The Smart Fitness Plan: The Revolutionary New Way of Getting in Shape

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FitPlan is like getting a new exercise DVD that’s been produced specifically for you and your goals.  Everyday.


So you need some help reaching your fitness goals.  Where do you turn?  What do you do?  Who do you ask for help?

If you’re like most people, you probably seek out various websites and blogs like this one, to get your fitness tips and workouts.  Maybe you even hop on YouTube looking for fitness videos to follow along with.  Perhaps you even like to ask fitness professionals your questions, Q+A style.

Whether it’s a pre-written workout viewed by thousands of people a day, a YouTube tutorial on how to work your abs, or questions answered by anonymous people in a forum, they all share one thing in common.  They LACK personalization.  And as we know, fitness isn’t an exact science – just because one workout works for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for someone else.  What you really need, if you’re going to make the life-changing transformation you want, is something that is completely customized to you and your goals.

UPDATED: FitPlan has LAUNCHED.  Get your first two weeks FREE by clicking HERE!

This is where the idea for FitPlan was born.

What is FitPlan?

FitPlan is the new online fitness program unlike anything else currently available.   It is a completely customized fitness plan based on YOU and YOUR GOALS.  By using workouts specifically tailored to you, you can expect better and faster results.  And since FitPlan is a “smart” plan, it is actually able to adjust the difficulty of workouts as you progress – more on this below.

How does FitPlan work?

Each day, your FitPlan calendar delivers a daily workout.  Your daily workout is delivered in both video and text format. You simply follow along with the trainer in your video, much the way you would an exercise DVD or an in-person training session.  Or if you’d rather complete the workout at your own pace, follow the text-version.

What are FitPlan videos like?

We’ve teamed with some of the best personal trainers and group fitness instructors in Southern California to produce full-length video training sessions that are as close as it gets to training with a real-life personal trainer or attending an in-person group fitness class.  The best part is, these video training sessions were developed specifically for YOUR goals – pretty much the exact opposite of randomly browsing YouTube for workout videos.

What kind of workouts will I get?

Workouts vary and follow our body diversity training methodology.  We take a well-balanced approach to your fitness plan.  In addition to traditional strength and cardiovascular workouts, we incorporate elements of yoga, pilates, and a variety of other disciplines to ensure you’re building a well-rounded and healthy body.  FitPlan really is like using a new (and customized) exercise DVD or attending a different group fitness class, each day.  Of course, if you just want the standard meat and potatoes (strength and cardio), we can do that for you too.

But how does FitPlan adapt to my workouts?

This is what makes FitPlan head and shoulders better than anything else out there – it actually adapts to you over time.  From time to time, FitPlan will give you a workout challenge to gauge your progress.  Based on your performance, our proprietary algorithm is able to increase or decrease the difficulty of your entire fitness program – ensuring your workouts stay as effective as possible.  Hence, the “smart” fitness plan.

What if I have questions about my FitPlan?

The customization and support of FitPlan doesn’t stop there.  Each FitPlan user is additionally paired with a real-life personal trainer.  Should you have any questions or concerns along the way, an actual human being is there to assist.

Can I use FitPlan at home?

YES!  Everything about FitPlan is customized to you.  Whether you want at home workouts, gym workouts, or a combination of both, FitPlan gives you exactly what you need to succeed.

Why FitPlan?

Because it’s simply the best web-based training program on the planet. Exercise DVDs are the same workout, repeated endlessly, with no personal interaction.  Pre-written workout plans on websites and blogs have been created for the masses, with no consideration of your goals, history, or performance.  YouTube has a ton of content, but none of it is geared specifically towards you, nor can you be certain videos were created by a quality fitness professional.  FitPlan addresses all of these issues and then some, making it the best and most effective option to get in shape, save for hiring your own personal trainer.

Okay, but how much does it cost?

FitPlan is free for the first two weeks.  After that it’s $14.99 month.  There are no contracts or long-term commitments – cancel at any time.

Sounds great, now what?

FitPlan has launched, so jump on board and get started with the next evolution in online fitness training.



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