The Winter Warrior Workout Plan Part 2 of 3

Be a warrior this winter...
Be a warrior this winter…

Brace yourselves people, the long-awaited return of our crazy effective Winter Warrior Workout Plan (part 1) is here, with part two of this three-part body-changing program.  If you recall, part one of the Winter Warrior Workout Plan was all about helping you build a base for the challenges to come.  This workout program was designed to help you keep making progress when everyone else starts to slack off.  The 18-week time-table for this workout should leave you with an amazing base for when you REALLY start getting after it April/May or in other words, the beginning of swim suit season.  The moral behind the story is, if you’re sick and tired of starting over all the time, stop quitting.  The Winter Warrior is for all of you die-hard fitness heads out there who refuse to start over yet AGAIN this spring and summer.  Part two reflects on this and takes things up a notch.

Since the weather is probably getting even colder, snowy, rainy, and generally more miserable, we’re again going to keep everything indoors.  Part two is going to be pretty simple for you to follow; days one and three are all about hitting the weights, and hitting the weights hard.  Days two  and four are all about upping the intensity of your cardio sessions with these killer fat blasting workouts.  Notice I emphasized killer.  As you know, here at Share It Fitness, we test out every workout on ourselves and our mostly willing real-life clients, before we post anything to the blog or our website (this is partly why part two of this workout program is a bit delayed).

Well, pretty much everyone who tested these out for us said the cardio portion was some of the hardest workouts they’ve ever tried.  The good news is, everyone, yes EVERYONE, experienced weight loss, improved stamina, or increased the times following the end of our trial period.  Simply put, part two is highly effective at delivering results.  We think the combination we’ve found here is one of the best we’ve put together, and we challenge all of you to dig deep, stick with the program, and keep yourself motivated.  Your progress at the end of part two of this workout program will be nothing short of unbelievable.

Day 1

These workouts are simple, in that they don’t require a ton of equipment or movements, but don’t take that to mean they’re easy.  Today, we’re simply using a barbell and your own body weight.  Stack the barbell with enough weight that would allow you to knock out 8 reps on your WEAKEST exercise.  We’re doing today’s workout circuit style, meaning you perform one exercise after another, with no rest, until you’ve completed them all.  At that point, you’ll rest, grab a sip of water, and get ready to run through them again.  Seven rounds total and pay special attention to your form on each exercise.

6-8 reps of each. 7 rounds. 75 second rest after each round.

  • Romanian Deadlift (Bent knees, keep a flat back.  If you have back issues, I’d recommend replacing with another exercise.  Leave a comment below for ideas)
  • Bent Over Barbell Row
  • Barbell Squats (Put bar behind your neck and squat. remember to keep a straight back and angle toes slightly outward.  Bad back? See above.)
  • Clean and Press
  • 30 seconds Barbell Hops (Lateral hops over barbell.  Max reps in 30 seconds)
  • Upright Row
  • Good Mornings

Day 2

Day two is a variation of one of our most notorious workouts of all time – the dreaded Treadmill Interval Workout.  We’re taking a lot of what made this workout so effective and altering it a bit for the Winter Warrior workout program.  Simply hop on a treadmill, follow the indications, and let ‘er rip.  Pretty simple…except it’s not.  A few quick notes; use whatever speed is right for you.  These speeds listed below are simply guidelines and what our test subjects used.  If you’re not comfortable, back off a bit.  We don’t want you to fall off the treadmill, because then everyone in the gym will laugh at you, and you’ll feel embarrassed and probably not return until the cuts and bruises heal, which would defeat the point of this workout program.  Also, you’ll notice a 10 second lag between each interval…this is an estimate and gives you time to adjust the speed on your treadmill.

  • Minutes 0-2:00 – Warm up jog
  • 2:10-4:00 – 7 mph
  • 4:10-5:00 – 8 mph
  • 5:10-6:00 – 9 mph
  • 6:10-7:00 – 10 mph
  • 7:10-9:00 – 5 mph
  • 9:10-11:00 – Increase incline to 10% run at 4 mph
  • 11:10-13:00 – Increase incline to 15% run at 3.5 mph
  • 13:10-15:00 – Decrease incline to 10% run at 4 mph
  • 15:10-17:00 – Decrease incline to 5% run at 6 mph
  • 17:10-20:00 – Run backwards at 3 mph
  • 20:10-40:00 – Shift between 5 mph and 8 mph every .2 miles.  For instance, 0-.2 miles run at 5 mph.  .2-.4 miles run at 8 mph, etc.

That’s it for today.  Drink plenty of water, stretch those legs out, and REST.  Congrats on getting through this killer workout today.

Day 3

Similar to day 1, we’re going to use a circuit style lifting format to help spike your metabolism, increase your caloric burn, and torch your muscles.  The goal of this isn’t to lift as much weight as you possibly can.  It’s about engaging as many muscle groups as possible, while maintaining good speed and form, and bumping your heart rate.  Remember, traditional cardio isn’t the only way to turn your body into a fat blasting machine.  Using a well-designed complex circuit can be just as, if not more effective in helping you strip away body fat if you’re doing it correctly.

