Preventing Holiday Weight Gain: Get Your Head in the Game

Christmas cookies are everywhere! At least my recipe for dark chocolate biscotti is a bit better for you. (Click on photo for recipe.)

It’s mid-December, and I’m in the throes of holiday madness. Personal and professional deadlines loom ever nearer, making for long days in the office and working weekends. Then there’s the balancing act of managing the pressure of year-end tasks with parties and other social events. It’s the perfect storm of decreased opportunity for working out and increased opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry that often means only one thing: gaining weight. Or trying desperately not to while still enjoying yourself.

No doubt many of you readers here on Share it Fitness are in great shape, or working on it. Congratulations! But even if you aren’t overweight, it’s a struggle to stay in shape around the holidays, isn’t it? Last week alone I had three different holiday gatherings, all of which involved massive platters of homemade Christmas cookies, mulled cider, and festive cocktails. Ugh!

The simple fact is that it’s not easy for anyone to stay fit this time of year. To help you in this quest, I’ll post my personal top ten tips for combating holiday weight gain next Monday. But I wanted to begin with today’s piece, which takes a step back to think about energy balance, that precarious concept that keeps us at a healthy weight. My point? To provide perspective and inspiration for enjoying the holidays while at the same time remaining vigilant so that we don’t undo all the great work we’ve been doing all year long.

For the full article, click here. And let’s all get our head in the game for a healthy, happy holiday season.

Dr. P.K. Newby is a scientist, educator, and food writer at The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen. Become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or check out her boards on Pinterest for healthy recipes to bring spectacular food to your plates in delectable ways. Thanks for reading!


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