Don’t Run From Your Problems…HIIT THEM! Part 2 of 3 Part Workout Series

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve already made it through the first six weeks of this HIIT fitness plan without any hitches.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out part 1 and start burning more fat, increase your endurance, and build lean muscle with the first phase in this 3 part workout series.  Technically, you could jump right into part two, but I’d highly recommend you go back and give the first six-week segment a try.

Part one was designed to help you gradually increase your endurance so you can handle the more advanced aspects of parts two and three.  If you’re already fairly in shape and think you can handle a challenge, then come on down and start with part two…but don’t say I didn’t warn you if it becomes too much to handle!

Variety is the Spice of Life…and Weight Loss

Part two is going to deviate from how we performed our HIIT intervals found in part one.  Right now, you should already be burning tons of fat and getting lean, but we’re going to shift things into overdrive a bit more to really jumpstart the process.  You’ve likely heard that mixing up your exercises, weights, etc. every 6-8 weeks is necessary to keep making muscular gains.  You’re body adapts to a stimulus and ceases to make progress when it is able to get comfortable; not ab overly heady concept to understand.  We’ll, what you may not have realized is this concept extends well beyond weight training.  Many people don’t realize that variation is required in their cardio plan as well.  This is why people who perform the same steady state cardio (jogging on a treadmill, for example), day-in day-out, don’t realize their full potential.

The longer you stick to any plan, weight-training or cardio, the less benefit you’ll receive from the work you’re putting in.  While HIIT is a fantastic weapon to have in your arsenal, it unfortunately is not impervious to the abovementioned facts.  With that in mind, we’re going to change the format in which we perform our HIIT intervals during this segment to keep your body trucking along like a well-oiled, calorie killing, machine.

The HIIT Workout Part Two of Three

About Part Two:  Part two continues to place a heavy emphasis on calorie/fat burn as well as building your endurance.  Additionally, part two aims to help you build more lean muscle in your lower body, which will effectively raise your metabolism which necessitates additional energy expenditure (calorie burn) throughout the day.  We aim to accomplish this by performing HIIT high-resistance intervals as well as weighted plyometric intervals.  For those of you who are already saying “..But I’m not trying to get big and bulky legs!”, please read this article about weight lifting and why you won’t turn into an offensive lineman.

The Workout

Day 1 – HIIT Max Resistance Biking

You should already be accustomed to doing HIIT intervals on a stationary bike, so this isn’t taking you very far out of your comfort zone.  Unlike part one however, we’re going to bump the resistance on the stationary bike to really burn out those leg/glute muscles and tax your cardiovascular system like never before.  This time, we’re shooting for a :20 (max effort)/:40 (relaxed pace) split.  On the max effort portion (20 seconds) you’ll bump the resistance to a 9 or 10…whatever makes it seem like your biking up Mt. Everest.  Go all out and then quickly lower the resistance and maintain a slow and steady pace for 40 seconds.  Repeat this split 40 more times for a full 40 minutes of HIIT Max Resistance Biking.

Day 2 – HIIT Long Sprinting

We’re going to start open the gates a little further and having you extend your sprint intervals.  Unlike previous workouts in this series, we’re not going for time; we’re going to distance.  This workout is fairly straight forward; on a treadmill run 800m (quarter of a mile) as fast as possible.  Try to set the speed at least 75% of what you’d use during your 30 second HIIT sprint splits.  When finished, run the next 800 meter at a nice, relaxed jogging pace.  Repeat this combo 5 times total for 5 miles of HIIT Long Sprinting.

If you’re having trouble making it 5 miles, don’t worry.  This is a guideline, and something to strive for, but by no means a necessity.  Even if you’re falling short of the 5 mile mark, you’re still getting one hell of a work out.

Day 3 – HIIT Weighted Plyometrics

The third day of this workout will continue to follow the muscle-building theme.  By performing weighted plyometric movements in combination with more traditional plyometrics, we will effectively fatigue the lower body, while providing a great cardiovascular workout and calorie burn.  Perform each exercise as long as indicated and move on to the next exercise in the sequence with no rest.

