How Do You Eat Healthy When There Is No Food To Eat?

Today’s post takes on somewhat of a serious tone.  Typically, our discussions around here revolve around why you can’t spot tone your stomach no matter how hard you try, making fun of the US Weekly readers on the ellipticals, and discussing what it actually means to be toned.  But today is a bit different.

It’s not often that I’m the one asking you guys for things, I think we’ve all gotten to know each other long enough that this request is at least somewhat appropriate.  A couple of years ago, Neil, a good friend of mine here in San Diego left the corporate world to start a non-profit down in Panama.  His foundation is called Give and Surf and it’s all about community empowerment and improvement through a variety of  development programs.  Each year, dozens of US college students come down for a week or more of surfing and giving back to Bahia Honda, the Panamanian community which Give and Surf benefits.  By combining two of his loves, surfing and humanity work, Neil was able to create an organization that is making a real difference in the lives of people seriously in need.

Founder of Give and Surf, Neil Christiansen with some children of Bahia Honda
Founder of Give and Surf, Neil Christiansen with some children of Bahia Honda

Just the other day, Neil brought to my attention something of utmost concern.  The government supplied food which sustains the children at Bahia Honda Elementary School has been completely depleted.  Most of these children were lucky to get one meal a day, but without the government assistance, many of these children are now at risk for malnutrition.  In an effort to help the school children of Bahia Honda, Neil sent out a request to several of his friends with strong contacts in the social media world.  This is why I am sending out this message today. 

We’re asking for simple donations to help feed these malnourished children and get them through this difficult time that they’re facing.  If you’re interested in contributing, please follow THIS LINK and know that your donation will be directly responsible for feeding hungry children stuck in an unfortuante situation they have no control over. 

A word from Give and Surf:

As of this week the government provided food supplies for Bahia Honda’s Elementary School has been depleted. We are asking for your help. Please contribute to providing our students with food so they can learn and enjoy school and their lives with full bellies. We need to pool together our resources and purchase food that will provide thirty students food. We have the cooks, equipment, and a brand new cafeteria, but not the food.

The children of Bahia Honda have very poor diets so we will be using this fundraiser to purchase and cook healthy food. With a successful fundraiser this misfortune will be a blessing.

Take a second to help us and support our community by sharing this message with your friends and family.

We are partnering our fundraising efforts with good friends from La Loma Jungle Lodge, Education is Power, Croft Global Travel, Share-it-Fitness, and The High Definite.

Huge thanks to our family of supporters!



Information on Give and Surf Inc.

  • Summary: Give and Surf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to empower Bahia Honda through community and educational development.

  • Reports: Guidestar


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