The 10 Best Fitness and Nutrition Blogs You Should be Reading


There’s one thing about fitness (and nutrition) that you need to understand right away; there’s seldom only ONE black-and-white, 100% concrete answer to most of the questions you may have. Based on an individuals’ personal experiences, their interpretation of study results, or any other multitude of factors, it’s only natural that fitness “authority figures” have varying opinions on different issues.

Some people have a hard time accepting this.  When they have a question, they want a definitive answer.  To an extent, I can sympathize.  It’s a bit confusing when two professionals have completely conflicting views (each sounding completely well thought out and plausible) on a topic.  When I first really started getting into fitness, I found this to be overwhelming; to the point that I didn’t want to listen to either opinion, for fear of going with the wrong advice and wasting my time.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized the importance, and value, of my OWN opinion.  My own opinions are formed by reading content from a wide-range of sources, researching different studies, and going with what I’ve seen with my own two eyes.  After taking all of this information in, I feel I’m in a pretty good position to evaluate what’s in front of me, and form my own opinion about a specific topic.  This opinion is then typed out, edited, and published to this very blog, for your enjoyment and education.  But again, it’s only MY opinion and interpretation.  While I think my methods, workouts, and tips are effective and beneficial (and a few hundred thousand of our happy readers would probably agree), that doesn’t mean my way is the ONLY way.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to 10 of the very best fitness and nutrition blogs on the web.  These are my go-to sources when I need a little inspiration, or would like another point of view on a specific issue from a fellow industry expert.  Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don’t…but the point is, becoming as informed as possible is the only way you’re going to be able to form your own opinions and feel confident in what you’re doing.   And the funny thing is, once you have confidence in what you’re doing, your motivation increases, your intensity increases, and soon enough, your progress follows suit.

In no particular order…

Workout Nirvana

Workout Nirvana is a great blog, geared towards women, that provides dietary and fitness advice.  Blogger Suzanne has dedicated her life to fitness and has first hand experiences dealing with physical limitations and set backs, making her a great source for those of you who aren’t ready to enter your first Ironman race just yet.

Project Swole

One thing I absolutely love about Project Swole is the face they regularly provide sources to their information.  Whether it’s a study or another blog, they back up what they preach.  Although they are geared more towards men/fitness competitors/body builders, their information is great, especially if you’re looking for muscle-building specific advice.

Jason Feruggia’s Renegade Strength and Conditioning

When I want a highly respected professional’s take on a matter, I immediately go to my bookmark tab and click Jason Ferrugia’s blog.  Jason has worked with hundreds of real-life clientele throughout his nearly 20 year fitness career, which puts him in a great position to provide a very practical point of view on fitness topics. Often blunt and to the point, Jason caters towards a male audience, intent on building muscle and increasing strength.

Tone it Up

Led by fitness partners Katrina and Karena, these girls have been preaching their methods for a while now.  With a large and dedicated fan base, they’ve definitely become one of those “authority figures”.  Their workouts are geared towards your every day woman looking to “tone it up”, feel better about themselves, and lead a healthier lifestyle.  They produce a lot of video fitness content which adds another layer of interaction to their methods.


I admit, there’s a special place in my heart for fellow fitness bloggers who are as committed to producing great video content as we are.  It takes work, extra time, and determination, but author Cassey Ho does it so very well.  In addition to her pilates-focused fitness videos, Cassey touches on tons of other healthy living topics, recipes, and workout ideas. She’s definitely a great source of information and one of the blogs I most often read.  She gears her stuff towards women, but really, anyone can benefit from the knowledge she shares.


Authored by Angela Liddon, this has slowly but surely become my go-to recipe blog.  With constant updates and on point vegan recipes, Angela contributes oh so much to the online nutrition community.  Having overcome her own eating disorder, she provides great perspective and an amazing role model for so many others.  She’s got a rather unique and engaging writing style that makes other recipe blogs look just a little….bland.

Daily Cup of Yoga

In my opinion, this group blogging effort is perhaps the best yoga blog on the web.  Covering a wide range of topics within the yoga world, these guys and girls dish it out in an easy-to-understand way, that doesn’t take the holier-than-thou approach found on so many yoga blogs these days.  Led by blogger Brian, Daily Cup of Yoga has provided a lot of great perspective to me personally, which I think comes across in many of my own blog posts.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Founded by Jennipher and Erin, Fit Bottomed Girls has slowly transformed into a healthy network of female fitness bloggers writing towards, you guessed it, a primarily female audience.  I especially love the fact I’m able to get so many different opinions in one place.  Fit Bottomed Girls provide an unusually high dose of motivational content as well as first-hand accounts from those who understand the struggle to get fit.  Reading their stuff really helps keep me grounded and keep my focus on who it is I’m trying to help.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Authored by Mark Sisson, this blog is an absolute gem of fitness information and news.  Mark’s Daily Apple has a slight trend towards nutrition/healthy living content, which he writes about so amazingly well.  Less focused on actual workout routines, this blog is the perfect complement to my daily round-up of fitness reading.  Not only that, the 57-year-old, and still extremely fit, Mark Sisson shows his readers they DON’T have to follow the same path the majority of Americans take as they age.  Being fit, healthy, and happy simply boils down to the personal choices we make…and Mark shows you how to make the right choices.

Share It Fitness

C’mon, don’t hate me for giving myself a little shout out here.  I truly care about giving you guys and girls, enjoyable, effective, and well-informed workouts and fitness advice.  This is the reason we do so much research and actually test out each and every workout on ourselves, friends, and clients BEFORE it hits the web.  I try to give you guys the best of what I have to offer in hopes of helping all of you realize your own personal fitness goals.  Our customized video fitness program, FitPlan, sure doesn’t hurt either.





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  1. Just discovered Share It Fitness, and i’ve got to say, it’s my favourite blog on the list! Well done and thank you!

  2. Really interesting your post, a very good collection of blogs, I’m reviewing, and really provide information and interesting content.

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