The Summer Slim Down Workout Part 1

Get ready for one hell of a fat burning workout…

Today we’re giving you the first part in our Summer Slim Down workout series.  We’ve created four different workout routines that are designed to help you burn fat fast, shape up those muscles, and get you ready to strut your stuff at the beach or pool, all summer long.

Each workout in this series has a particular focus, and today, our focus is on fat burn.  Unlike other fat burning workouts you may be used to, our goal today is to help you burn calories faster than ever before.  In order to do this, we need to keep your heart rate at an elevated level for the bulk of this workout.  Additionally, we’re going to use periods of active rest, which will allow you to catch your breath, but continue to force you to work your muscles.  All I need from you is to stick to the rest intervals as provided and give it a 100% effort.

We’re going with a jump rope today, so be sure to give yourself a little room to move around.  If you don’t have a jump rope, you can still complete this workout, but really, for $6.99, there are few better purchases you can make.  Run out to the store and grab one – you’ll thank me later.

So depending on what your current fitness abilities allow, you’re intervals may vary a little.  Below is a guideline, if you can go a little longer/faster, feel free.  If you need to scale things back, that’s fine too.  The point is you’re giving it YOUR personal best effort and always striving to do better next time.

With that in mind, let’s get into today’s workout…

Repeat this combo 5 times

  • 45 second jump rope
  • 20 speed skaters (hold a dumbbell of plate if you want to bump the intensity)

Repeat this combo 4 times.

Repeat this combo 3 times.

Repeat this combo 2 times.

Repeat this combo 1 time.

If you notice, I didn’t give you any rest times between combos.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest if you need it.  All I’m trying to do is get you to push through and complete this workout as fast as possible.  Take rest breaks whenever you need them, but please do keep an eye on the clock and don’t let a 30 second breather turn into 2-3 minutes of sitting around thinking about how tired you are.  Remember, this workout is most effected when completed with an uptempo intensity.

If you’re currently on another fitness plan, and looking for something new, throw this workout into your routine.  If you stick with us, we’ll have part 2 of this 4 part series next week.  Slowly add in these Summer Slim Down workouts and soon enough you’ll have a 4-day a week workout plan designed to lean you out and give you the body you deserve.

Have any questions or comments about this workout series?  Feel free to leave a comment below or connect with us on Twitter by using #summerslimdown in your tweet. 



7 thoughts on “The Summer Slim Down Workout Part 1”

  1. Hi – first, thanks so much for this site! It is full of very useful information 🙂 I will try to keep my comment/question as short as possible: is it possible to burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time? I have been working out consistently for three years and have whittled myself down from a size 10/12 to a size 6 and believe me it took a lot of work but I am so happy I did it and committed to it. I am in my early 40s and prior to this past 3 year fitness commitment, have always been active off and on. I realized though as I reach the decades where muscle mass is lost, I needed to kick it in gear.
    I have a decent amount of muscle that I built through weight lifting and I have lost a lot of fat. My dilemma is now I am at the point where I am not sure to focus on building more muscle to get the filled out lean look OR focus more on burning fat to show more of the muscle I have built? I don’t want to lose the hard earned muscle that I have already built by doing too much cardio…
    Thoughts? I realize that I am probably making this more complicated that it needs to be lol but I am at the point where my own personal “dream body” is within my grasp and I don’t want to waste time going down roads that won’t take me where I want to go. Thank you in advance for any advice, I appreciate it.

    1. Hey Jen – thanks for leaving a comment.

      First off, congrats on all of the hard work, it sounds like you’ve made some really great progress!

      The “should I focus on building muscle or burning fat” is a dilemma many people face when they’ve reached a certain level in their training. Personally, what works best for me, is when I cycle between each focus. For 6-8 weeks I’ll focus on building muscle (which means eating more calories), before shifting gears and upping the cardio and cutting calories as I strip away body fat. Of course, when you cut the calories and up the cardio you may very well lose a little of the muscle you’ve acquired, but that’s almost inevitable. It’s a two steps forward, one step back, approach.

      Building muscle AND burning fat at the same time is HARD. Some professional body builders and fitness models seem to have a very rigorous system they use to accomplish both goals simultaneously, but unless you have a ton of time and dedication, I would definitely suggest cycling between each focuses.

      If you’re looking for a little extra help, there is a supplement called BCAA’s which help preserve muscle mass while you’re trying to burn more body fat with an increased cardio workload. Traditionally, I’m not a big supplements guy, but BCAA’s are one of very few I make an exception for. They have seemed to work well for me during my “cut” phases.

      Sorry that was so long, but to answer your question, personally, I would spend the next 4-6 weeks continuing to keep down on the body fat with HIIT cardio sessions and uptempo lifting, i.e. metabolic conditioning routines (check out the MetCon challenge). Watch your calories carefully and see where you’re at by June/July-ish.

      Happy to keep discussing this with you, so feel free to keep the questions coming! Thanks!


      1. Matt,
        Thank you so much for replying to me and your advice was really helpful. I checked out the 4 MetCon workouts and have decided to do that workout program 4 days per week for 6 weeks and see how that does for me. That is so funny that you should mention BCAA’s – I have been taking that supplement for about a week now (my husband ordered it for himself so I figured I would give it a try). I am anxious to see if the BCAA’s make a difference for me during my next 6 week workout cycle. I keep track of my lean protein intake and keep my calories between 1500-1600 with IF of 16/8 per day and that seems to be doing ok for me.
        I am so happy that you mentioned fitness models/bodybuilders and their workout routines for building muscle and losing fat at same time. Prior to fiding your site and contacting you, I had been trying to find a routine searching the bikini pros, etc and got really discouraged because I couldn’t imagine working out twice a day at times and doing cardio for that long. I think that if that’s what people want and have the time to do, that is great – but just not for me at this point in my life.
        As an aside – I also left you a question regarding recovery – I am the one who has a difficult time training more than 4 days a week before I exhibit signs of overtraining. Thank you for answering that also (you are the best). I wanted to follow up and let you know that my doctor thinks that it may have something to do with me getting hypoglycemic and/or dehydrated. He told me to drink even more water than I had been and also to get the proper nutrition right after my workout to stabilize my blood sugar. Going to try that and see what happens. Again thank you so much – am looking forward to starting this new MetCon routine 🙂

      2. Good choice on the MetCon workouts – they’re really effective. I use them myself quite often and find they’re perfect for helping you shed that body fat while also pumping your muscles.

        I started BCAA’s myself about 2 months ago (I’m training for a half-Ironman) and haven’t noticed any huge muscle loss – time will tell though.

        Glad to hear you spoke to your doc – I think also drinking a sports drink DURING your workout could help too. But again, I’m not doctor so definitely confirm with the expert there.

        No problem at all – looking forward to hearing about your progress and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need additional advice.


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