The MetCon Challenge: High-Performance Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Metabolic conditioning is perhaps the BEST way to develop that lean, mean, athletic physique...

Alright, so we’re piggybacking on last week’s metabolic conditioning post and giving you something you can actually work on.  If you didn’t happen to check out the write-up on the many benefits of metabolic conditioning, I suggest you jump over there and check it out before moving on to this work out.  It’s always good to know the WHAT and WHY of what you’re doing, wouldn’t you say? 

Creating an effective metabolic conditioning workout is about a lot more than just stringing together any sort of strength and cardio exercises without giving it much thought.  Part of the problem with exercise routines you’ll find on the internet or have been handed down by so-called experts, is the fact they have never actually been tested.  It’s amazing how many people don’t realize just throwing a variety of exercises together isn’t enough.  The only way to create an effective and safe workout, in my humble opinion, is by testing it out, in real-life, through trial and error. 

So since I heard a lot of you guys ask for an actual metabolic conditioning workout to accompany last week’s article, that’s exactly what I did this weekend.  Myself and my mostly willing guinea pigs tried out a variety of routines to get something that pushed the limits and satisfied the protocols of metabolic conditioning.  The workout you’re about to check out is a great way to achieve all of the awesome benefits of this type of training….

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Increased calorie burn
  • Heightened fat loss
  • Muscle fatigue leading to lean mass gains

I want you to think about things for a second.  We all know professional athletes are in excellent shape, and have the bodies to prove it.  When these guys are girls are training, do you think they’re training to look awesome, or perform awesome?  Obviously, they’re going for performance.  Their physique is simply the byproduct of their performance training.  This is why I constantly harp, train like an athlete.  Even if you aren’t competing in an event at a very high level, training as if you are will get you the results you want.   This is why metabolic conditioning is so amazing; it mimics the type of activity performed by many high-caliber athletes.

Think about it…most sport requires short, sudden bursts of all out effort followed by a more extended baseline level of exertion.  Tennis, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball….they all follow a similar up/down exertion level.  Metabolic training recreates this so you are better able to train like an athlete and develop the body you want. 

I’m willing to bet most of you aren’t already training like this.  You may be using HIIT or complex workouts, but those are different.  By introducing this new stimulus to your training, your body isn’t going to know how to react.  When your body doesn’t know how to react, it has to work harder, thereby giving you better progress.  Keep things diverse, keep yourself guessing.  This is the ultimate key to making real, measurable progress.  Take the workout I’m about to give you and work it in to everything else you’re doing.  If you’re already on one of our plans, don’t worry – simply insert this in to one of your scheduled days.  So many people fret about sticking to a workout plan and never deviating from the prescribed workouts.  As I always say, fitness isn’t an exact science.  Keeping things diverse and always pushing yourself is far more important than sticking to any one plan 100%. 

So, all that being said, let’s move on to the workout. 

Give yourself 20-30 seconds rest after each circuit.  Perform cardio movements as hard and as fast as possible to get the maximum benefits from metabolic conditioning.

Repeat 4 times.

Repeat 4 times.

Repeat 4 times.

This entire routine should take you no more than 30 minutes if you’re doing it correctly.  When you’re doing this, remember what I mentioned above; think like an athlete.  Short bursts of all out energy expenditure, followed by sustained periods of strength conditioning.  Keep a solid pace during your strength exercises and give it your all during the cardio portions.  Keep rest times strict and you’ll no doubt start realizing the benefits of this explosive way of training. 




16 thoughts on “The MetCon Challenge: High-Performance Metabolic Conditioning Workout”

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  2. Great perspective on training like an athlete for those of us who don’t see ourselves as one. I’ve been a proponent for years of “lift how you want to look,” to discourage bad posture and encourage quality reps. Train like an athlete if you want to look like an athlete. If you want to look like every other casual weekend warrior, then train like one.

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