How Healthy Is Your Breakfast? Tex-Mex Eggs Take on Granola

What’s for Breakfast?

One of my regular breakfasts is a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, black coffee, and a piece of fruit or berries. (Yep, peanut butter’s good for you.) I also certainly enjoy making whole grain blueberry pancakes every now and again. But one of my favorite brunch treats is to dress up scrambled eggs with lots of veggies, beans, and two salsas for a dish that’s as delicious as it is nutritious . (Come to think of it, this meal would make a great dinner as well, perhaps served with some colorful Southwestern slaw or brown rice and refried beans on the side…)

Yes, eggs are a wonderfully nutritious food and do not cause heart disease when consumed in moderation; that’s decades-old science that has evolved. For details on how to make this dish and a nutritional comparison to granola with yogurt, click here for the full article.

And if you’re not up for making something quite so involved, there’s always the quicker and easier version: the breakfast taco. Because who doesn’t love tacos?

Dr. P. K. Newby is a guest blogger who writes about food, science, and sustainability on The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen to help you bring sound nutrition to your plate in delectable ways, breakfast and beyond. You can become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, or check out her food porn on Pinterest.


6 thoughts on “How Healthy Is Your Breakfast? Tex-Mex Eggs Take on Granola”

  1. I made breakfast tacos yesterday! Absolutely delicious! I usually don’t give myself that much time on the weekdays for such an involved breakfast, but the weekends are definitely fair game.

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