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BIG BIG news here at Share It Fitness! The complete revamp of our website and concept is almost complete! We’ve gained lots of amazing comments, suggestions and ideas during our 4 month Beta period and all that has paid huge dividends. We have a few very exciting programs upcoming, but one of the big ones for trainers that we are announcing today is our FitAnywhere platform.

FitAnywhere Concept

If you are familiar with Share It Fitness and have been following our blog and website for the last 18 months, you know we really do believe being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is not a complicated concept! It merely takes some dedication, moderation, and access to top-quality fitness instruction and information! Unfortunately, it’s no secret that there is an obesity epidemic in America, which is largely the result of lack of that top-quality fitness instruction and information that we mentioned above.

People inherently want to be healthy, look great and FEEL amazing! Without a basic understanding of how to achieve these, though, the curve of obesity and a sedentary/unhealthy lifestyle rises sharply. At Share It Fitness, we have been creating engaging workout plans, killer exercise videos, healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle guidance for almost three years now. We don’t believe in miracle diets, fad workouts or repetitive DVDs that have you performing the same group of workouts endlessly. Giving people another alternative is where the concept of our website took shape. We wanted to make top-quality fitness instruction ACCESSIBLE, DIVERSE and AFFORDABLE to ANYONE! Utilizing OnDemand video classes that end users can view from the privacy of their living room at a rate under 10 dollars a month allows even the most intrepid beginner access to TRY fitness and see that it’s not as intimidating as they may think! There are several sites out there that offer OnDemand video workouts, but unfortunately the extent of their workouts come from just a few internal trainers. A quick search of YouTube shows the multitudes of trainer styles, methods and mantras out there, and we want to not only make those accessible in an easily navigable index for end users, but also provide trainers a way to monetize their methods, doing exactly what they already do. All you need is a video camera!

How Does FitAnywhere Work?

Fit Anywhere is simple. From your personal administration page you can add a picture, bio information, upload video workouts you’ve created and start promoting your channel to your current clients, facebook friends, twitter followers, blog subscribers and beyond! Your channel costs each subscriber only $8/month or $80/year (you keep $5 or $50 respectively for each subscriber!) and gives them full access to your premium videos. We require every channel provider to offer at least 2 free classes of at least 25 minutes in order to not only advertise and promote themselves (these free videos can be shared via social media), but also grows our free library of videos that makes video instruction absolutely free to those without the means to subscribe! The number of subscribe-only videos you add on a regular basis is up to you, but obviously new videos equal incentive for subscriber loyalty!

What’s In It For Me?

Added income – At $5/subscriber, there is huge income potential. Many trainers that run blogs have thousands of subscribers…imagine being able to recruit those loyal subscribers for a low monthly fee to access classes that you probably already offer for free!

Value add for current clients – With the ability to offer coupon codes to your current clients, you can offer subscription to your channel for free or at a discounted price! Offer classes to your on-the-go clients while traveling, or assign homework for days that you aren’t meeting with them in person!

Potential to recruit new local clients – With a full details page on your channel, you can publish your location, hours, and provide visitors to your channel with your contact information. If a potential client lives in your local area, what better marketing than trying your “product”? We allow all of our providers to post guest content on our blog (with a link to their channel page) which receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month.

Okay I’m Sold!! What Do I Do Next?

You, as a potential Share It Fitness ambassador and content provider contact us using the contact form below.  A representative from our team will reach out to you and have you send your fitness resume to us.  While that is being reviewed, record a sample workout and post on Youtube (no more than 10 minutes please!). If we feel you have the camera presence and background to be successful on our site, you will be provided a channel administration platform on our site. A few requirements:

  • You must have a camera that can record in HD. If you live in or can travel to the San Diego, CA area, arrangements CAN be made to film you by the Share It Fitness production crew. If you need recommendations on great cameras, we can make recommendations for ones around $300.
  • Record a sample workout class no more than ten minutes, post to Youtube, and send us the link

There are several great free video editing programs out there, and learning them takes a few hours, but it’s time very well spent as this is a great skill for any fitness professional to have in today’s evolving fitness industry! There are of course much more advanced video editing programs, and as your subscription base grows, you’ll want to up the quality of your videos! We’re here to support you, and as your user base grows, we’ll help you grow with them! We have a video production team on call to support all providers! Two recommendations for starters:

  1. Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows users
  2. Apple iMovie for Mac users

Once you are accepted as a provider, we will send you some links for free online classes that will give you the basics for video editing so you can constantly improve your offerings! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…send us your resume and post your video as soon as possible! We can’t wait to work with you, and make Share It Fitness the epicenter of accessible, diverse fitness instruction!

Secure Your Place Today!!  Only the first 100 trainers selected will get lifetime hosting for free!

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