The Great Fitness Realization: What It Is and How to Achieve It

Realization is just around the corner.
Realization is just around the corner.

For almost anyone who has been actively involved in fitness or exercise for a significant period of time, there eventually comes a moment of great realization.  This realization may come after only a few month or it may take many years; there is no prescribed time-table.  But when it hits, you know it.  You’re now seeing things more clearly.  Gains come about faster.  You start knocking down goals like bowling pins.  You begin to see fitness and exercise in the simplest way imaginable.  In essence, the cloud of illusion that has hovered over “getting in shape” has lifted.  You now see the light with a crystal clear clarity you never imagined.    

This “light” is the understanding that fitness, in its essence, is actually quite simple.  Going from point A to point B (your defined goal) doesn’t involve 21 steps, a faddy diet, and a magic pill.  Fitness and exercise is a multi-billion dollar industry, which has conditioned us to think we can’t get into shape on our own.  As if some mysterious force is standing in our way from realizing our true potential.  This cloud of deceit is the reason millions willingly shell out their hard-earned cash for flash-in-the-pan advice that is more trendy than effective, and products that over promise and under deliver. 

The Before/After Effect

Part of this great realization is the understanding that fitness isn’t an exact science.  What works so well for one person, may have little effect on another.  The uninformed don’t realize this.  Humans are impressionable.  Flashy pictures, good sales copy, and a personal connection They see the before/after results of people who have used product X, and immediately conclude product X will deliver the same results to them.  Next time you see some insane looking before/after pictures, check closely for fine print at the bottom of your screen or packaging label.  The oft-repeated line, “Results not typical” will almost always accompany these inspirational stories.  For every person who has achieve insane results from a specific fitness or nutritional product, there are probably 10 others who we’re left with nothing more than a lighter wallet.

Unfortunately, misleading customers isn’t the worst of it.  Often times, companies pushing the latest and greatest fitness product or supplement are using completely phony before/after shots, often with the aid of Photoshop, or other editing software.  A wide range of fitness and nutritional products, from highly popular DVD series to weight loss supplements, are using the techniques exposed in the documentary, “Bigger, Stronger Faster”.  Check out how easy it is to doctor a before/after shot…

Personally, I think you should view before/after shots with a grain of salt.  If they’re even legit, you’re not being shown what an average user looks like.  It would be foolish to assume because it works so well for maybe 10% of all users, it will work that well for you.  Next week, I’m going to do a little before/after photo shoot of myself to further drive this point home.  I’m going to show you how it’s possibly to look 25 lbs lighter, more ripped, and generally like a fitness all-star in a matter of 2 hours.  Be sure to check back because this is something you don’t want to miss.

Realization Revealed

When the cloud has lifted and you see fitness for what it really is, you’ll no doubt become empowered.  Understanding there isn’t a magic bullet that will eliminate all of the obstacles standing between you and your goals should be uplifting.  I’ve seen far too many clients and users over the years stress about unlocking the perceived fitness puzzle.  Rather than make the wrong decision and “waste their time” by picking the wrong workout, they did a little of this, a little of that, refusing to fully commit to anything.  Their search for the “perfect” workout or fitness plan had them constantly changing gears for fear of following the wrong advice.  Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of these people never got anywhere. 

The reality of it is, there are hundreds of ways to achieve your goals.  There isn’t only one specific workout or plan that will completely change your body and health.  Again, for those in the know, this isn’t news.  But for the many more out there who are still falling for old tricks and deception, the endless search for that magic bullet continues. 

The person who has attained realization knows several things you probably don’t.  For starter’s…

  • Committment and consistency are far and away the most accurate indicators of potential success on a fitness plan.
  • Training all three components of your fitness being (strength, cardio, flexibility) is the key to achieving your optimum body and health.
  • Varying the formats and methods of your workouts is key to maintaining measurable and sustained progress.
  • Varying sources of fitness information is key towards becoming an informed and
  • No plan will be successful without a proper diet; nutrition is king.

Above all, the fundamental understanding that there is no ONE specific way to get fit and healthy, should pervade all that you do in regards to your fitness program.  Fitness is a great deal trial and error, and while no one likes wasting their time, especially when it involves physically taxing work, it is often the best way to find what works for you and your body.

Putting Realization to Use

This is the reason you see such a wide array of fitness plans and workouts on Share It Fitness.  We completely support the notion of trying different things until you find something that works.  While we’ve had thousands of people have great success on our Total Body Blitz workout plan for example, we’ve also had others who didn’t achieve the results they were looking for. 

The informed exerciser should know by now that simply because so many have had success with our Total Body Blitz plan, it may still not be right for them.  Rather than getting discouraged, they are motivated to continue seeking out new workouts that may be what their particular body needs to achieve a set of goals. 

For those of you who haven’t already drank the Share It Fitness Kool-Aid, one thing we often preach is our Body Diversity Training methodology.  BDT is our unique method of fitness training, which we feel fully encompasses all that a realized exerciser should understand.  We use a variety of fitness disciplines and methods to help you achieve optimal health and success.  Training plans utilizing BDT may have you performing explosive plyometric work one day, followed by a power lifting complex workout the next, before an uptempo yoga session on day three, etc.  This rounded approach to fitness is what we feel produces the best results, in the fastest amount of time, while staving off burn out as effectively as possible.

The time is now for you to understand the game and see past the deception that shrouds the fitness industry.  The only thing you need to get fit, get healthy, and achieve the body of your dreams is yourself, a little knowledge or food source of information, motivation, consistency, and a healthy diet.  That’s it.  The components of your workouts don’t need to be highly complex or one size fits all.  Each of you is an individual, with specific needs and physiological response system.  Getting in tune with the inner workings of your body.  Really pay attention to how a workout makes you feel, during and after.  It may take some time, but you’ll quickly develop a sixth sense for knowing whether a not a workout or fitness plan is a right fit for you.

Bottomline, three aspects of any realized exerciser must develop will include:

  • Learning how to analyze what works and what doesn’t.
  • Finding ways to stay committed in the face of adversity
  • Continually striving to educate yourself about exercise, nutrition, and health

Striving to improve upon these areas, while putting some faith into yourself and your ability to succeed will knock down the great wall and open your eyes to seeing fitness and exercise in an entirely new light. 




2 thoughts on “The Great Fitness Realization: What It Is and How to Achieve It”

  1. Love this blog, love the plans, love the articles. I was one of those who achieved great success with phase 1 and 2 of the Body Blitz series. Keep up the good work!

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