’d suggest completing this workout up to three times a week, allowing yourself a good 48 hours rest between workouts.  This type of class is going to do wonders for your lower body as well as calorie burn, as long as you make sure you’re maintaining proper intensity, doing full reps, and keep good form throughout.

If you find Gabriel’s pace is a bit too fast, that’s okay too!  Just hit pause, catch your breath, and resume when you’re able.  The most important thing is that you’re completing all reps, using great form, and performing a full range of motion.  Stick to that formula and you’re going to experience amazing results with this workout.  I gave this one a try over the weekend, and wow….I’m STILL feeling some serious soreness in my butt and quads.  Definitely recommend you give this workout a go and see what the GAL format can do for your body.

The GAL Workout

To get started on this killer butt, abs, and leg workout, just follow the link below.  If you’re not already one of our members, the site is going to prompt you to sign up – but don’t worry, everything is 100% FREE!  Just take a second to create a free account, and you’ll have access to this, along with hundreds of other full-length OnDemand fitness classes.

Take The GAL Workout Challenge NOW!

One of the great things (at least I think so!) about us here at Share It Fitness, is the level of interaction we maintain with our members.  We’re not another faceless online fitness company; we’re real people, who have dedicated ourselves to making Share It Fitness the best online training system around.  To do this, we wanted to create a level of interaction not found anywhere else.  If you need help, have questions about this workout, need assistance working this into your current fitness program, or have suggestions for other video fitness classes, a living, breathing, fitness professional is only a few clicks away.  Send us a message, and myself or one of our fitness coaches will be happy to get back to you, same day.

We want you to feel complete support from our team here at Share It Fitness, and it really does start with making ourselves available to you, around the clock.  So click the link above, give The GAL Workout a shot, and let us know what you think!


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