Amazing Total Body Tone and Tighten Workout: The BOSU Core Challenge


Isn’t it always a little annoying when you’re given a workout plan that requires you to utilize pretty much every piece of equipment in the gym?  Bouncing from the Smith machine to the bench press, to the cables, to the spare group fitness room so you can do some weird exercise that just makes you feel totally uncomfortable….not always the most efficient way of working out is it? 

One of the things I’ve begun to place a greater emphasis on is single equipment, total body workouts, geared towards reducing body fat faster than a standard workout, while helping to build lean muscle through explosive complex resistance movements, all done in an area no larger than a living room.  Creating a great workout while satisfying all of the requirements above took a lot of trial and error.  Being able to deliver something that worked and stayed within those confines was a bit more challenging than originally thought.

Low and behold, after playing around with a BOSU and a variety of different exercises, I stumbled upon something that has been delivering serious results and a heart-pounding great time for all those who have been giving a go.  This BOSU-focused class is spot on for helping you rip up your core muscles, slash calories, and deliver a total body tone.  By incorporating the BOSU into a lot of the movements, you’ll stress muscles in your body in a way they’ve probably never been stressed before, making this workout all the more effective. 

You’ll notice that our trainer Gabe uses some dumbbells during a few of these movements.  This was simply to bump the challenge for those that need it; for those who are committed to sticking to one piece of equipment, feel free to leave the dumbbells out. 

The BOSU Core Challenge

The BOSU Core Challenge utilizes a lot of compound core movements and static holds to carve up your midsection and build a strong lower back.  The prime benefits of this workout include:

  • Strong and well-built abdominal muscles
  • Increase strength and support in the lower back muscles to improve posture and provide injury protection
  • Increase strength and definition in the lower body through the use of plyometric movements
  • Metabolic boost resulting in greater caloric burn as a result of fast-paced resistance/cardio movement combos

So if you’re looking for something that you can tackle at home, or in one little spot of your gym, grab a BOSU (and possibly a set of dumbbells) and your smart phone or iPad and you’re good to go.  Follow along with our trainer Gabe as he leads you through our BOSU Core Challenge. 

Why Share It Fitness Workouts Work

Remember, when you work out with Share It Fitness, you’re not working out with a laundry list of exercises.  You’re working out with a real-life person who is setting the pace and intensity of your session.  You’re not simply going to get a demo of the exercises…you’re getting the full, 31 minute session, lead by a top-notch certified fitness professional. This is what separates us from other fitness sites out there.  Our concept of Pacer Training suggests that you follow along with the personal trainer on your screen as you complete these movements.  There’s no BS here…simply follow along, keep pace, and mirror the movements you’re seeing on your screen.  No more guess work and most importantly, no more slacking off or not going hard enough..we make sure of that!

To get started with this workout, click on the link below.  Any questions about this workout or how to modify it, please leave a comment below.

The BOSU Core Challenge


Want More??

Looking for additional OnDemand workouts that utilize our highly effective and much talked about Pacer Training concepts?  Head on over to and register for your free three-month trial membership.  You’ll get instant access to hundreds of full-length group fitness classes and DVD-style workouts, available to stream on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or television.

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