The Summer Slim Down Workout Part 2

We're going with a barbell and a bench today...
We’re going with a barbell and a bench today…

From the sounds of it, a lot of you guys and girls out there are really liking part 1 of our summer slim down workout. If you aren’t familiar with what we’ve got going on here, check it out, and maybe even give it a run through today.  The Summer Slim Down workout is designed as a four-part series of workouts which will help strip you of body fat, improve your core strength, and continue to add lean muscle mass to your body.

Part two continues with the theme of high-intensity cardio, but not the way you’re thinking.  In part one, we essentially did HIIT jump roping while supersetting compound, body weight exercises.  In part two, we’re going to keep the cardiovascular element high, but introduce a little more strength training to the mix.  Continuing this format will keep pushing your metabolism to the max, strip away even more fat, and leave you feeling amazing from head to toe.

Part two of the Summer Slim Down Workout

Perform each exercise a total of 8 repetitions.  While this may seem easy for some (bench dips) it will be balanced by the more difficult movements (clean and press).  The goal of this workout isn’t to completely kill your muscles during each set.  You want to use a weight that allows you to seamlessly move from one exercise to the next, without taking rest.  As a good gauge, use a weight for this entire workout that you’d use on your weakest exercise.  If your weakest exercise is reverse barbell curls, and you can only manage a 25 pound barbell for eight repetitions of this movement, then you should be using a 25 pound barbell for the entire circuit below.

Remember, the point of this workout is to deliver cardiovascular benefits by way of strength training.  In order to accomplish this you’ve got to move quickly between each exercise and only take that rest break at the end of each round.  Depending on your fitness ability, you may be able to perform more rounds.  A good guideline to follow would be:

Beginner: 4-5 rounds total

Intermediate: 6-7 rounds total

Advanced: 8-10 rounds total

All you’re going to need is a barbell, a bench, and a healthy dose of determination to make it through today’s workout…

Rest 60 seconds at the end of each round.

As it goes with all of our fitness plans, if you simply want to use this one workout and ignore the rest, feel free.  Our mantra is always, continue to push yourself to be better, lift stronger, and move faster.  Adding new workouts to your current routine will continue to help you push the envelope and evolve yourself into something better, healthier, and more fit.

If you’re committed to the summer slim down workout plan, then follow the first workout of the series with today’s workout.  Be on the look out next week as we unleash part three of this four part series designed to help you get into the best and healthiest shape of your life.

Have any questions or comments about this workout series?  Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter by using #summerslimdown in your tweet.



2 thoughts on “The Summer Slim Down Workout Part 2”

  1. Hi! I did Part 1 of this workout series yesterday and want to workout again today but wasn’t sure if I complete part 1 and part 2 on same day or different days? Thank you for this blog!

    1. Hey Stephy – definitely split it up and make part 1 and 2 their own days. If you’re looking for a little extra work after either of these exercises, try one of our OnDemand fitness classes or go for a little extra HIIT sprinting/rowing/cycling.

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