Pasta-Less “Pasta”

Ever get a craving for a big bowl of pasta?  Unfortunately for us, we’re loading up on a ton of simple carbs that aren’t doing any favors for our waist line every time we indulge.  While I could never totally live without the real deal, I’m learned how to answer my craving in a healthier way.  Have you ever considered zucchini pasta?  Before you start rolling your eyes, keep reading…

Let me make one thing clear…I can be an absolute food snob.  I hate low-fat, I hate sugar substitutes, I hate delivery pizza, and I despise anything that isn’t authentic.  I come from a family that likes to EAT…and eat well.  That being said, I’ve found zucchini “pasta” to be a terrific substitute for the real thing.  What’s more, I’ve managed to spruce things up with some minced veggies to give it a pseudo meat sauce texture…making this perfect for the vegetarians living amongst us.

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This “pasta” is an extremely healthy, veggie medely sure to please even the biggest food snobs at your dinner table.  Feel free to try different sauces and recipes with your zucchini noodles.  You’ll find they’re highly versatile and pair well with both heavy meat courses and lighter wine sauces alike.  Additionally, feel free to pair with a starch, as I did above.  In this case I paired with quinoa for a nutritious, well-balanced, and tasty meal.


Have some other healthy make overs dishes you’ve tried and love?  Tell us all about them in the comment section below!


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