Love Pizza? Here’s How to Make it Healthier

Who doesn’t love pizza? I’m pretty sure eating pizza at least once in awhile is required if you’re a New Yorker, which I am. I’m also a serious foodie and moderate when it comes to eating. Denial is not a healthy way to live, and most foods can be part of a diet focused on the basic tenets of variety, moderation, and balance. Including pizza. You might have already heard that lycopene, that powerful antioxidant important in heart and prostate health, for example, is more bioavailable (able to be used by the body) when consumed in cooked tomatoes when compared to raw.

As well, tomatoes and basil are still in season here in New England, which further inspired today’s recipe. My version takes a traditional pizza margherita—tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil—and gives it a healthy makeover and flavor boost by featuring local heirloom tomatoes and a whole wheat crust. A relatively quick dinner with options for cutting corners to suit your schedule and skills, it’s time to think beyond the meat for your pizza toppings. A perfect sentiment for Meatless Monday, or any day.

For the recipe and some enticing pizza photos, click here.

Dr. P.K. Newby is a guest blogger who writes about food, nutrition, science, and sustainability on The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen. To learn more about her mission to bring sound science to your plate in delectable ways, become a fan on Facebookfollow her on Twitter, or check out her (mostly healthy) food porn on Pinterest


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