The 100 Workout: The Ultimate Transformation Plan Part II

Need a little help toning up that lower body?  The 100 Workout can help...
Need a little help toning up that lower body? The 100 Workout can help…

Drum roll please…

…Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic (I blame the back-to-back episodes of Real Housewives of the OC I “accidentally” watched last night…), but after the barrage of questions about when part two of The 100 Workout would be ready, I’m happy to report we’ve finally got things perfected and ready to be distributed to the faithful.  Yeah, yeah…it took a few more weeks than I said it would, but ya know what?  That’s what happens when I actually try/force my clients to try (and re-try) every workout I post for you guys – no photoshopping some exercise names and reps on a pretty picture BS and calling it a day around here!

If you’re not familiar with The 100 Workout, I would highly suggest you do yourself a big favor and get up to speed on what we’ve got going on here.  Check out part one of The 100 Workout, understand how it works, understand the method behind the madness, and then get ready to work, because The 100 Workout is an absolute fat-blasting, heart-pumping, BEAST of a workout.  Part of the reason The 100 Workout is getting such rave reviews is because it is so adaptable to any fitness level.   I’ve actually been using this workout myself for the past month…but then again, so has my mom.  Doesn’t matter where you stand, The 100 Workout is going to make changes in your body, inside and out.

Same, But Different

Similar to part one, we’re focusing on 100 repetitions of primarily compound exercises, with some iso work mixed in, completed with 100 seconds of intense bouts of cardio.  This format has worked especially well, because most of you guys and girls aren’t used to low weight/very high rep work.  When you introduce something like this into your plan, even if it’s only sporadically, your muscles are going to be thrown into a state of confusion that leaves them only one option – GROW.  And of course, we want your muscles to grow – this is how you develop those nice curves, that firm physique, and that tight, toned, and athletic body that will can’t help but turn heads when you walk into a room.

With the cardio, I’m giving you the same advice I gave for part one of The 100 Workout – go ALL out for these 100 seconds.  Really, it’s only 100 seconds, I truly believe you can suck it up and force yourself to do nearly anything for 100 seconds.  It’s like a standard HIIT cardio routine, except its super condensed, and your rest breaks are much longer – so be sure to give it your absolute all during these 100 seconds of cardio.

Now, where part two deviates from the first part, is the fact we’re exclusively focusing on your lower body.  You want a tighter, rounder butt?  Part two has you covered.  You want long, lean, strong legs?  Check.  You want to increase your athleticism and start feeling (and looking) more like an athlete and less average?  Do more workouts like these, it’s that simple.

Part Two of The 100 Workout

So here we are, part two of The 100 Workout.  Just like part one, there are no prescribed sets – I want you to do your best to complete the reps for each exercise in as few sets as possible.  This means you’ve really got to push yourself when you start to feel that burn.  If you’ll notice there are several suggestions to add weight to a specific exercise (weighted reverse lunges for example).  It doesn’t matter if you’re using a barbell, dumbbells, or holding some awesome home made weights I told you how to make.  Whatever weight you decide to add, just make sure it’s not too heavy.  If it’s taking you 6+ sets to get through these 100 reps, the weight’s too heavy.

This lower body workout is going to round out The 100 Workout and serve as our third and final day.  For you non-math majors, that means two upper body days, one lower body day.  I set things up like this because your legs are taking a pounding during the intense plyometric cardio you’re doing in day 1 and 2.  We want to avoid over training at all costs, so definitely DON’T do day 3 if you’re still feeling some serious soreness in your lower half.

Now, if you feel like your legs can use a little extra work (honestly, I’d be surprised if you’d feel that way after trying this workout) you can run through this circuit ONCE more.  Remember, progress comes not through completing demolishing your muscles, but simply breaking them down, then resting and allowing them to grow back stronger.

But Wait…There’s More!

I’m not going to lie – there’s some real chemistry going on between The 100 Workout and myself.  Some of you just don’t get it, but if it’s possible to form a real connection between yourself and a workout plan, well…WE have it.  That’s right, I said WE.

But seriously, I got a little sad thinking this was the end of The 100 Workout, so I decided to add a third part.  The one thing that’s been semi-neglected from this plan has been core.  Sure we hit your core with some of the compound movements we’ve been doing , and I guess we did a few crunches and a plank here or there in part one, but honestly, that’s not enough.  I wanted to create a full 100 Workout that was completely dedicated to shredding your core and helping you build a flat and tight tummy.

So don’t despair, The 100 Workout isn’t quite done yet.  I’m going to get back to work this weekend and get started on putting together the right combination of core work to help shred you up and give you a fourth day to The 100 Workout.  If you’d be so inclined, consider subscribing to the blog or liking us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on this, or any of the other totally awesome stuff we post.

Have any questions or comments about The 100 Workout? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you asap.  If you want to talk to us about this workout on Twitter – be sure to use #The100Workout in your tweet!



3 thoughts on “The 100 Workout: The Ultimate Transformation Plan Part II”

    1. Hey Danielle – I would suggest roughly 4 weeks for each part. Feel free to come back to the workout for seconds or thirds here and there as your exercise program continues though! Let me know if you have any other questions – thanks!

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