Power Combo: Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This MUST DO Workout

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Burning fat and building muscle at the same time isn’t easy.  Usually, people will go through periods where they strive to add muscle (and inevitably fat), followed by periods heavy on the cardio with the idea of trimming away the accumulated fat (but unfortunately sacrifice a great deal of their muscle gains).  The problem with this cycle, if it isn’t already obvious, is the amount of work you put in does not return the expected gains, i.e. you retain some muscle and improve your physique slightly enough for you to notice it when you look from the right angle and in the right lighting.  Body builders call this bulk/cut, but it’s something most of us normal people do without even realizing it.  We’ll go heavy on weights for a while..then back off and do more cardio when we feel “bulky”.  In the end, we spin our wheels but don’t make it very far.  If we want to burn fat AND build muscle, something has to change.

The Power Combo Savior.

The way out of this cycle is to introduce high-intensity cardio in short bursts, combined with resistance exercises all in one workout.  A very simplified example would be something like push ups, followed immediately by 30 seconds of burpees, followed by bent over dumbbell rows, rest, repeat.  Working out in this manner does wonders for your EPOC (if you don’t know about EPOC, do yourself a favor and click the link), which allows you to burn massive amounts of calories at rest.  Rather than doing weights one day and cardio the next, you are able to get both your cardio and weight training in all at once, which allows you to do both more often.  The fat burn and lean mass gain potential from this format of workout is tremendous.  Amongst clients we’ve tested this workout on, the results have been very impressive.

A Power Combo Workout

That said, we’ve got a workout for you today that utilizes the basics of this power combo.  All you’re going to need is a BOSU, your body weight, and a 6’x6′ area (a living room works great).  Now, I must tell you, this workout is unlike anything you’re used to.  We’re not going to give you a list of exercises to complete.  While those type of workouts have their place, we’ve found a more effective way to deliver workouts to you.

Train Differently…Train More Effectively.

In order to train differently, we need something different.  Enter pacer training.  At Share It Fitness, we went a step further with our workouts.  We feel you’ll get the most effective workout possible if you have a real-life personal trainer leading you through the routine.  Along with the encouragement and advice they provide, they also keep the pace for you to follow, which guarantees HIGH INTENSITY throughout.  When you’re given a list of exercises to complete, you’re left to your own devices and the quality of your workout can suffer..especially if it’s a cardio session.  When you’re following the trainer keeping pace on your screen, it’s a whole new ballgame.  It’s as close as it gets to being in a 1-on-1 session or in a group fitness class.

Are You Ready for a New Challenge?

Our BOSU Cardio Core is led by one of our favorite personal trainers, Sharon Blair.  Sharon keeps a quick pace, high intensity, and seamlessly transitions from movement to movement.  All you have to do is keep pace with her and you’ll be guaranteed to torch hundreds of calories, boost your EPOC, and bring your muscles to exhaustion.  It really couldn’t be any easier to get a guaranteed effective workout.

Now What?

This workout is for Share It Fitness members, but don’t worry, becoming a member is still free for a little while longer.

  • If you’re already a SIF member, simply log in, then click HERE to open the BOSU Cardio Core workout.  If you forgot to log in before clicking the workout link above, it will bring you to a log in screen.  Go ahead and log in then come back here and click the workout link again.
  • If you’re not a SIF member, simply create a free account by clicking HERE, then come back to this post and click HERE for our BOSU Cardio Core workout.

To make the most of this workout, simply keep pace with Sharon (believe me, she makes this a tough one), and follow her movements.  Use her as your guide to keep proper form and maintain an appropriate intensity.  You do that, and there’s no way you aren’t getting all the heart-pounding and sweat dripping benefits of this workout…and burning serious calories (and fat) in the process!  If you’re feeling extra strong, trying going through this class a second time, circuit-style.  Good luck, and let us know what you thought of this workout!


6 thoughts on “Power Combo: Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This MUST DO Workout”

  1. still cant log in i even tried the forgot user and pass takes me niwhere i get no email whats up anyone else having trouble havre registered twice and always get thank you be never can log in

    1. hey diana…are you trying to log in with your email address?  you must use the username you signed up with.  if not, please use the contact form on the site and provide the username/email you registered with and we will attempt to assist you further!

  2. I am going to add this workout to my rotation. I expected my legs to be sore the next day but it was actually my abs (did have Pilates the day before too).  Not often I have sweat pouring down my face in my nice cool basement! Thanks!

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