The 5 Best Healthy (and Vegetarian) Wrap Recipes The Web has to Offer


Coming up with a new lunch idea every day is hard.  It’s even harder when you’re trying to cut back on animal protein (which ain’t a bad idea!) and go vegetarian.  As if that’s not enough, if you’re working out to build muscle, it becomes even more of a challenge because your lunch NEEDS to supply a healthy dose of protein so those hard-earned muscles don’t waste away.

You need something easy, something you can prepare in mass quantities ahead of time, that packs a protein punch, AND tastes good.  I faced the same struggle, and over time, tested dozens of different veggie lunch ideas.  One constant I found myself coming back to were wraps.  A contemporary cousin of the sandwich, wraps make a perfect option for a tasty and healthy lunch, without much fuss.

Bear in mind, not all wraps are created equal.  While you can roll just about anything together and eat it, I wouldn’t recommend it.  After scouring the web for the better part of the past couple of weeks, we found some seriously tasty and healthy vegetarian wrap recipes that will completely knock your socks off.  Time to put an end to that boring salad at lunch with some of these creative alternatives…


CURRIED QUINOA WRAPS WITH SPRING PEAS recipe and photo by Kathy Patalsky of

There’s just something about the exotic flavor of curried quinoa mixed with the down-home, farm fresh crunch of sweet spring peas that will blow your taste buds away.  This wrap provides a knock out in the flavor department without sacrificing on health benefits.

top5wraps3BLACK BEAN AND BUTTERNUT SQUASH BURRITOS recipe and photo by Angela of

Who said burritos can’t be healthy?  With this all veggie burrito, the earthy tones of black beans meld with slightly sweet and tender butternut squash in one mind blowing wrap.  For a slightly crispy, and even tastier burrito, take the time to lightly grill your whole wheat tortilla before wrapping things up.

top5wraps4CHICKPEA YOGURT WRAPS recipe and photo by Holly of

Want something cool and refreshing on a hot day?  This unique take on the wrap is just what you’re looking for.  Crispy, sweet apples blending with creamy chickpeas and a tarragon yogurt sauce to die for earned this wrap recipe a place in our top 5.

top5wraps5LENTIL SLOPPY JOE LETTUCE WRAPS recipe and photo by Lori Yates of

These aren’t the sloppy Joe’s you remember as a kid.  No, these are devoid of nasty, greasy mystery meat smothered in a some weird red sauce.  While the inspiration behind these bad boys may be old-fashioned, the end result is anything but.  Crisp, cool lettuce makes a perfect parter to these addictive and slightly spicy updates on the classic sloppy Joe.


Interesting little mix we’ve got right here.  The smokey chipolte cream and veggies provide a very “Tex-Mex” feel that will surely spice up your day.  The abundance of fresh veggies in this wrap packs in tons of anti-oxidants and nutrients to keep you feeling happy and staying healthy.

top5wraps6DIY HOTSAUCE FROM SCRATCH photo and recipe by Allyson Kramer of

Consider this one a little bonus – this do-it-yourself hot sauce has become a very recent obsession of mine.  I’ve used it on a couple of the wraps listed above and find it to be the perfect complement.  Check out Allyson’s site for a detailed description on how to make this hot sauce perfect for your taste buds.

Have a favorite veggie wrap recipe of your own?  We’re always looking to sample exciting new recipes, so leave us a comment and tell us all about it, or tweet us @ShareItFitness.


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