The Med Ball Cardio Challenge: Intense Fat Burning Workout Video


An effective fat burning workout doesn't need to be overly complex....just INTENSE.
An effective fat burning workout doesn’t need to be overly complex….just INTENSE.

With winter coming to a close, the annual flood of “Help! I’ve got to get in bikini shape by summer!” emails start rolling in.  And like clockwork, I quickly dish out the same advice:  Start doing high-intensity cardio/weight combination workouts to quickly burn the fat, kick your muscles into growth mode, and re-ignite that metabolism you’ve neglected for so long.  Oh, and clean up your diet while you’re at it.

Simple in theory, but not always in practice.  As a result, I decided to not only give ye faithful readers a cardio/weight fat burning workout, but give you one utilizing our pacer training approach.  What the hell is pacer training?  Well, pacer training is when you’re actively following along with your fitness instructor leading a workout, just like a group fitness class you’d take at a gym.  We bring in one of our trainers, film them leading a workout from beginning to end, dictating the pace, intensity, and rest breaks….and you simply do your best to keep up with their intensity.  The stands in stark contrast to throwing a list of exercises at you to complete, and hoping you bring the intensity that we’d like to see.  By training with a real-life person, whose actively encouraging and guiding you, we’re able to increase the fat burning potential of this workout, because we’re able to better control your speed and intensity.  Remember, a fat burning workout is only as good as the intensity you put forth….and believe me, the intensity in today’s workout is KILLER.

Now that we’re clear on what pacer training is and why it’s effective, let us get into why you’re really here…

You want to burn some fat, build some muscle, and get your body beach ready in a hurry right?  Well, as mentioned above, performing high-intensity combo workouts will help you get there in a hurry.  Today’s video workout is right up this alley and will serve as a good routine to follow 1-2x a week, in conjunction with additional HIIT cardio and/or a heavy compound lift workout.

The Minimalistic Fat Burning Workout

Beach season is just around the corner...time to amp up the intensity of your workouts and burn that winter weight!
Beach season is just around the corner…time to amp up the intensity of your workouts and burn that winter weight!

The Med Ball Cardio Challenge is, unsurprisingly, just as the name indicates.  You’re not going to need a ton of fancy equipment, or even a whole lot of room for this one.  Our trainer, Sharon Blair uses a medicine ball (feel free to substitute a dumbbell if that’s all you have) and some killer body weight movements to really jack up your heart rate, slash through calories, and burn out your muscles.

Sharon quickly moves from one fat burning exercise to the next, keeping rest breaks short in an effort to maximize your caloric burn.  Because of this high-intensity format, the workout isn’t going to drag on forever.  This serious fat burning workout can be completed in just under half an hour, provided you’re mirroring Sharon’s pace. If you’re looking to really push yourself, consider running through this workout for one or even two more rounds.

So what are you waiting for?  You want to start getting beach ready, right?  Give the Med Ball Cardio Challenge a shot today and I think you’ll find it’s something you end up including in your overall fitness plan.  For those of you who have never tried pacer training, get ready to really get pushed to the max.  Just like having a real-life trainer pushing you, use Sharon as your guide, and let her motivate you to keep going.  We’ve gotten a ton of positive comments and results from other pacer training workouts, so give this one a go and get yourself back onto the track of success.

Ready to get going? 

Click here to start the Med Ball Cardio Challenge!


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