The SUPER Superset Workout Part II: Tight and Toned Lower Half

A month ago, I showed you guys something I’ve been working on for a while now; The SUPER Superset Workout for your upper body.  We hit you with a variety of upper body strengthening work, and based on the reaction (and complaints of soreness) I’m still getting, I’d say it was a hit.  The workout used superset format, but did so in a much more intense way.  Instead of performing a set of the first exercise, then a set of the second exercise, and then resting, as you would in a traditional superset, I set each combo to a five minute timed interval.  I had you guys bounce between exercises, without rest, for five minutes straight.

Now, let me tell you, five straight minutes of lifting is TOUGH, even if you’re working opposing muscle groups.  But to the surprise of many of you guys, it wasn’t the weights that did you in.  Given the intense nature and limited rest breaks allowed, many of you found your cardiovascular endurance was faltering well before your muscles were.  That’s what’s so awesome about this workout, we’re able to really pound your muscles while at the same time improving your endurance, cardiovascular function, AND cut some serious cals.

I’ve been including these type of workouts into my routine for years, and have always had great results.  I don’t know why, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to put something together along these same lines for my lower body days.  After seeing the reception the first part of this workout received, I knew I had to go to work to put something together that would get you through a lower body sequence.  It’s been almost a month, but I’m happy to announce I’ve developed the second part to The SUPER Superset Workout – and you’re going to absolutely love it.  We’re doing big, strong lifts, uptempo plyometrics, STILL burning a ton of calories while also blasting out the muscles in your legs, calves, and butt.  Feel free to throw this workout into your everyday routine once, or even twice a week for a serious lower body challenge.

The SUPER Superset Workout Part II

Tips: Try not to rest during a five-minute timed interval.  Instead, give yourself a 90 second rest between each combo.

Perform 8-10 reps of each exercise unless otherwise noted.

Combo #1

Combo #2

Combo #3

Combo #4

  • Leg Press Machine
  • Calve Raises on Leg Press Machine (15 reps)

Combo #5

For all you non-Math majors at home, that’s five combos, five minutes each, 90 seconds rest between combos.  That means this workout should take just a hair over 30 minutes to complete – not too bad for something as effective as this!  So no more excuses, got it!?  You can easily squeeze this one in over your lunch break, before class, before picking the kids up……no. more. excuses.

For those of you looking for a little more direction and wondering how this can work into a total fitness plan, we just so happen to have you covered.  Check out our online FitPlan marketplace which has workout plans, led by an actual personal trainer, delivered to you every day. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, come check out FitAnywhere.


One thought on “The SUPER Superset Workout Part II: Tight and Toned Lower Half”

  1. Hi Matt

    Just wondering, would these superset programs come under metabolic conditioning because of the cardiovascular plus strength components? Trying to work out how this would fit under your latest fat loss formula posted on 26 July…

    Thanks 🙂

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