How To Effectively Combine Fitness Plans To Multiply Your Progress

Combining Fitness Plans Effectively Can Produce Tremendous Results

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If you’re even a casual reader of the Share It Fitness blog, you know one thing for sure; we don’t lack in the quality fitness plan department.  Whether you’re looking for a plan designed to give you that bubble butt, a HIIT conditioning plan designed to shred you up and lean you out, or something long-term that aims for a total body transformation, we’ve got you covered.  For some of you this is a two-edged sword.  It’s kind of like walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store; you’re overloaded with choices, each looking tastier than the one before it (I’m a recovering cereal addict if you didn’t know).  Variety is awesome but if you’re so overwhelmed by the options that it prevents you from making a choice for fear of choosing incorrectly, it becomes a problem. 

Body Diversity Training: Get With The Program

One of the key principles behind the Share It Fitness method of fitness instruction is the theory of Body Diversity Training which I developed over the better part of the past 3 years.  To quickly breakdown what Body Diversity Training is:

  • Incorporating various formats of fitness disciplines into an overall plan will lead to greater gains than any one or two disciplines by themselves.
  • Body Diversity Training changes both weight AND cardio work so that the body can never grow comfortable to either format, meaning bigger and faster gains.
  • Body Diversity Training utilizes progressive resistance so plans grow more challenging as you grow stronger.

Every fitness plan developed by myself or our team at Share It Fitness has been created with Body Diversity Training methodologies in mind.  What that means is each plan is EASILY incorporated with any of our other plans.  Unlike other fitness plans that say you MUST do this, on THIS day, at THIS time, our approach allows you to customize things to your needs, desires, and lifestyle.  I always preach fitness isn’t an exact science; there isn’t one set way of achieving your goals. 

The Problem With Most Fitness Instruction

People in the fitness industry know where your insecurities lie.  They know you rely on them.  For this reason, they make it seem that their fitness plan is the ONLY way to achieve your goals.  They tell you that you must follow their specific plan to a T.  By doing this they are attempting to create a dependence that only THEY can fulfill.  Recognize this, call BS on it, and see it for what it is.  It’s a sale.  Whether it’s P90X, Jillian Michaels’ plan, Insanity, etc  these fitness plans are simply the same 6-12 workouts over and over and over and over again…..this is how quick but short-lived gains are made.  This is not how continual progress is made.  You do want continual progress, right?  Thought so. 

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Combining Plans Effectively

A lot of you guys are on the Total Body Blitz plan.  This is a great fitness plan because it is so versatile.  It can create a fantastic foundation for someone new to fitness.  Or, it can bring you to the next level if you are already quite advanced.  The workouts are created in such a way that it has the ability to push you to the max, whatever your ability may be.  That said, some of you may want to focus a bit more on building your hamstrings and butt.  Others may need a bit more weight loss help and would like to include additional cardio workouts.  Others may want less cardio because they have a hard time packing on weight and muscle mass (those poor souls!). 

With Share It Fitness plans, feel free to substitute days where you feel necessary.  Here’s an example fitness plan that is a Frankenstein of five other plans.  This plan was designed for the person who wants a bit more cardio for faster weight loss:

The focus here is on increasing cardiovascular endurance, boosting metabolism, and burning extra calories and fat.  It may take a bit of knowledge to know which parts of which plan to combine, but rest assured that combining plans is more than just possible; it’s a good idea!

OnDemand Training

Additionally, at we feature hundreds of OnDemand fitness classes ready for you to follow along with.  What does that mean?  Well, we’ve had some of the best instructors in Southern California put their toughest workouts on film.  These group fitness classes and DVD-style workouts are all full-length (15-60 minutes) so you are ensured to get a complete workout. Each workout has been designed with a particular goal in mind.  You simply follow along with their movements, match their intensity, and rest when they tell you to rest.  Working out in this manner has produced tremendous results in clients and web users alike.   For those of you who like the extra push a real-life trainer provides, having one on your screen in front of you leading a class and telling you what to do is as close as it gets to being there in person. 

Everything we do at Share It Fitness has been designed to help you achieve your goals.  We’ve created plans for the regular person.  We don’t have sales quotas to meet.  We don’t have add-on supplements to sell.  We aren’t here to jam things down your throat.  We certainly aren’t going to tell you our way is the ONLY way of doing things.  Take bits and pieces from us that you enjoy, combine them with other plans if you’d like, and always push yourself to make progress.  Understand what Body Diversity Training is all about and incorporate into your life.  The clients and web users that have had the most progress are the ones who fully understand Body Diversity Training, welcome new challenges, and aren’t afraid to break free from the mold and mix-and-match their workouts.

Need Extra Help?

Need some extra help reaching your goals?  Not sure what parts of what plans to combine?  No problem.  Head over to and create an account today.  Along with the OnDemand fitness classes mentioned above, we have live health and fitness professionals ready to assist you and answer questions.  Our fitness forums are full of other like-minded people on our plans, and at the ready to share experiences and provide motivation.  We’re still offering free premium memberships for the time being, so head on over and jump on the bandwagon today!


3 thoughts on “How To Effectively Combine Fitness Plans To Multiply Your Progress”

  1. I think this is great information, with the exception of your comment about P90X and Insanity. Those two programs are designed specifically to eliminate the plateau phase with muscle confusion. It is rather unprofessional to knock another companies products, and shows lack of product knowledge to put false information out there like that. We are all doing what we do to promote healthy living, so perhaps we should work together and not tear each other down.

    1. Thanks for the comments. I stand by what I said – doing ANY program, whether it’s p90x, Insanity, or my own Total Body Blitz plan for months and months on end, will result in diminished progress. Yes, p90x and Insanity aim to eliminate the plateau phase using muscle confusion techniques. That said, you cannot expect to do the same workouts in the DVD series for MONTHS on end and expect unending progress. It’ll provide a good 3-4 months of progress, but at that point, it’s time to change things up. The problem with these programs are they are DVD’s…they don’t change.

      I’ve heard countless people tell me they’ve been doing p90X for a year+ and can’t figure out why their progress has stopped. Their progress has stopped because the workouts haven’t changed…that’s all I’m saying.

      Thanks again for your comments, I enjoy a good debate on health and fitness as much as the next blogger 🙂


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