The Super Metabolic Circuit for Fast Fat Loss and the Ultimate Body

Metabolic Circuit Training: The Key for Fast Fat Loss and Lean Body

Looking to burn fat fast, build lean muscle, and transform your body into something you’ve only dreamed about  Get familiar with metabolic conditioning training.


We’ve discussed the benefits of metabolic conditioning on Share It Fitness in the past, and based on the enthusiasm it generated, I could tell you guys were excited for something different.  After all, that’s what training is all about – finding newer and better ways of training your body.  This is the reason we create, test, and publish as many workouts on Share It Fitness as we do.  We believe in constantly pushing yourself to achieve greater things, and firmly believe the best way to do that is by continually experimenting with newer and more challenging workouts.

Since it’s been some time since we’ve come up with any sort of metabolic conditioning circuit AND based on the fact everyone seems to be concerned with fat loss at the moment (I suppose impending warm weather will do that), we created something designed to rip you up from head to toe.  We’re calling this thing a SUPER metabolic conditioning circuit, and it’s been designed for rapid fat loss and a lean, ripped, physique.

What’s so super about it?  Well, the reason we call this thing a “super” metabolic conditioning circuit, is because of the number of exercises it includes.  Our previous metcon challenge workouts were typically created with 3-4 exercise mini-circuits, which you’d cycle through.  No knock on them, they’re quite effective – we just wanted to give you something a little different, and (perhaps) a little tougher than what you’ve seen so far.  This metabolic conditioning circuit has 7 exercises in one super circuit.  You’ll move from one exercise to the next with no (or very limited) rest breaks.

The Super Metabolic Circuit

Let’s take a look at the workout, then get into all the details…

  1. Deadlift x 10 (use a weight that you can comfortably use for the next exercise; bent over rows)
  2. Bent Over Rows x 10
  3. Burpees x 10
  4. Twist Jumps x 10
  5. Swinging Push Ups x 10 (feel free to do these from your knees if you don’t have the upper body strength yet)
  6. Windshield Wipers x 10 (for an extra challenge, hold the barbell above your chest, arms straight, throughout)
  7. Lateral Jumps over the barbell x 10

GOALS: Complete as many circuits as you can in 30 minutes.  Rest only when necessary, but long-term goal should be no rest breaks during the entire workout.

As you can see, this workout is designed to take no more than 30 minutes.  It may not seem like much now, but once you’re mid-way through round two, you’re going to understand why this thing has a time limit on it.  Prepare for massive sweating and a heart-pounding great time as you cut fat fast and build lean, shapely muscles.

Fast Fat Loss and…

Not only will this workout help you burn fat and lean up, it’s going to do wonders for your endurance.  The nature of this metabolic circuit is fast-paced, which means your heart rate is going to be in the appropriate zone where endurance gains are made.

You're going for total rounds completed in 30 minutes...each workout is a challenge against your previous best.
You’re going for total rounds completed in 30 minutes…each workout is a challenge against your previous best.

If your cardio is limited to steady-state, HIIT, rowing, biking, etc. you’re in for an especially effective workout.  This metabolic circuit contrasts with the above-mentioned cardio routines in the sense that much of the work done here is weight-bearing.  There’s a huge difference between pumping your heart rate with a strenuous run and pumping your heart rate by shifting from one strength exercise to the next.  If the goal is to keep your body guessing (which it should be) then there are few things better you can do than this workout.

Along those lines; since this metabolic conditioning workout is dependent on a lot of complex lifts, you’re getting the added bonus of building lean muscle across your body.  Combining cardio and strength training into one awesome workout is one of the best and fastest ways to burn fat and generally increase the appeal of your physique.

Stick with a routine like this a couple of times a week to really make serious strides in both your cardiovascular endurance, fat loss efforts, and overall body composition.  Remember to continually push yourself and try to improve upon the number of total rounds you complete each time out.  Good luck, happy lifting, and please feel free to leave a comment with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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