  • 30 seconds Med Ball Twist Jumps/30 seconds Line Jumps/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)
  • 30 seconds Barbell Squat Jumps/30 seconds Jumping Lunges/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)
  • 60 seconds jump rope/30 seconds rest/60 seconds jump rope/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)
  • 30 seconds Plated Box Jumps/30 seconds Kick Outs/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)
  • 60 seconds BOSU Trifecta’s/30 seconds rest/60 seconds BOSU Trifecta’s/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)
  • 60 seconds jump rope/30 seconds rest/60 seconds jump rope/30 seconds rest (repeat 3 times total)

Day 4 – Short HIIT Sprinting

For this workout we’re going to do pretty much the exact opposite of day two.  We’re going for short, all-out sprints, followed by a quick breather, repeated several times over.  These workouts are best performed outdoors, away from the treadmill.  Get yourself on a track, football field, or walk off 100 yards.  Sprint the 100 yards as fast as you can, rest 10 seconds, repeat.  Do this 100 yard sprint/10 second rest combo a total of 25 times.  If you need to increase the rest periods slightly as the workout progresses, feel free.  Just remember this should be a 100 yard SPRINT; do not allow it to turn into a 100 yard jog.

Day 5 – HIIT Row/Jump Rope

Day five’s workout can be performed with either a row machine or jump rope.  I know many of you don’t have access to a row machine, so opt for the jump rope workout if this is the case for you.  On the row machine, we’re going to shoot for an 8,000 meter row, 30 seconds as fast as possible, 30 seconds relaxed pace.  Follow this combo until you’ve completed the full workout.  If you’re going for a jump rope workout today, we’re going to slightly increase what we were doing in part one of this series.  Go for 1 minute 15 seconds of straight jumping, followed by 30 seconds of complete rest.  Keep this cycle up for a full 30-40 minutes of HIIT jump roping.

As part two progresses, you should absolutely be noticing some significant changes in your body.  Your endurance should be steadily increasing, you should notice fat loss across your body, and an increase in strength (in your lower body in particular) should be evident.  This format of HIIT training utilizes advanced concepts that have been shown to deliver marked improvements in competing athletes.  By training your body like you are readying yourself for competition, you should experience faster, better, and more explosive gains.

Part two is definitely tougher than the first part, but it’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle.  As I mentioned above, if you’re just stumbling upon this workout, I’d suggest starting with part one unless you feel you are already at a fairly high fitness level.  If you’ve already gone through part one and these workouts are still too tough for you; don’t worry.  Simply go back through part one for another 4-6 weeks and then give this a try.  Sooner or later your endurance levels will increase and completing these workouts will become much more doable for you.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment or head over to the forums and connect with one of our fitness professionals on staff or readers already on this plan.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Run From Your Problems…HIIT THEM! Part 2 of 3 Part Workout Series”

  1. I will never get bored of your workouts. Cardio is definitely a weakness. I’d much rather do supersets and plyo moves all day, but being able to incorporate these intense cardio-focused routines keeps me from getting bored on the treadmill.

  2. Hello Matt. It is incredible what you can achieve with HIIT! Very impressive workout series. I’m using my bike for HIIT intervals and as Michelle said, it’s really exciting and gets you energized!

    1. Few things while leave me as jacked up and motivated as a really good HIIT session. I like doing a variety of bike/sprint/jump rope HIIT sessions myself to keep things fresh. Glad to hear you’re enjoying this plan – keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Matt. I’m loving these workouts – good stuff! Quick question about the long sprints. Are we supposed to sprint 400m instead of 800m?

    1. You’ll be doing a 800m (half a mile) run at race pace, i.e. FAST. Run 800m fast, 800m jogging pace, repeat.

      Let me know if that’s still not clear. Thanks for checking us out, hope to see you around!


      1. Ah – I’m sorry, I overlooked that. 10 miles is wayy too much. I re-worded the article. You should repeat the combo FIVE times…for FIVE miles of running. I’m sorry about that confusion!


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