The Summer Slim Down Workout Part 3

Warning: Tabata training may turn you into a sexy beast!
Warning: Tabata training may turn you into a sexy beast!

If you’re still with us then you know by now just how effective this summer slim down workout has been.  The first two parts have provided a ton of intensity, while slowly shifting away from pure cardio to include additional strength elements.  Part three of this four-part workout series continues that gradual shift as we place an even greater emphasis on building those beautifully, lean muscles across your body.

Some of you have been wondering, should this workout be completed in four consecutive days; i.e. part 1 on Monday, part 2 on Tuesday, etc…

While some of our workouts are geared to be completed in order, the summer slim down workout is essentially the “backbone” of your fitness routine.  Since we’re doing a lot of full body work, you’re going to want to spread these workouts out just a bit.  You should feel free to supplement the summer slim down workout with additional cardio work, yoga, or anything else that allows you to remain active without pounding your muscles.  Some great supplemental workouts would include…

The idea behind the summer slim down workout was to provide four rock-solid workouts, each with a slightly different focus, but with the constant theme of helping you shed fat FAST.  Continue making these four workouts your go-to, supplement as needed, and watch the pounds drop faster than ever.

Part three of the summer slim down workout uses a workout methodology called Tabata training.  Tabata training is similar to HIIT for cardio, except it’s even better suited to strength training movements.  You’ll be lifting for time, not reps during Tabata workouts.  Specifically, 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, repeated eight times for a total of four minutes of work per exercise.  We carefully stack these four-minute blocks of work so you’re getting a killer total body workout, without running the risk of over training any one particular muscle group.

You’ll want to either use a Tabata timer (plenty of free apps to download for your phone) or keep a close eye on a clock.  Again, we’re going for 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated eight times.

Tabata #1

Tabata #2

Tabata #3

Tabata #4

Tabata #5

Tabata #6

Tabata #7

Tabata #8

For all of you non-math whizzes at home, that adds up to 32 minutes of near non-stop work.  Since we’re taking a 10 second break after every 20 seconds of work, be sure to maintain a solid pace and keep moving.  The whole point of Tabata training is adhering to the :20/:10 format, for four minutes.

You’re going to really tax your muscles while also throwing that heart rate into high gear, resulting in a serious calorie and fat burning experience.  Keep in mind, just because we’re going for time instead of reps, does not mean you should perform these strength exercises as fast as possible.  Use your standard lifting pace, maintain good form, and remember that more isn’t always better.

Have any questions or comments about this workout series? Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter by using #summerslimdown in your tweet.




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