Don’t Forget Your Veggies Just Because It’s Fall: The Perfect Autumn Salad (Cooking Videos)

Butternut squash salad with roasted rosemary onions, dried cranberries, and maple dijon vinaigrette. Check out the cooking videos for the how-to!

Here in New England the leaves are reaching their peak of glorious colors and I’ve got the perfectly hued salad to match the mood. If you’ve been reading my posts here at Share it Fitness or on my blog, The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen, you’re well aware that I eat a lot of salad. And soup. Also, the occasional martini. Or pumpkin whoopie pie with maple buttercream. Where was I? Guess you can tell I’m a moderate and foodie when it comes to nutrition and cooking, eh? It’s never good policy to constantly deprive yourself when it comes to food. It backfires, often leading to overeating. There’s a place for everything in a diet based on variety, moderation and balance.

All that said, the best diet for you—and the planet—is one that is plant-based, filled with colorful fruits and vegetables. (More on general nutrition guidelines here.) In order to keep things super tasty and interesting, however, you need fabulous recipes to tickle your palate. Butternut squash is a fall favorite that can be used in all kinds of wonderful soups and salads. (Lots more recipe ideas here, by the way, including those for said luscious cocktails and buttercream [she says, longingly].) And, yes, add the dressing! It’s so easy to make and heart-healthy, too.

For cooking videos, pictures, and nutrition notes on today’s salad featuring butternut squash, roasted rosemary onions, and dried cranberrries with a maple dijon vinaigrette that I show you how to make yourself, click here.

And keep eating those veggies!

Dr. P. K. Newby is a scientist, educator, and foodie who brings together principles of sound science, nutrition, and sustainability to your plate in delectable ways. Visit her blogbecome a fan on Facebookfollow her on Twitter, or check out her food porn on Pinterest for many more recipes and tips to keep you healthy, living longer, and feeling your best. 



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