The Body + Weight Workout Plan

Before we even begin to look at today’s workout plan, let’s first take a look at some of the most common problems people are facing.  Take a good look below and see which most closely resembles you.

“I’m fat, I need to lose weight!”

Okay so you’ve got an easy 30+ pounds to lose.  Maybe you don’t have much fitness experience, or maybe you do (in a distant past), that’s irrelevant.  You need to increase your caloric burning potential, give your metabolism a jump start, and focus on improving your diet.

“I’ve got muscle, but I can’t get RIPPED!”

So like it or not, you can’t get ripped because you’ve got too much fat.  When you burn away that layer of fat covering your muscles, you’ll become ripped, toned, cut….whatever you want to call it.  You need to increase your cardiovascular work to burn away that fat, while continuing to focus on strength training so you don’t lose your hard fought muscle in the process.  Following a diet that suits your training is essential.

“I’m a lean, mean, BEAST….but I’m stuck on this damn plateau!”

You’re fit, everyone in the gym knows your fit, but being an A personality, you can’t help but want to push yourself to new heights.  You still enviously look at the “more fit” people in the gym and wonder how you get to that level.  You’ve been mixing your workouts for a while now, but you still can’t get over that plateau you’re stuck on.  A plan that uses advanced training concepts and a variety of fitness disciplines is in order.

“I’m not fat, I’m not skinny…I’m just average…and I’m sick of it!”

You aren’t overweight, but you certainly aren’t getting compliments on your physique either.  You likely have soft, weak muscles and an average build.  Your endurance isn’t great; you get winded walking a flight of stairs for God’s sake.  You’re looking for a total fitness overhaul; you want the skinny waist, you want the muscular definition, and you want that healthy glow.  A balanced cross-training plan utilizing a variety of fitness methods will help you break out of that old “average” body and into something you can be proud of.

“I’m a dude but I fit into my girlfriends jeans…and no, I’m not emo”

So you’re a guy and you’re looking to add some muscle to that frail frame?  Would your physique make a high-fashion model jelaous?  You’ve likely tried working out in spurts, here and there over the years, but never realized much success.  It seems no matter what you do, you can’t develop any musculature.  You going to require a plan that focuses on utilizing advanced resistance methods, combined with explosive plyometrics for muscle growth and heart health.  A “growth” diet is essential if the above quote describes you.

The answer (the oh so awesome and amazing answer) to all of the above is a body + weight workout plan.  No, not a bodyweight workout plan, but a body + weight workout plan.  We’re not talking about giving you a series of bodyweight exercises (think: push ups, mountain climbers, crunches) and calling it a day.  We’re talking about pairing compound bodyweight exercises with challenging weighted exercises in a circuit style format to deliver maximum results in a hurry.

First, The Body….

The “body” component here, is derived from plyometric, body weight exercises that are designed to build lean, explosive muscle, while jacking your heart rate to maximize your caloric burn.  Think about that…two birds one stone.  Not only are you going to improve your muscular endurance and physique, you’re going to shed calories and fat in the process.  As an added, and awesome bonus, this high-intensity manner of training will do wonders for your metabolism, thereby helping you torch calories at an increased rate all day long.  You’re 60 minute jog on the treadmill could never do that.

You burn calories by increasing heart rate.  You could do that by jogging, swimming, biking, etc.  But as I always stress, long bouts of steady state cardio are simply inefficient for the overwhelming majority of exercisers.  First, it’s going to eat up your muscle mass, leaving you with a soft, frail, and weak body.  Second, because your muscle mass is being used for energy, the layer of fat covering your body is going to be reduced at a snail’s pace.  You want an “average” body like we mentioned above?  Well, then long bouts of steady-state cardio is the choice for you.  Assuming you don’t…keep reading.

Next, the Weight…

The next component of this workout plan is the weighted resistance training.  We’re jumping back and forth between high-intensity body weight training, and big, powerful, explosive lifts.  We’re not going for dinky dumbbell curls….or tricep kickbacks.  We’re looking for a total body overhaul here and little isolation exercises aren’t going to get it done.  As we quickly shift from an explosive body weight exercise to pumping iron, we’re going to exponentially build upon the caloric burn rate set in motion by the high-intensity body weight stu8ff.  The result is a deadly combination of fat burning and muscle building glory.

By utilizing heavy weights and lower rep cycles, we’re going to force our body to go into overdrive.  This overdrive is going to spike our EPOC and resulting metabolism.  This double-shot action will do wonders for our overall caloric burn well after the workout has ended.  Now, for all of you out there who are worried this increased caloric burn will make building muscle a bit too difficult…don’t worry.  We’re also using a variety of lift/rest sequences to keep your body guessing.  There is no standard 30/60/etc second rest during this workout.  Depending on the exercise that precedes it, the rest time is going to vary.  You’ll have just enough rest to recuperate, but not enough to feel as though you’re 100% fresh.  This balanced attack is the key to making success with this workout plan.

