The 100 Workout: The Ultimate Transformation Plan Part I

The 100 Workout uses a variety of total body compound movements to lean you up, head to toe.
The 100 Workout uses a variety of total body compound movements to lean you up, head to toe.

It’s Monday, and I’m amped up.  Like, more amped up than you’d normally expect for a Monday morning…

I’m sure that third cup of coffee before 9 has a little something to do with it, but I haven’t been this excited about a workout in a while.  I think it’s because this workout is different.  I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about it that is just blowing everything else away.

First off, The 100 Workout is an absolute beast.  If you’re already worried your months of pseudo-hibernation may preclude you from something this intense – fear not.  The 100 Workout is completely adaptable to any fitness ability.

Second, The 100 Workout has been tried and tested by all of us here at Share It Fitness, along with some select friends and blog readers.  No exaggeration, we’ve never had such an outpouring of support for a single workout.  People are in love with The 100 Workout.  You want something that’s gonna knock your socks off and leave you a hot, sweaty, most likely smelly, mess?  Keep reading, because I’m going to break down The 100 Workout so you know exactly what to do, and how you can add this to whatever it is you’re currently doing.

The Basics of The 100 Workout

So first things first, let’s go over the fundamentals over The 100 Workout.  As the name suggests, this workout has you completing 100 repetitions or 100 seconds of a given exercise.  Wondering where I got 100 from?  Yes, 100 certainly has a nice ring to it, but there actually is a method to my madness.  For most of you, the high rep/low weight workout is a break from the norm, and will do wonders for your muscular growth.  You want tight and toned muscles without having to worry about turning into the Incredible Hulk?  The 100 Workout is for you.  Making the shift from a low rep/high weight sequence to something ultra high-rep, like this workout, will shock your muscles in a way they haven’t been shocked in quite some time.  And if you’ve been living under a rock for a while now, shocking your muscles is how you’re going to force them to grow.

As far as the cardiovascular portion of this workout goes; we did some experimenting and found the majority of our test guinea pigs began to really stall out right around the 1:30-2 minute mark of intense cardio.  Certainly you could drop the intensity once you’ve hit that wall, but we wanted a cardio workout that only had you performing at your maximum exertion level.  For that reason, we’ve capped all cardiovascular movements at 100 seconds.  No cool down period, no slow jog to catch your breath, none of that with The 100 Workout.  Pure, unadulterated, 100% max effort, then you’re finished; pretty straight-forward, right?

Maximizing The 100 Workout

Remember I said The 100 Workout can work for anyone with nearly any fitness ability?  The key to making the most of this fat-blasting workout, is to choose a proper weight.  Keep in mind, you’re performing 100 full repetitions (full range of motion!) so be sure to use a weight that allows you to make it through this volume of work.  There are no prescribed sets here – you’re completing these repetitions in as little time as possible.  It doesn’t matter how you break down the repetitions, as long as you’re completing all 100 reps before moving on to the next exercise.

Using a controlled motion, be sure to contract the muscles being worked at the top of each rep for just a split second, before returning the weight to its start position.  This contraction, repeated 100 times, will further help you fatigue those muscles and provide a slow burn like you’ve never seen.

With the cardio, look at it like a super-intense, but shortened HIIT session.  You’re going 100% all out for slightly longer than normal, but compensating by making your “cool down” period, much longer.  Once you’ve completed your 100 seconds of cardio, you’re back to the weights and will have a nice long break before you’re doing cardio again.  The success of The 100 Workout depends on your ability to leave it all out there, and perform these cardio movements to your max potential.  We want to spike your heart rate and really get your body to tap into that supercharged fat blasting zone to kill calories faster than anything you’ve ever seen before.  Not only that, by pairing these crazy intense bursts of cardio with muscle-building movements, we’re going to spike your EPOC, which will allow your body to continue this insane rate of caloric burn well after the workout has ended.

The 100 Workout

The 100 Workout is split into three different days.  Each day has a slightly different focus, but the framework remains the same.  Follow along, take rest breaks when indicated, and give it your absolute all when the cardio intervals come up.

Day 1

Give yourself a solid 48 hours rest between Day 1 and Day 2 of The 100 Workout.  The worst thing you can do is over train your muscles, so we want to be especially mindful of avoiding that.  Supplement this workout with more traditional cardio, yoga, cycling, or other forms of exercise.

Day 2 

As you’ll notice, the cardiovascular element is slightly higher in day two of this workout plan.  By pairing a little more cardio with total body muscle-building movements, we’ve created a comprehensive workout in day two.  When using both of these days together, you’re giving yourself one of the most complete (and intense) workouts you’ve probably ever attempted.

As mentioned above, depending on your goals, feel free to work in other forms of cardio, light resistance work, and/or yoga, etc. on off days.  Using The 100 Workout twice or even three days a week is completely do-able, just be sure you’re not over training by working out extremely sore muscles.

Click HERE for PART TWO of The 100 Workout!

How to Turn Up the Intensity

So if you’re an absolute beast and think The 100 Workout isn’t tough enough as is, there are a couple of ways to bump up the intensity levels.  First, and perhaps most obviously, increase the weights you’re using!  If you’re flying through these 100 repetitions in as little as two or three sets, it may be time to increase the weight using.  Secondly, if you’re finding these workouts aren’t lasting long enough for your liking, completing them twice through, circuit-style, is a great way to double your work load.  That said, anything more than two cycles may very well lead to over training and/or injury, so be sure to limit your load to a maximum of two complete cycles.

Have any questions or comments about The 100 Workout? Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you asap.  If you want to talk to us about this workout on Twitter – be sure to use #The100Workout in your tweet!





9 thoughts on “The 100 Workout: The Ultimate Transformation Plan Part I”

  1. Hi-I was wondering if you had any alternatives to a few of the “gym” exercises on this list (specifically the lat pull downs and the medicine ball ones). I’m currently unemployed, and don’t have access to a gym (money’s a bit tight).

    Thanks for your help, and what a fantastic site!

    1. Hey Judy – I apologize for the delay I’ve been out of town and running around over the holiday weekend.

      First off, not having an access to a gym or fancy equipment is NO problem whatsoever. Personally, a lot of my own workouts are done at home and I’m having no complaints. As far as lat pull downs, I’d try out bent over rows instead.

      I think you’d really benefit from looking at this article:

      I absolutely love some of the examples in that article (water jugs in particular). Best part is, almost everything on that list can be made for just a few bucks.

      If you need some at home workout ideas, let me know. We’ve got a whole wealth of ways to help get you into the best shape of your life WITHOUT having to step foot into a gym.

      Thanks for checking us out and hope to keep seeing you around here!


  2. How about a 50 Workout for beginners? I really can’t see myself being able to do 100 reps starting out. Looks awesome though.

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