How to Give Your Pancakes a Nutrition Boost

Who doesn’t like pancakes, especially those bursting with farmers’-market-fresh raspberries and dripping in rich maple syrup?

It’s not my usual breakfast for obvious reasons that you probably already know, which is that pancakes are high in calories and sugar. It goes downhill nutritionally from there, depending on how you’re preparing them.  Store-bought mixes are usually made from white flour, which is quickly metabolized to glucose (sugar) in the body and is not all that different from eating simple sugars like those found in soft drinks and cookies. Mixes can also be high in sodium. And that’s before you add the other ingredients on your own, such as whole milk. Don’t even get me started on supermarket syrup, usually made from corn syrup, a whole host of preservatives, and imitation maple flavoring. The particulars vary by brand, so read the ingredients and nutrition facts panel to make the best choice possible.

So why not make them yourself? It’s really not that difficult. And if you’re already doing that, why not try making some simple substitutions and additions to make pancakes a healthier start to your day?

For more on the how-to, and the nutritional and health gains you’ll get by making pancakes the P.K. Way, check out the full article here

A guest blogger on Share It Fitness, Dr. P. K. Newby is a nutrition scientist and educator – and serious cook and foodie – who blogs about food, cooking, health, science, and sustainability at The Nutrition Doctor is In the KitchenTo learn more about Cooking and Eating the P.K. Way, you can follow her on Twitterbecome a fan on Facebook, or check out her food porn on Pinterest. 







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