FitPlan: The Personal Fitness Plan That Will Change The Way You Look at Fitness Forever


With FitPlan, it's like having a different exercise DVD to work out with every day.
With FitPlan, it’s like having a different exercise DVD to work out with every day.

As anyone who even casually reads this blog has probably come to realize, we feature a LOT of different types of workouts.  We get so many requests for different routines, for different goals, that it’s often hard to keep up with you guys!  The goal from day one has always been to share fitness knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.  As such, these workouts and fitness plans you find on our blog are created for the masses.  It’s hard to get overly specific in a given workout plan when you’re writing for a few hundreds thousand people.  And as I just mentioned yesterday, what works so well for one person may not work very well at all, for another.

A Personal Fitness Plan for You

While this isn’t to take anything away from generic plans (hell, I’m currently using a Layne Norton weight training plan with great success), I’ve always been left with a feeling that we could do better.  My dream was to provide a personal fitness plan for each and every reader on the blog.  I wanted to create something that could provide user-specific advice and coaching to thousands of people, at one time.   Not an easy task to accomplish as I soon found out…

I started this blog and website because I wanted to help so many more people than I ever could as a traditional personal trainer.  Working 1-on-1 with a client is great, but as I’m only one person, my time is limited.  Starting the Share It Fitness blog and OnDemand workout library was the first step in my goal to reach a greater audience.  As things with Share It Fitness progressed, my desire for a very user-specific fitness plan that could serve many people simultaneously began to intensify.  The growing intensity of this desire eventually led to our latest innovation, FitPlan.

What Is FitPlan?

At its core, FitPlan is quite simple.  It is an algorithm-based online personal fitness plan that delivers a series of workouts geared specifically towards you and your goals.

You provide us information about yourself, your goals, and your fitness history.  Based on these responses, a completely customized and personal fitness plan will be created for you.  Workouts come in both video and text format, letting you workout exactly how you want.  Each workout has been designed by one of our real-life personal trainers, who will lead you through your workout…just as if you were training 1-on-1 in the gym.  Your trainer dictates the pace, intensity, and duration of the class.  Your job is to simply follow along.    If you’re not so big into working out in front of a screen, FitPlan gives you the text version of your daily workout to follow along with at your own pace.  Whether you want to work out exclusively at home or at the gym, the choice is yours.  Your personal fitness plan delivers workouts with your preference in mind.  Not only does FitPlan assign workouts based on your personal goals and abilities, it also evolves as you do….

Here's a shot from an actual FitPlan workout.  Simply follow along with your trainer as they lead you through your assigned workouts.
Here’s a shot from an actual FitPlan workout. Simply follow along with your trainer as they lead you through your assigned workouts.

Unlike pre-set workout plans, FitPlan is smart.  Part of what will make FitPlan so effective is the algorithm-based formula we’re currently putting the finishing touches on that actually adjusts workouts based on your ability levels.  When you get stronger and faster, your assigned workouts get harder.  If you’re having a hard time reaching a fitness goal, FitPlan can recognize this and deliver plateau-busting workouts to get you over the hump.  Every so often, FitPlan introduces a fitness challenge.  These fitness challenges show us where you’re at, and correspondingly help us determine when to bump you up to the next level, scale things back, or push you hard enough to get past a plateau.

Sounds good.  Now what?

As the full release of the Share It Fitness website, including FitPlan, is just a couple of months out, we’re starting to take email addresses for all of our early adopters.  For those of you who like the idea of a personal fitness plan and want to get on our early sign up list, we’re going to cut your FitPlan membership in half.  While we think the regular price of $15 per month is quite affordable, we’re dropping the early adopter price to $7.50 per month for the first three months.  For the price of one trip to the salad bar, we’re going to set you up with all the tools you need to change your life forever.  No more aimlessly browsing the web for workouts that may or may not even work for you.  FitPlan will become your go-to source for workouts and fitness instruction, because it’s designed specifically for YOU.  A fitness plan should be personal, and FitPlan is just that.

Follow the link below and you’ll be prompted to leave us your email address so we can notify you when FitPlan launches.  As always, your email is safe with us; we will NEVER give your information to a third-party.

Hop on the FitPlan bandwagon and get ready to watch your mind, body, and health transform like you never imagined.

Click here to sign up for FitPlan and lock in your early adopter discount.

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