Friday Free Workout Mix – 30 Mashups

April is in full effect…the trees are leafing, flowers blooming (sorry pollen-haters), and it’s finally getting warm enough to exercise outside again! Unless, like us you live in the West, in which case it’s just par for the course! Nothing makes animals happier than Spring and so we’ve got a nice happy mashup mix for you today! 2 Good 4 Radio has their 30 Best Mashups of 2013 (so far!) and we bring it to you here. Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekly free workout mix! Shoot us a Tweet if you use it! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Friday Free Workout Mix – 30 Mashups”

  1. I really enjoy your Friday workout mixes but not this one. You can’t download the entire mashup – only select songs and some song downloads take your browser to questionable sites in order to complete the download. Oh well, there’s always next Friday’s mix to look forward to.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Robert…If your gym has WIFI you should at least be able to stream the playlist from this page. We’ll make sure from here on out mixes are directly downloadable as a whole though, and straight from the source. If you go to this page, you can directly download their workout mixes, just need to like their FB page to get access to the download section.

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