The Body + Weight Workout Plan

When broken down into simplest form, this body + weight workout plan is actually a psuedo complex circuit with metabolic conditioning and HIIT elements.  This Frankenstein of workout plan delivers awesomely quick results, and most importantly, is easily tweaked for nearly any body type.  It doesn’t matter where you fall; whether you’re 30 pounds overweight or rail thin and wanting to bulk up.  When paired with an appropriate diet, this type of training will blow everything else out of the water.

To make things easy, as you’ll notice, each sequence groups exercises with other similar exercises.  What this means is, you won’t be running from the bench press, to the cable machine, to the free weight section to complete a full sequence.  All exercises in a sequence can be performed and completed in one little area.  Some sequences require a barbell, some a dumbbell, others use cables, etc. Just get everything you need from the start and you won’t waste any time switching between exercises.

As I mentioned above, we’re going for big, heavy, compound lifts here.  I’m suggesting 6-8 reps per exercise.  To make the most of these 6-8 repetitions, you’ll want a weight that makes completing the 7th rep difficult, and then 8th nearly impossible (without losing form of course).  If you’re breezing through these 6-8 reps, you’ve GOT to bump the weight.  The secret to this workout plan lies in its ability to shock your system by switching between fast-paced cardio and heavy lifts.  This combo is essential if you want to make gains using this system.

For each complete workout, choose FOUR of the seven sequences listed below.  Since we’re repeating each sequence three times, each workout will feature 12 mini-circuits.  Depending on sequences chosen, you should be looking at total workouts that take NO MORE than 35-45 minutes.  This workout plan will get you in and out of the gym in a hurry, and leave you feeling (and looking) fitter and healthier than you have in years.

Vary the sequences you choose each workout, along with their order.  Aim to complete the Body + Weight workout plan 4-5 days a week.  Be sure to hit each sequence at least once a week.

Repeat each sequence three times.  Rest when indicated.

Sequence #1

  • 30 seconds Twist Jumps
  • 6-8 reps Bent Over Barbell Rows
  • 30 seconds Crab Kicks/rest 15 seconds
  • 6-8 reps Clean and Press
  • Rest 15 seconds

Sequence #2

  • 30 seconds Mule Kicks
  • 6-8 reps Dumbbell Bench Press/rest 10 seconds/3-6 reps Dumbbell Bench Press/rest 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds Triple Plank Hop
  • 6-8 Reps Reverse Dumbbell Lunge and Curl/3-6 Reverse Dumbbell Lunge and Curl/rest 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds Mule Kicks
  • Rest 30 seconds

Sequence #3

  • 30 seconds High Knees/10 second rest/30 seconds High Knees
  • 6-8 Wide Grip Seated Rows
  • 30 seconds Bench (or box) Jumps/10 second rest/30 seconds Bench (or box) Jumps
  • 6-8 Face Pulls
  • Rest 30 seconds

Sequence #4

Sequence #5

  • 60 seconds Weighted Burpees
  • 6-8 Cable Ab Crunches/10 seconds rest/4-8 Cable Ab Crunches/10 seconds rest
  • 60 seconds Up/Down Planks
  • 6-8 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises/10 seconds rest 4-6 Hanging Knee Raises (grip a dumbbell between your feet)
  • 60 seconds Weighted Burpees
  • Rest 60 seconds

Sequence #6

  • 30 seconds Mountain Climbers
  • 6-8 Close Grip Bench Press
  • 30 seconds Squat Jumps
  • 6-8 Dumbbell Flys
  • Rest 15 seconds

Sequence #7

  • 30 seconds 180 Planks/rest 15 seconds/30 seconds 180 Planks
  • 10-12 Elevated Feet Push Ups/rest 10 seconds/6-8 Elevated Feet Push Ups/rest 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds Lateral Bench Hops/rest 15 seconds/30 seconds Lateral Bench Hops
  • 10-12 Bench Dips/rest 10 seconds/6-8 Bench Dips/rest 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds 180 Planks/rest 15 seconds/30 seconds 180 Planks
  • Rest 30 seconds

As your training abilities and fitness level increases, you’ll want to find ways to continually push yourself.  As you progress with this plan, aim to include an extra round per sequence, increase weights used, and complete more total reps during timed body weight exercises.  A lot of making progress in the gym has to do a lot with what’s going on between your ears.  If you can find a way to push harder, faster, and stronger, you’ll be rewarded with gains that last a lifetime.

If you’ve got any questions about this workout plan, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you.  Also, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you’ll be notified when additional sequences are added to increase the variety of this plan.  Until then, get your mind and body right, and train like your life depends on it.


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