The Flat Tummy Formula: 5-Step Plan for Burning Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat fast member Angelica T. showing off her flat tummy

Before we even get started, I’ve got to get a couple of things out of the way upfront…The Flat Tummy Formula is intense.  It’s strict, it’s tough, it’s demanding, it’s (fill in the blank).  I get it.  When I developed this 5 step formula to help you burn belly fat and slim down your midsection, I knew what I was asking of you.  I knew a lot of you would fizzle out and not be able to stick to the formula.

The bright side of this  is it really, absolutely, positively, WILL work for you if you can stick to this formula.  I’ve benefitted from being able to test this thing out on family, friends, clients, and even myself over the past 10 years and have found the keys to unlocking “six-pack abs” and making your belly fat a thing of the past.

At the end of the day, like almost all things fitness related, it comes down to how bad you want it.  How bad do you want to have a flat stomach?  How bad do you want to not feel self-conscious?  How bad do you really want that fried chicken?  Do you want it more than a tight and toned midsection?  Truthfully answer questions like that and you’ll have a good idea if this formula is going to be “too tough” for you to follow.

Burning Belly Fat

  1. Cut Sugar and Simple Carbs NOW.  Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup…it’s all junk.  Sugar and other simple carbs) has been shown to have a negative impact on belly fat due to the havoc they wreak on your blood sugar levels.  Avoid the insulin spike, avoid the fat retention, and avoid all the other ugly side effects this white devil brings on.  You want to get serious about your diet?  Stop eating unnecessary sugar; sugar is bad for belly fat.  Now, I do realize fruit contains sugar.  I’m not anti-fruit, I’m just anti-over doing it with fruit.  Be cognizant to the fact that even though fruit is healthy, it still contains insulin-spiking sugars that will cause you trouble if you consume too much.  Shoot for no more than 25 grams per day; with less being even better.
  2. HIIT Cardio 3x a Week.  HIIT cardio, i.e. short bursts of all out intensity followed by longer and more relaxed periods (:30 all out sprint/1:30 jog/repeat 15 times) is THE most effective way to burn fat.  Long and slow bouts of cardio aren’t going to get you where you want to be.  Go with HIIT sprinting and possibly a day of HIIT cycling (on a stationary or actual bike).  A Monday/Wednesday/Friday set up for your HIIT cardio would be fantastic.  Aim to keep sessions around 20-30 minutes to start with an eye on gradually increasing to a full 45 minutes.
  3. Complex Workouts 2X a Week.  Complex workouts are quite possibly the most effective way to get additional cardio AND train your muscles.  This short but intense style of work is excellent at trimming fat, improving endurance, and helping you build lean muscle.  Remember, adding lean muscle mass to your body will help boost your metabolism, which in turn will help your body burn more calories than it otherwise would.  A heightened metabolism is the key to losing your belly fat for good.
  4. Abdominal work 3x a Week.  Ab workouts should be in the 15-20 minute range.  Feel free to tack these on the end of your other workouts, or complete them on off days.  Just be sure to give yourself 48 hours between ab workouts.  If you have access to a gym, day 1 should be heavy.  Do decline crunches while holding a plate, use the weighted crunch machine, perform side bends with a heavy plate in your get the idea.  Day 2 should be high repetition.   Shoot for 30-40 reps of bicycle crunches, leg up crunches, in/outs, etc.  Day 3, get yourself a $7 ab wheel and just roll it out.  The movement an ab wheel requires hits the abs better than almost any other core exercise in my opinion.
  5. Intermittent Fasting.  Intermittent fasting involves a 18-24 hour fast every so often.  Some do it every other day, some do it once a week.  I find once every 4-5 days is most effective.  And before people get all up in arms about this approach, there have been numerous studies that suggest a reduced calorie diet will lead to longer life spans.  Read about intermittent fasting and increase life spans here or check out this study on intermittent fasting and disease prevention to get a better idea of how some of the medical community views this approach.  Personally, this was one of the biggest factors for a lot of people I’ve worked with.  Take your time to do due diligence and see if IF is right for you.

I should add, there is actually a sixth, unofficial step in this formula.  That step is having PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE.  The changes you want aren’t going to come over night.  They aren’t even going to come in a month.  Getting the midsection I know you want is going to take several months of work.  But in the grand scheme…what is a few months?  It’s nothing.

There are going to be days you don’t want to do the workouts.  There are going to be days you want to eat a carton of ice cream.  There are going to be days you swear this formula isn’t doing anything for you and you curse my name.  All of those feelings and emotions will pass.  The people with the greatest success do NOT allow themselves to make knee-jerk decisions or react to emotional thoughts.  Persevere even when you feel you are wasting your time and you will soon find these negative thoughts easier to ignore.  Eliminating negative thoughts and overcoming burnout is the key to achieving success on any fitness plan, whatever your goals are.  Give this plan a solid 3 months.  Make the changes, do the workouts, and give it your all, and I guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, you will have MUCH flatter, tighter, and a more defined midsection than you do today.

Looking for Additional Support?

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18 thoughts on “The Flat Tummy Formula: 5-Step Plan for Burning Belly Fat”

      1. I myself do like intermittent fasting, something I have known about for a while now. It works for me here and there because I’m not a breakfast eater so it really does depend on the person. 

  1. I am glad you have touched on intermittent fasting, I am keen to learn more about it. I have heard a lot of positive things about it when its done right.

    1. Intermittent fasting is something that really needs to be tailored for the specific individual and his/her goals, but it is highly effective in helping you burn fat, still keep a high metabolism, and make progress. I especially like it, because unlike fad diets, this is more of a lifestyle change that is quite easily integrated into a person’s life.

  2. I find the idea of intermittent fasting very hard. I get hungry quickly and easily and a day without food would leave me as the grumpiest, most un focused person around. And I would not be able to function. And then I would lose my job 😦 I can’t imagine every doing it but am interested to read the articles!

    1. I hear you on that…as my friends and family can attest, I get hangry (hunger anger) whenever I don’t eat. That said, I’ve been able to incorporate intermittent fasting into my lifestyle without too much trouble.

      As some studies have shown, it takes 30 days of consistently doing something new for it to become a habit. This was certainly true in my case. After about 3-4 weeks of schedule fast days, it became MUCH easier to handle. Consider toughing it out for a month..I think you’ll find it’s a lot easier to handle as time progress.

      Also, you could simply try doing a caloric-restriction instead of a complete fast. Shoot for no more than 400 calories on a “fast” day to help stave off that hanger and keep you employed 🙂

      Let me know how it goes!


  3. Is it ok to fast on a workout day? I feel like that would be really hard, especially if it is a HIIT day. 

    1. Cardio is especially hard if you’ve been depriving yourself of carbs..that said, I do find myself often doing workouts on days that I’m doing my intermittent fast. Sometimes I can’t go as long, or as hard, but I can usually put a solid 30-40 minutes in. Additionally, I find drinking a cup of coffee or having a banana right before helps. Remember, there are no strict rules or limits with fitness..everyone is different…if you need to eat a little banana or have a cup of coffee before a workout, feel free.

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