Today we’re only using a plate.  For this, most of us used 35lb plates, but some went up to 45, while others used 25’s.  You decide what’s best for you.  The reps listed are again guidelines that most of our participants followed.  Shoot to hit them, and consider going lighter if necessary.

  • 12 Plate swings (Hold plate at 9 and 3, and perform a swing as if you were using a kettlebell)
  • 10 Hands above head squat (hold plate straight above your head while performing a squat)
  • 10 Bent Over Plate Rows
  • 16 Close Grip Plate Press (Lay on floor, hold plate at 9 and 3 again, and perform chest presses
  • 10 Reverse Grip Plate Curls
  • 16 Woodchoppers (8 per side)

Rest 75 seconds.  Repeat for 7 rounds total

Day 4

Today’s workout is all about bumping that heart rate, increasing agility, speed, and athletic ability.  You may be wondering why the hell you need to worry about athletic ability if your days are spent manning the customer call center, but there is a method to this madness.  By working on athletic ability, you’re training your body to work and behave more like an athlete’s body.  In other words, you’re going to increase your metabolism, lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, and develop a stronger cardiovascular system.  All you need today is a jump rope.  Seriously, they’re literally a few dollars at a Play-it-Again Sports or Wal-Mart.  Just go get one, it’ll be one of the best (and cheapest) things you invest in for your health.

Quick tip; if you can’t go the full round times, just reduce it to what you can handle, but always try to extend your times as you progress with this workout plan.

  • Rounds 1-10 – Jump 30 seconds/rest 30 seconds
  • Rounds 11-20 – Jump 45 seconds/rest 30 seconds
  • Rounds 21-30 – Jump 30 seconds/rest 15 seconds

How to Work Out with this Workout Plan

This workout plan is intense, no doubt about it.  With that in mind, you may have to take a little more rest than usual when on part two of the Winter Warrior workout plan.  A good schedule might look something like this:

Monday: Day 1

Tuesday: Day 2

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Day 3

Friday: Day 4

Of course, you’ll need to do what works best for you.  If your legs feel like lead, it may be a good idea to give them a little extra rest before you go buck wild on that treadmill workout.  Just a thought.

If you’re on another one of our plans or doing something else on your own, feel free to supplement the Winter Warrior workout plan with additional workouts.  Again, just be sure you’re giving yourself proper rest and allowing that fabulous body time to re-coop and come back stronger than ever.

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6 thoughts on “The Winter Warrior Workout Plan Part 2 of 3”

  1. I love these Winter Warrior Workouts, but I have one question. I’m training for a half-marathon right now, and Share It Fitness constantly talks about how ineffective steady-state cardio is. Yet, most (if not all) half-marathon training plans call for 3-4 days/week of just that. I want to be ready for the marathon, but I also want to plan for HIIT and weight lifting days as well. What do you consider the right mix of steady-state cardio for endurance vs HIIT when one’s working toward a half?

    1. That’s actually a great question. I guess I should preface my answer quickly..

      Steady-state cardio is ineffective for the goals of the majority of our blog readers. Most of our readers want to burn fat, build lean muscle, and get into great shape, inside and out. For these purposes, steady-state cardio is far from the most effective option.

      Now, if your goal is train for a marathon (or half) steady-state cardio IS effective. If your goal is to simply run long distances, well….running long distances will help you reach that goall. That said, have you ever seen the bodies of serious marathon runners? They lack muscle tone, definition, curves, etc. While they have low body fat, they have no real physique to speak of, which is what most of our readers want.

      Now from a personal standpoint, I loathe steady state cardio but had a goal last summer of completing an Olympic triathlon (1 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run). I simply used HIIT, fast-paced complex circuits, and regular weight training. I was able to effectively bump my endurance to a point that I completed the race in a hair under 2:45.

      I truly believe you could increase your endurance enough with HIIT training to complete a half. Now for a full, that might be a bit of a different story.

      If you are dead set on including long distance runs, that’s fine, I would just keep a 2:1 ratio in terms of HIIT to steady state. In addition, I’d pay very close attention to my diet so I minimized as much muscle loss as possible. After all, there are few things worse than killing yourself for mass gains in the gym for months, only to lose it in the matter of weeks.

      Lift heavy, vary your lifting workouts, use metabolic conditioning and complex workouts (both increase endurance), and you should be ready to go for your race! Any other questions, please feel free to ask, I’m very happy to help.


    1. Hey Mel – I just realized we never actually finished this plan! I’ll be sure to take care of that this winter…In the meantime, we’ve got hundreds of plans to pick from. Why don’t you tell me your exact goals and I’ll get you set up with something perfect for your preferences!


      1. Thanks for the response Matt.

        I started The MetCon Workout Challenge on Monday, I am doing it 4 times a week and mixing up my workouts on the other 2-3 days, sometimes adding a core workout on the same days as the Metcon Challenge and I do a walk/jog with my dogs every day.

        My goals are reducing body fat (aiming to lose 5-7kg by December),as well as building muscle and increased stamina (I have participated in smaller running events up to 5k and I would like to participate in some longer running events and harder obstacle course races.)

        If you have any advice on what types of exercises to add to my week or what plans to include that would be really helpful, and If you feel the MetCon challenge is not ideal for my goals again just let me know what is more suited. Thanks Again.

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