The 10/1 Workout: OnDemand Video Workout For Serious Fat Loss

In the fitness world, us bloggers, trainers, and content providers are always looking for new and interesting ways to help you get your fitness fix.  Unfortunately, there is often little deviation from the standard routine.  HIIT, heavy weights, squats….these words are probably losing their effectiveness on you by now.  In the quest to find and create you workouts that are not only effective, but keep you engaged and help avoid burnout, we stumbled upon something pretty awesome.

After playing around with different exercise formats and movements, we settled upon a workout that has come to be known as The 10/1 Workout.  We wanted to create something different and interesting, but not try to get all trendy and throw in a bunch of stuff just for show.  With The 10/1 Workout we’ve successfully paired complementary exercises in a pyramid/reverse pyramid format.

The two exercise combos quickly shift between cardiovascular movements, like burpees, and muscle-builders, like spider curls.  This back-and-forth combination uses active rest principles, which means you can work out almost non-stop for 30 minutes straight.  This ultra-high intensity format is great for boosting your EPOC and metabolism, as well as helping you torch hundreds of calories during the workout itself.

The format may be a bit unfamiliar, but is easy to get a hang of.  It looks something like this.

  • Exercise A 10 reps/Exercise B 1 rep
  • Exercise A 9 reps/Exercise B 2 reps
  • Exercise A 8 reps/Exercise B 3 reps
  • And so on……

While one exercise is getting easier, the other is getting harder due to the pyramid style repetition sets.  Having trouble adding muscle or burning fat, or simply making it through a plateau?  This workout is going to tax your body in a way it probably hasn’t seen in a very long time..if ever!  Make this a weekly staple and you should start to notice progress going into overdrive.

Since the rep sets in this workout have been so precisely designed, it’s important that you follow along with your trainer on the screen.  This way you don’t have to worry too much about counting; just follow along and mimic their movements.

 To get started with The 10/1 Workout, click HERE.


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