How to Deal with Post-Binge Guilt in 4 Simple Steps


So you’ve had one of those weekends. You know the type: dinners out with friends every night, late-night pizza orders, cocktails galore. Put pure and simple, you may have over-indulged just a bit and you’re not feeling so great about it either. So now what? Are you doomed for good, destined to be a failure for “cheating” on your diet? Not a chance, and I’m here to tell you why!

You see, back when I was a yo-yo dieter in college, I constantly battled between restriction and binge eating i.e. eating everything in sight. I felt extremely out-of-control around food, and didn’t have the slightest clue how to listen to my body.

The next morning, I’d feel “fat,” embarrassed, ashamed and full of guilt. So I’d do one of two things (which I’m sure many of you can relate): either say “screw it” and continue the binge all weekend long because I already “cheated” OR deprive myself by fasting and eating “diet-friendly” foods. Unfortunately, neither of these methods are the answer.

Here’s how to deal with post-binge guilt like a champ in just four simple steps:

1. Set the intention to start over: Often times when we over-indulge, we think we “ruined” everything. Just think about how many people vow to lose 10 pounds for their New Year’s resolution because they “overdid it” for the holidays. While many of us think it’s impossible to start over, I want you to know it actually is possible to start over RIGHT NOW. So go ahead and be easy on yourself, and remember today is a new day. And remember that one “bad” weekend doesn’t have as much of an impact as how you live your daily lifestyle.

2. Load Up On Water: Bloat got you down? H2O to the rescue! Start the day off with a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon to detox and cleanse the body for a fresh start. Then carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day, filling up frequently. Water will help you find balance, while flushing out your system and boosting your energy.

3. Nourish Your Body: I get it, you’re not feeling your best self at this moment. You’re super tempted to skip breakfast, fast and start your diet over again! Newsflash: that doesn’t work and will only lead to more cravings and binges, repeating the cycle over and over again. No one wants that! Instead fuel your body with nourishing, whole foods like whole grains, fresh fruit, leafy greens, and raw nuts and seeds. Be sure to stay away from packaged foods, which can be extremely addicting as they lack the nutrients our bodies need to feel full and satisfied.

4. Do Something Nice for Yourself: Are you being mean to yourself? Judging yourself for slipping up? Now…would you talk that way to a friend? I think not. Instead of beating yourself up or heading to the gym for a 3-hour workout to “burn it all off,” do something nice for yourself! Maybe that’s taking a bath, reading your favorite magazine, or going on a long stroll outside with nature. Do what makes you feel really good inside!

Do you beat yourself up after a day of over-indulgence? What can you do to handle your post-binge guilt in a more positive way? 





7 thoughts on “How to Deal with Post-Binge Guilt in 4 Simple Steps”

  1. Great article. I definitely think going to the gym for a reasonable workout is good. That, the water, and eating some good clean healthy food is perfect!!!!

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