The Supercore Challenge: Transform Your Core In Just 6 Weeks

Want a flat and toned stomach? A cardio/abdominal workout like Supercore will get you there.

Anyone ready for one of the hardest core workouts they’ve ever attempted?  Tired of soft abs, a weak lower back, and flabby gut?  I think I see a couple of hands raised…keep reading because we’re bringing to you a killer routine designed by one of San Diego’s best trainers.

Great, Another Ab Workout….

Not just another ab workout.  Supercore not only focuses on all aspects of your core, it does so in a timed circuit fashion, making the intensity light years ahead of your standard core workout.  Much like another abdominal workout we created for you guys several months back, Supercore is so effective because of the elevated pace at which you must follow.  As I’ve explained before, a great abdominal workout isn’t just a bunch of sit ups and other exercises thrown together.  A great abdominal workout is going to elevate your heart rate, speed up your metabolism, and help you burn calories and fat WHILE hitting your muscles.  A thousands crunches may make your muscles really sore, but it’s not going to do a lot for your fat burning potential.

We should know by now, the key to a great six-pack isn’t doing tons of abdominal work alone.  Complex abdominal work in conjunction with ample cardio to strip fat away is what will deliver you a sizzling six-pack.  Unless you’re doing some core work at the end of a full-length workout, I would suggest you ALWAYS find a way to include a cardio element, or at the very least something that raises your heart rate, when doing abdominal work.  This type of workout falls into that old “two birds, one stone” theory.

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Understanding Your Abs

Your abominals are actually one large muscle.  While they have multiple layers to them, they aren’t different muscles in the way your shoulders, triceps, and biceps are all distinct muscle groups that come together.  With that in mind, we need to be especially careful in how we work out your core muscles.  Since we’re dealing with ONE muscle, we want to work things as effectively as possible without over training.  You may hear some guy say he does 1,000 crunches a day and then he’ll show you his washboard stomach.  While this may work for him, I can tell you, it most certainly will not be the norm for everyone else.  Our goal is to use a variety of complex abdominal exercises, hitting the muscle from various angles to ensure its been fatigued properly, but without over training which can lead to injury and/or slow gains.

Our trainer Megan Williams accomplishes this by doing several outside-the-box exercises that are guaranteed to hit your abdominadl from top to bottom, inside to out.  By making use of a BOSU ball and a small medicine ball, she is able to increase/decrease leverages during the workout and increase the load when appropriate.  Her fast pace between exercises will deliver a nice sweat while slowly increasing your heart rate.  This class is nearly 30 minutes long so make sure to have water nearby as the breaks are few and far between.  If you want to really step it up, feel free to run through this class again for almost an hour of intense core/cardio work.

Why This Workout Kicks Every Other Core Workout’s Ass

Very simple; because this isn’t just a list of exercises for you to follow.  Megan has dictated the speed at which this workout should be accomplished.  By doing so, things are more regulated and the greater control the professional has over the workout, the better.  The only thing you need to do is keep an eye on your screen, replicate her form, match her pace and intensity as you follow along.  By doing so, you’re guaranteed to be working just as hard as your trainer.  By working out as hard as the super fit Megan Williams, you’ll be guaranteed to start seeing differences in your body in no time.

Don’t have access to a BOSU ball and/or medicine ball?  No worries…feel free to sub out an exercise ball for the BOSU or a small dumbbell for the medicine ball.  If you’ve got none of the above, simply follow along without the equipment, or take this workout with you on your smart phone to the gym and follow along with their equipment.

The Workout

If you’re ready to see what Supercore is all about, simply click the link below and get ready to sweat!  If you’re looking to take the Supercore Challenge; we suggest you run through this video workout back-to-back, 3 days a week, for 6 weeks.  If you’re able to stick to that schedule and not miss a workout, you’ll be guaranteed to see a difference in your midsection.

Take the Supercore Challenge by clicking this link.

If you’re looking for additional OnDemand fitness classes sign up for free at and browse our OnDemand library.  We’ve got hundreds of other classes designed to help you get into the best shape of your life.


16 thoughts on “The Supercore Challenge: Transform Your Core In Just 6 Weeks”

    1. Hey Mandy – we’re looking into this. It seems the video is working for 99% of the people trying to view it. Where are you viewing this video, ipad, phone, etc? Which browser are you using? We’re trying to pinpoint the problem.

      Unfortunately this isn’t on youtube. You should head over to our main site,, sign up (it’s free), and search for the “supercore challenge” that way. For those that were having a problem with the link, this has been a good workout around for the time being. Any other questions, please ask!


    1. That’s correct – for simplicity purposes, we were talking about the rectus abdominus muscle in the paragraph where we stated your abdominals are “one muscle”..this is of course the muscle people are talking about when they talk about a “six pack”.

  1. What do you mean by doing the video workout back to back? As in doing it for an hour each time (since the video is 27 minutes long), or doing the workout 3 consecutive days?

    1. Exactly – doing this video back-to-back, for (almost) an hour. By using it this way, you’ll be treating the workout as a two round mega-circuit (just a fancy name for two long circuits). Definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it on three consecutive days. Mix it up on your other days with any of our other videos or text-based workouts found on the blog. Hope that helps!


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