Preventing Holiday Weight Gain: P.K.’s Top Ten Tips

It was about this time last year that I reluctantly jumped on the “how to prevent holiday weight gain” bandwagon with a few of my science-based strategies.

Speaking of trying to keep our energy scale in balance, the cookie swaps I’ve been attending this season are really putting my own will power to the test. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity yesterday to bake cookies for a cause to help raise money for pediatric cancer research; each cookie baked was worth $1. The things I do for science! Fortunately, I upped my game in anticipation of the extra calories consumed—one of my tips—and had a great long run that morning as part of my marathon training. That being said, as much as I love Christmas cookies, exercising is definitively the healthier way to go to help fight cancer…

Click here for my top ten tips, which include behavioral strategies as well as thoughts on what to eat and drink. I hope that, together with your own successful methods, you will enjoy festive fare and holiday fun without compromising your waistline.

Here’s to that!

Dr. P. K. Newby is a scientist, educator, food writer, and serious cook at The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen, Become a fan on Facebook, follow her  on Twitter, or check out her boards on Pinterest for more fabulous food and recipes. Thanks for reading!


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