Why Your Training Is Keeping You (Skinny) Fat

She’s training to get lean and fit…not to get really good at one particular exercise.

Why are you working out?  Are you working out to change the physique of your body, improve your health, and increase your athletic capacity?  Or are you working out so you can get really good at exercise?  Before you dismiss that as a pointless question, let it resonate for a minute. 

For those that are missing my point, let me expand a bit.  When I say “are you working out so you can get really good at exercise?”, what I’m really saying is….are you training in a way that your body is becoming completely efficient with the work you are doing?  Normally, efficiency is a good thing.  But when you’re training, efficiency isn’t always the best thing.  As your body adapts to a given stimulus, it becomes better suited to handle that task.  Doing the elliptical every day is going to make you really REALLY good and efficient at using an elliptical….but not so much for developing a physique you can be proud of and/or increasing your athletic capacity.

You see, people who go through the same routine or the same type of exercises all the time are failing to accomplish what they are likely setting out to do.  No one exercises so they can become the world’s best exerciser.  My question above was rhetorical; we all know people exercise to improve their health and appearance.  Doesn’t matter what it is…doing the same plyometric routine, or a close variation of it, will make you really efficient at doing plyometrics…but that isn’t going to translate into real-world gains.

It’s so unfortunate to see a guy or girl with all the motivation in the world putting in serious effort but making little to no progress.  You’d be amazed at how many people have the drive, intensity, and dedication…but simply don’t have a plan that challenges them enough. 

Skinny Fat

I see this all the time at my gym – the same guys (usually wearing the same dirty cut-off shirts) are doing the same old strength exercises.  Similarly, the same girls (usually wearing the same caked on foundation and runny mascara) are doing the same old cardio exercises.  These people are here everyday.  In their minds, they think they’re doing something fabulous for their body. 

Leave the mirror pose pictures to the pro’s, brah

In reality, these people are what I like to call skinny-fat.  For the girls, they’ve burnt fat across most of their bodies, but their lack of intensity or variety makes it impossible to burn fat in their trouble spots.  The fact they never lift a weight leaves them with a low muscle mass and a soft, unathletic looking appearance.  The guys on the other hand, they usually have average sized arms, toothpick legs, little to no definition, and a first trimester pregnancy gut because they never do any real cardio. 

Trouble busting out of that skinny fat body?  Take a look to get a better idea on how to burn more fat and lean out your physique.

Train for Life…Not Another Set of Bicep Curls.

You know the people who look really good at the gym?  You’ve no doubt noticed them; they stand out amongst the horde of skinny fats.  These are the ones who not only look like a lean, mean, athletic machine, but can also run 6 miles in 40 minutes, swim 2 miles non-stop, and squat double their body weight.  These people are almost always training functionally

Functional training consists of compound exercises, explosive cardiovascular work, a heavy emphasis on building a strong core, and utilizing a variety of fitness disciplines to help you reach your goals.  Simply, functional training better prepares you for real life scenarios.  Exercise movements more closely resemble movements you’d make in your every day life.  How often do you really sit and bicep curl something? Probably not very often.  But how often do you bend over to pick something up and put it on a raised shelf?  Not everyday, but probably often enough.  For this scenario, kettlebell swings would be an example of a compound, functional training exercise. 

The concepts of my Body Diversity Training methodology, which has helped hundreds of clients and web users alike burn fat, build muscle, and develop happier and healthier lives has a deep-rooted functional training foundation.  This isn’t by coincidence.  Functional training is the key to unlocking the inner fit body everyone has.  Start training to become a better, more fit, and highly evolved individual…not just a better treadmill runner. 

Get a Plan

Studies have shown those individuals who keep an exercise journal and schedule their daily workouts will make greater progress than those who go to the gym each day without a solid idea of what they’ll be doing for the day.  When you go unprepared, you don’t know what to do and end up doing the same things you always do.  Not good.  You don’t need to get all crazy, just schedule your weekdays out and stick to the plan.  Maybe Monday is HIIT running, Tuesday is complex workouts, Wednesday is swimming/biking….you get the idea.

To Recap…

  • Training in the same format all the time will make you really good at that format, but won’t do much else for you.
  • To avoid the “Skinny Fat” look, you need to train your body in a variety of ways so that it cannot adapt.
  • Functional training mimics real-life movements and is the best way to develop a lean, tight, and athletic appearance.
  • While it’s sometimes a pain, take the 5 minutes to plan out your weekly workout schedule.  Those who have a plan in place make more progress.

What are some ways you keep your own exercise routine fresh?  What are your top 3 favorite forms of exercise?


6 thoughts on “Why Your Training Is Keeping You (Skinny) Fat”

  1. Great post! Unfortunately the “fat skinny” guys are more and more popular in gyms these days. Besides the lack of proper training they also eat a lot of junk food in order to “get big” (which is their only goal in life)

    1. Completely agree Craig. I see/hear sooo many guys just eating whatever they want in an effort to gain weight. They end up big and bulky all over…I don’t understand how anyone could think that’s a great look..ha!

    2. is impossible to gain muscle without gaining some fat, do you even know anatomy?

      in order to gain muscle, you have to eat more calories, and you will always gain some fat, always, skinny fats, already have enough fat on their body, the last thing they should be doing is eating more calories, they will just get fat, their bodies naturally don’t carry much muscle, otherwise they wouldn’t be skinny fat, also their body have a propensity to be fat, otherwise they would be just skinny and not skinny fat HUH, if you “bulk” while being skinny fat, you will gain fat, while still not having enough muscle mas, you will just become a bigger skinny fat version of yourself, building muscle takes years, and despite what everyone tells you, is an extremely hard thing to do, especially for people with bad genetic, which they do exist, if you accept the fact that there are people who have good genetics, and excell in bodybuilding and fitness, then must also accept the fact that there are people who are the opposite

      you cant cut either, even if you lift weight and cut slowly, since you are skinny fat, you dont carry much muscle naturally (otherwise you wouldnt be skinny fat HUH), you will lose muscle, no matter what, and end up being very skinny, and maybe even with still some fat

      is called bad genetics

  2. all i see here is some idiots putting down people who are skinny fat, yet you probably never been skinny fat yourself, all i see here is assumptions and generalization, and a complete disregard of genetice makeup

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