The Med Ball Cardio Video Challenge: 30 Minutes of Simple, Yet Effective Fat Burning Goodness

A medicine ball and YOU is all you need for this intense workout.

These are the reasons I love exercise.  Unlike so many other things in our lives, it doesn’t need to be complicated.  Sure, there are people and programs who make it seem overly complicated, but it’s not really.  I often liken a great trainer to a great artist; being able to come up with routine after routine, each different, yet as effective as the next, while using a wide variety of mediums requires true skill.  It requires a certain instinct; something that can’t necessarily be learned.  Finding a program and/or trainer who doesn’t just help you exercise, but helps you exercise WELL is paramount to your success.

Exercising vs. Exercising Well

As expected there are differences between exercising and exercising well.  Exercise is simply done for the sake of exercise.  You do it because you feel like you need to.  Little time or care has gone into your routines.  They grow stale and they don’t recognize who YOU are and what YOU are looking for in a workout.  Exercising well is the smart way of going about things.  It utilizes the less is more approach.  It’s aware of what you’re looking for in a workout.  It delivers big results as efficiently as possible.

A big part of what we try to do at Share It Fitness is make top-quality fitness instruction more accessible and effective than the current state of affairs allow.  DVD programs are awesome, but they’re hundreds of dollars.  Group fitness classes are cool, but you can’t always adjust your schedule, and their costs start to add up quickly as well.  Our OnDemand fitness classes strive to bring you the same level of instruction, while affording you the convenience of taking your workout anywhere, anytime.

Fitness is Simple

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and seen tons of fitness contraptions, gizmos, and dusty equipment scattered about?  How about those people who bounce from one machine to the next at the gym?  While everything has its place, this certainly isn’t the only way to exercise well.  We pride ourselves on being able to create amazing, body-changing, heart-pounding workouts with next to nothing.  This is what we think separates our method and our trainers here at Share It Fitness.  With that said, we’ve created a beautifully simple, yet highly effective fitness class for all of you at home (or at the gym) to follow along with.  This fat burning workout video is minimalistic in nature, this class  requires the use of only your own body weight and a small medicine ball (or dumbbell if you don’t have access to a medicine ball).

Share It Fitness trainer, Sharon Blair, has created this class with one thing in mind: BURN FAT.  This class is great for increasing your endurance or simply used as a fat burner.  As with all Share It Fitness classes, our format is created in such a way that you are encouraged to keep pace with your trainer; this is how we are able to ensure our workouts are so effective.  Match Sharon’s speed and intensity (while maintaining form) and you’ll be dripping sweat and burning calories in no time.  If you aren’t quite at her level, don’t worry, work your way up to it.  If you’re ready for a real challenge, run through this class twice for an almost full hour of non-stop cardio conditioning.

Med Ball Cardio Challenge

Click HERE to take our 30-minute calorie blasting Med Ball Cardio Challenge Class


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