Six-Pack Secrets: Using At Home Mat Pilates Classes to Transform Your Core

Introducing mat pilates to your fitness routine will help turn an average core into a KILLER CORE



If you’re even a casual Share It Fitness reader, you should know by now that following a well-designed fitness plan that constantly changes this up is key.  This is the best and most effective way to continually make progress and not stall out.  We’ll often talk about changing the types of exercises, the weights used, the type of sets (supersets, drop sets, etc.), but there is another highly effective way to change things up and kick your body into overdrive.

End the One-Two Combo

For most of us, our workouts involve one, maybe two, fitness disciplines.  Most will do weights and some form of cardio.  Some will do running and yoga.  Others may be inclined to combine swimming with weight training.  The combinations are endless, but unfortunately will typically be limited to a one-two combo.  One of the core principles of Share It Fitness is our unique Body Diversity Training methodology.  We believe it’s not enough to simply change weights, exercises, etc.  To really supercharge your progress and go from “I look pretty good” to “I look like a F’ing sexy BEAST!” you need to hit your body with a variety of fitness disciplines.  A well-rounded plan that includes various forms of exercise is the best way to build a lean, athletic, and sexy body.

Today, we’re taking this easy to understand concept and applying it to your core.  What do you primarily do for core work?  Crunches, leg lifts, planks…?  These exercises all have their place, especially when combined with some HIIT cardio.  As we’ve discussed before, an effective ab routine will combine resistance-based core work with intense bursts of cardio.  As great as that combination of exercise is, you can still do more to further improve your midsection.

We’re going to step things up a bit and put you into a whole other league by introducing a brand new fitness discipline to your routine……pilates.

In general, pilates does wonders for your core muscles.  But what happens when we take an already effective core workout and bump it up a notch?  Well, we get just over 20 minutes of some of the most intense and effective core work you’ve ever attempted.

Why It Works

If you’re inexperienced with pilates, introducing this new form of fitness is going to absolutely shock your body.  Your core (as well as other) muscles are not used to the static holds and unique positions required in this (or most) mat pilates sessions.  By introducing something so foreign, your body will have no idea how to adapt and will quickly succumb to fatigue…this is good.  We want to completely exhaust our muscles using this new type of exercise so they regrow stronger.  Your body is likely used to the standard weight-bearing core work that almost all of us use to target our abs, obliques, and lower back.  Running through a full pilates class will give new meaning to the word “sore” but leave you completely amazed at how great, tight, and healthy you feel afterwards.

If this class is too tough for you, don’t get discouraged.  I’m an absolute fitness freak and the first time I tried mat pilates I made it maybe 10 minutes before I couldn’t go on.  The thing to keep in mind is you will quickly increase your abilities.  Making it through a full session won’t be as hard as it seems the first time or two out.

If you decide to start including pilates in your overall fitness plan, remember to try different classes featuring a variety of different movements.  Lucky for you, we make that easy with our OnDemand fitness class library.

The Workout

Enough talk…lets get down to the workout.  Today’s class is Killer Core Mat Pilates by Lisa Birman.  This 21-minute core-focused routine uses a variety of boat poses, slow crunches, and plank variations to really hit all layers of your abdominals.  If you’re already on another one of our plans, simply replace one of your core workouts with Killer Core Mat Pilates once or possibly twice a week.

To get started with our Killer Core Mat Pilates class, click HERE.


We love feedback from our readers, so please take a look and let us know what you thought of this class.  If you’re having any troubles, leave a comment below and I’d be more than happy to help you out



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